'Vaguito' hits theaters! Release date, cast and more about the Peruvian Hachiko film (2024)

'Vaguito' is one of the new Peruvian films that is soon to be released and that hopes to move the audience with its love story. The film, which is directed by Alex Hidalgo, will focus on man's best friend, since it will star Vaguito, a dog who faithfully waits for his owner on the seashore. Due to the great similarity between their stories, this dog was classified as the Peruvian Hachiko and hopes to be a sensation in the country's cinemas.

If you don't want to miss this new national product that promises to move all Peruvians to tears, in the following note we will tell you everything you need to know before its premiere, which, it is anticipated, will be massive.

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Trailer for 'Vaguito'

When is the movie 'Vaguito' released in Peru?

'Vaguito: I will wait for you on the shore', as is the full name of the film, will be released in all theaters in Peru on Thursday, April 18, 2024. But, because the real story reached other countries, such as Bolivia and the United States, it is among the plans to carry out another launch later in these territories.

Alex Hidalgo, who heads the film's work team, is recognized for his performance in films such as 'Sueños de gloria', 'El gran criollo' and 'Nasca Yuukai'.

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Where to see 'Vaguito' in Peru?

'Vaguito' will be available in all movie theaters in the country such as Cineplanet, Cinemark, Cinepolis, UVK, among others. And, so that you can go see it on the same day it premieres, below we leave you a list of the theaters and times in which it will be screened:


  • CP Arequipa (3.10 p.m., 5.20 p.m., 7.40 p.m.)
  • CP Arequipa Real Plaza (3.10 pm, 5.20 pm, 7.40 pm)
  • CP Brazil (3.10 p.m.)
  • CP Cajamarca (2.50 p.m., 7.40 p.m.)
  • CP Canto Grande (3.10 p.m., 5.20 p.m.)
  • CP Centro (3.10 p.m.)
  • CP Civic Center (3.10 p.m., 5.20 p.m., 7.40 p.m.)
  • CP Chiclayo (3.10 pm, 5.20 pm, 7.40 pm)
  • CP Comas (3.10 p.m., 5.20 p.m., 7.40 p.m.)
  • CP Guardia Civil (3.10 p.m., 5.20 p.m., 7.40 p.m.)
  • CP Huancayo Real Plaza (3.10 pm, 5.20 pm, 7.40 pm)
  • CP Lurín (3.10 p.m., 5.20 p.m.)
  • CP Mall Aventura Chiclayo (3.10 pm, 5.20 pm, 7.40 pm)
  • CP Mall del Sur (3.10 pm, 5.20 pm, 7.40 pm, 9.50 pm)
  • CP North (3.10 pm, 5.20 pm, 7.40 pm, 9.50 pm)
  • CP Piura (3.10 pm, 5.20 pm, 7.40 pm)
  • CP Plaza Santa Catalina (3.10 p.m., 5.20 p.m.)
  • CP Primavera (3:10 p.m., 5:20 p.m., 7:40 p.m., 9:50 p.m.)
  • CP Pro (3.10pm, 5.20pm, 7.40pm)
  • CP Pucallpa (2.35 pm, 7.20 pm)
  • CP Puno (2.40 pm, 6.50 pm)
  • CP Risso (3.10pm, 5.25pm, 7.40pm)
  • CP San Borja (3.10 p.m., 5.20 p.m., 7.40 p.m.)
  • CP San Juan de Lurigancho (3.10 p.m., 5.20 p.m., 7.40 p.m., 9.50 p.m.)
  • CP San Miguel (3.10 p.m., 5.20 p.m., 7.40 p.m., 9.50 p.m.)
  • CP Santa Clara (3.10 p.m., 5.20 p.m., 7.40 p.m.)
  • CP Santa Clara Qhatu Plaza (3.20 pm, 5.30 pm)
  • CP Tacna (3.10 pm, 5.20 pm, 7.40 pm)
  • CP Villa El Salvador (3.10 p.m., 5.20 p.m., 7.40 p.m.)
  • CP Villa María del Triunfo (3.10 pm, 5.20 pm, 7.40 pm)

The main role of 'Vaguito' will fall to a dog different from the original, whom the production trained for the film. Photo: Bamboo Pictures

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  • Cinemark Angamos (3.20pm, 5.40pm)
  • Cinemark Gamarra (4.00 p.m., 6.10 p.m.)
  • Cinemark Huancayo (2.50 p.m., 5.00 p.m.)
  • Cinemark Huánuco (4.30 p.m.)
  • Cinemark Jockey Plaza (3:20 p.m., 5:20 p.m., 7:20 p.m.)
  • Cinemark Mallplaza Bellavista (3.10 p.m., 5.00 p.m.)
  • Cinemark Mallplaza Comas (3.20 p.m., 5.20 p.m., 7.20 p.m.)
  • Cinemark Plaza Lima Sur (2.50 p.m., 5.00 p.m.)
  • Cinemark San Miguel (2:50 p.m., 5:10 p.m.)


  • Cinépolis Larcomar (2.40 pm, 4.50 pm, 7.15 pm)
  • Cinépolis Plaza Norte (3.35 p.m., 5.55 p.m., 8.20 p.m.)
  • Cinépolis Santa Anita (3.15 p.m., 5.30 p.m., 8.10 p.m.)


  • UVK El Agustino (2.50 p.m., 4.50 p.m.)
  • UVK Ilo (3.20 p.m.)
  • UVK Platinum Panorama (3.00 p.m., 5.00 p.m.)
  • UVK San Martín (2.40 p.m., 4.40 p.m.)
  • UVK Tumbes (3.00 p.m., 5.00 p.m.)

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What is 'Vaguito: I'll wait for you on the shore' about?

“Vaguito, an abandoned dog is rescued by Pancho, an honest leader of a fishing association. Pancho finds himself facing a fishing mafia and his fight to deliver justice will trigger, together with Vaguito, a series of events due to which he will be the victim of betrayal on the high seas”, begins the official synopsis of 'Vaguito'.

In real life, Vaguito is a dog who awaits the return of his owner on the shores of the Punta Negra sea. Photo: LR composition/Jolie Mejía

“After the betrayal, Vaguito, faithful to his friend, will refuse to leave the beach and will stay to wait day after day for the friend he could not say goodbye to and who lies in the depths of the sea,” concludes the review of the long-awaited film. national.

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What is the cast of 'Vaguito'?

  • Julian Legaspi
  • Americo Zuñiga
  • Fiorella Rodriguez
  • Alexia Barnechea
  • Daniela Darcourt
'Vaguito' hits theaters! Release date, cast and more about the Peruvian Hachiko film (2024)
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