Live updates: Donald Trump's hush money trial (2024)

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1 min ago

Judge: Saying Cohen's name is not prohibited, but making a connection to the trial is

Judge Juan Merchan, speaking about Donald Trump's comments on Michael Cohen, said "using the name is not prohibited, making a connection to the trial is prohibited."

Trump attorney Todd Blanche argued the post in question has "nothing to do with this case," but rather, "it has to do with the system and the fact that President Trump very strongly believes the people should have prosecuted Mr. Cohen for lying."

Merchan then asked if Trump is "attacking Michael Cohen's credibility, like he was attacking Ms. Daniel’s credibility?"

Blanche said no, Trump is "attacking the people and the system for not prosecuting Michael Cohen for lying."

"There are two systems of justice," Blanche said, noting Allen Weisselberg is in jail for lying under oath and "Cohen is going to be a witness."

3 min ago

Judge presses Trump attorney to explain post about Mark Pomerantz

Judge Juan Merchan wants Todd Blanche to explain Donald Trump's post about former Manhattan prosecutor Mark Pomerantz.

Merchan asks why Trump had to discuss someone who's on the witness list.

Blanche says Pomerantz is not a witness expected to testify at trial.

7 min ago

Trump talks to his attorney as exchange between Merchan and Blanche gets heated

Trump is talking to his attorney Emil Bove as the exchange gets a little more heated between Judge Juan Merchan and attorney Todd Blanche.

Trump who was watching Merchan whipped his head quickly to Bove to say something after the exchange.

"What I do see is, I keep asking you over and over again for a specific answer, and I’m not getting an answer," Merchan said to Blanche.

8 min ago

Judge raises voice while talking to Trump attorney

Judge Juan Merchan just raised his voice while talking to Donald Trump attorney Todd Blanche.

"I'm asking the questions. I'm going to be the one who decides whether your client is in contempt," he said.

"I keep asking you over and over again for a specific answer, and I’m not getting an answer," Merchan said to Blanche.

8 min ago

Judge again pushes Trump attorney to give specific Cohen or Daniels attack that prompted his posts

Judge Juan Merchan again pushes Donald Trump attorney Todd Blanche to zero in on what specific attack from Michael Cohen or Stormy Daniels prompted the former president's posts on social media.

"There must've been a very recent attack to cause him to pull out a document that is six years old and is going to be used at trial," he told the court.

13 min ago

Judge presses defense attorney on claim Cohen attacked Trump politically

Judge Juan Merchan pressed defense attorney Todd Blanche on specifics about Michael Cohen attacking Donald Trump politically.

"There’s no specific post that you’re referring to?" he asks Blanche.

Blanche said he's generally referring to repeated attacks from Cohen and Stormy Daniels, who he said “have ramped up their political attacks and their attacks on him as a candidate as well" in the weeks leading up to the trial.

9 min ago

Trump is "allowed to respond to political attacks," his lawyer argues

In the back and forth between Judge Juan Merchan and Trump attorney Todd Blanche, Merchan said, "You're suggesting that merely the use of a word pardon is sufficient for your client to violate a gag order."

Blanche retorts, "Absolutely not. President Trump is allowed to respond to political attacks."

15 min ago

Trump appears to look at judge, who is having a back-and-forth with defense attorney

Donald Trump appears to be looking at Judge Juan Merchan as the judge is engaged in a back-and-forth with defense attorney Todd Blanche.

11 min ago

Trump attorney argues reference to pardons is political in nature

Defense lawyer Todd Blanche tells the judge that two things about a Trump post referencing Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen make it political, pointing to a reference to being pardoned and how Daniels and Cohen are making money posting about the former president and their strong dislike of him.

Judge Juan Merchan steers Blanche back on track asking him to refer directly to the posts at issue rather than inferring the general meaning of public comments from Cohen and Daniels.

"So the pardon is what makes it political?" Merchan asks Blanche.

"Of course," Blanche responds.

"When your client is violating a gag order, I expect more than one word," Merchan said in response to Blanche's argument that a reference to pardons is political in nature.
Live updates: Donald Trump's hush money trial (2024)
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