The Top 12 Most Popular Gluten Free Vegan Recipes on Vegan Chickpea | Vegan Chickpea (2024)

Today we’re featuring the Top 12 Most Popular Gluten Free Vegan Recipes from Vegan Chickpea (plus a few extras for fun!) to celebrate our 1 year birthday/blogiversary. Get ready to bookmark, pin and share your favorites!

The Top 12 Most Popular Gluten Free Vegan Recipes on Vegan Chickpea | Vegan Chickpea (1)

**Happy Anniversary to Vegan Chickpea!**

One year ago, I invited my friends and family to ‘like’ my Vegan Chickpea Facebook page and shared with them my blog that I had been working on behind the scenes for 3 months. Since then, I’ve grown and now have a reach of almost 4,000 followers and growing! These last few months have been especially powerful as my page views and visitors have gone through the roof (in the 20 thousands!), and I couldn’t be more excited!

So, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who have supported me along the way thus far – I wouldn’t be here without your love and encouragement! To those of you who are recent supporters and followers – I’m so grateful to have you here and can’t wait to share with you some exciting recipes, deals and resources I have for you coming up in the pipeline. 🙂

In honor of my anniversary, I thought it would be fun to share with you my top 12 most popular gluten free vegan recipes to date! (As ranked by Google Analytics.) I hope you enjoy making some of these recipes that you may not have tried yet, and I’ll be back soon with a brand new recipe for a colorful, super healthy on-the-go lunch idea.

Drumroll, please!

This is one of my recipes I come back to again and again because it’s just so darn delicious, and hard to beat with the fresh ginger and bite of garlic combined with creamy tahini. I make this often and pour it on anything and everything – salads, roasted veggies, budda bowls – I just don’t get tired of it!

I grew up eating casseroles, so I wanted to make a super healthy gluten free vegan recipe that fit the bill. This one is customizable – you can substitute different vegetables and spices you have on hand, so use this as a template and feel free to get creative with it!

What would be a vegan blog be without a vegan cheese recipe? I love this spreadable cheese as a substitute for ricotta, spread on a sandwich (or Sweet Potato Toast!), as a dip with crackers – it has so many applications! Flavorful and easy to make, this gluten free vegan recipe is a keeper.

This is one of the first recipes I ever created for the blog. It’s refined sugar free and oil free, using millet flour and oats as the protein-rich base, combined with some protein powder to result in about 7 grams of protein per slice! It hasthe texture and taste of traditional banana bread, with that lovelybalance of being moist and nicely (but not overly) dense.


The Top 12 Most Popular Gluten Free Vegan Recipes on Vegan Chickpea | Vegan Chickpea (5)

This is one of my favorite dinners that’s easy, satisfying and delivers a good serving of protein. Just like most recipes, this one provides a foundation that you can easily make your own based on time, preference and what you already have on hand, like swapping out the kale for another vegetable, or the chickpeas for another bean. The point is – a baked sweet potato topped with beans and veggies (and that Best Ever Tahini Garlic Sauce from #12) is utterly delicious and makes a great weeknight meal!

Just like the non-dairyCashew Basil Cheese recipe above, every vegan blog also needs some faux meat recipes, right? This fun gluten free vegan recipe is chewy, salty and crispy – akin to the real thing!

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These super simple, flourless bars use only whole foods and have a whopping 15 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber per bar. Ready in 30 minutes with just a handful of ingredients, these bars ensure you’re getting a healthy breakfast or snack that isn’t too sweet or filled with junk.

It’s hard to believe this recipe is already my fifth most popular because I just posted it LAST WEEK! Whaaa?! Is it because it’s an easy slow cooker recipe, uses quinoa as a breakfast food or are y’all just really excited for pumpkin season (like me)!? Personally for me it’d be because of the vegan caramel sauce, that’s some straight up deliciousness right there and just 3 ingredients – seriously, go check it out!


My two slow cooker recipes are neck and neck in the top 5! (I’m getting the hint that you like your slow cooker/crockpot recipes, eh?!) If anyone says that you can’t enjoy cheesy, melty lasagna as a gluten free vegan – they would be wrong, as this recipe proves. I’ve made it for many meat eaters and it always gets a thumbs up! Remember that Cashew Basil Cheese from spot #10? You’re going to need it for this creamy recipe!

Casseroles for the win again! I know gluten free vegan recipes that are dinner-worthy can be hard sometimes, but this healthier spin on a classic broccoli cheese casserole will make you happy – promise! It has those same qualities of comfort food without the heaviness of typical casseroles, and – as always here on Vegan Chickpea – without the processed junk!

Just some brown rice, veggies, walnuts and hummus, plus some seasoning and you’re good to go. It’s great on its own, or add a veggie burger on the side to complete the meal. By the way – this casserole also has protein from the rice, broccoli, nuts, nutritional yeast, hummus and tamari, so you don’t have to worry about gettingyour plant-based protein with this meal.

OK, I’m seeing the trend – 5 ingredients, 5 minutes, slow cookers… you like easy recipes, got it! This superfood, creamy hot cereal is great for digestion and can be switched up to include whatever fruits, seasonings and toppings you like.Pair it with your morning coffee (or herbal coffee/tea!) for a winning combination.

Who doesn’t love crunchy granola? The problem is, it’s nearly impossible to find a granola that doesn’t have some sweetener in it, and I know many of us try to cut out sugars as much as we can (even if they are refined sugar free like maple syrup or coconut sugar!). It’s also hard to find a granola without oats, so for you grain-free lovers (hello, my paleo peeps!) – this one is for you. This hearty, nutty, roasted granola has 5 grams of protein in just 1/4 cup!

I want to highlight one more gluten free vegan recipe as a bonus, because 13 is my favorite number and I totally think this recipe ought to be in your rotation. It’s one of my personal and family’s favorites…

OK OK, I just can’t resist and am going to share with you a few more recipes that I think are a must try, because when looking this over I realized that NO DESSERT RECIPES made the cut… how is that even possible?!

I’m a totally dessert lover so am going to share with you five dessert recipes, even though it’s nearly impossible to decide which ones to list here! (For a complete list, see my desserts archive.)

Oh my… it just dawned on me that all my dessert recipes involve chocolate – I’m apparently really a chocolate lover at heart! 😀

(This is my most popular dessert recipe to date!)

(Perfect for the upcoming fall season!)

(Admittedly this dessert is MUCH better than it looks/sounds – and the ‘bacon’ is just for fun, it’s delicious without that topping! My brother and brother-in-law’s fav dessert!)

(One of the first recipes I ever created for the blog – often overlooked but soooo good!)

(Definitely a new favorite of mine recently posted… could. not. stop. eating. these.)

There you have it my friends – I hope you enjoyed this post and I’d love for you to share your favorite recipe so far from Vegan Chickpea in the comments below!

The Top 12 Most Popular Gluten Free Vegan Recipes on Vegan Chickpea | Vegan Chickpea (2024)
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