The Claim On My Heart Scars - Fryboi555 - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia (2024)

Chapter 1: Time Slips Through Glass

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Izuku never would have done it if he hadn’t been so seized with frantic fear. He never would have taken the choice from Katsuki if he wasn’t bleeding so hazily, eyelids dropping and blinking rapidly with the stubborn urge to stay awake.

His eyes shut, and they don’t jump back up and Izuku feels a part of himself die inside. It’s a tearing apart worse than any injury he’s ever felt, all consuming and choking like thick smoke in its grief.

Like an instinct, he sinks his teeth into the scent gland, the taste of blood making him gag as cinnamon and smoked meat filled his nose with a sting so overwhelming it burned his already leaking eyes.

It’s enough adrenaline to make Katsuki gasp and cough, uneven pupils flickering around wildly, his bursted blood red eyes squinting.

Izuku bit back a sound of pain as heat seared through his arm where Katsuki’s hand fisted.

“‘M sorry, Kacchan, ‘m sorry, they’ll be here soon,” He’s relieved, sobbing at the sight of Katsuki’s open eyes and still breathing chest even if it’s ragged. He couldn’t lose him. He couldn’t bare it.

His mouth still tastes of burnt cinnamon and blood when they take him away.

Izuku never would have done it if he knew it left just as big an ache. If it would make Katsuki avoid him, tearing the claws of loneliness deeper into his soul.

It’s an intense thing. Bonding.

He had always read about it, that it felt like euphoria, a certain intimacy you couldn’t even get from sex. It was a tie of fate between two souls, a lullaby to an alpha and a haven to an omega.

Izuku feels like he’s never been more disconnected. It’s dissociating how he can be surrounded by others and still ache with isolation.

He can’t focus on anything. All he can think of is the black void in his chest that churns like his nervous stomach when he catches the scent of cinnamon and smoked meat than makes his mouth fill with saliva and teeth ache.

It’s middle school but worse.

Katsuki won’t even look at him. Won’t say a word, wears a patch over the scarred gland everywhere he goes to hide his claim. His mistake.

Izuku had never wished for the soothing presence of an omega more as he spent every night restless and awake.

It comes to a head when he faints mid air in training weeks later.

“Midoriya!” Shouto caught him in seconds, sliding along the ice as he landed at the end of his ramp, the alpha tucked against the beta’s chest. Shouto shook his friend roughly as other students gathered around in concern, Aizawa pushing past the crowd. Izuku groaned as he squinted up at Shouto, head pounding from sleep deprivation.

The beta rubbed his cheek against the mess of curls, trying to cover the smell of distress on Izuku.

“Midoriya, are you okay?” Aizawa crouched besides the boy and squinted at him in concern. “You’re always causing me problems when you don’t speak up, kid.” He muttered and Izuku smiled weakly.

“Sorry, Sensei.” He sat up with a sigh, body heavy. He wanted to rest, but he just couldn’t.

“What the hell was that, Deku?!” Katsuki snarled from the sideline, looking seconds from exploding.

It was the first time he had spoken to Izuku in weeks. His alpha whines with happiness and he’s sure everyone can smell it on him. He stepped back, cupping a hand over his nose with a scowl.

“Quit that sh*tty nerd.” He stomped off, shoulder checking a few students as he went, ignoring Eijirou calling after him.

Izuku felt tears sting his eyes. He had expected but it still hurt. He was sure Katsuki hated him. He had marked him without his consent, and he’d hold that scar forever even if he never completed the bond and had another bite over it. Katsuki had never been much of a talker about his designation in the first place.

Izuku felt bile in the back of his throat at the thought of his mark being covered by another’s, sheer jealousy making his body tremble and his scent sour. It was so putrid it even made Shouto’s beta nose wrinkle.

“Go back to your dorm, Midoriya. You’re dismissed. Come talk to me tomorrow when you’ve slept.” Aizawa tapped his dark eyebags with his knuckles knowingly and stood up.

Izuku nodded silently and let Shouto help him stand before he left the training grounds.

He could only pray that his body would finally give out and let him hibernate a whole 24 hours.

He paused at the familiar scent of cinnamon and meat, the burnt smell so heavy it ate away at his tastebuds.

He glanced up and saw Katsuki leaning against his door, arms crossed and glaring at the wall before his red eyes bore into him.

“Deku.” Izuku swallowed hard.

“Kacchan.” This was the first time Katsuki had sought him out since the claim. Izuku was sure he’d never have the blonds attention ever again.

“…Go to Recovery Girl. I’m sick of this sh*t.” Katsuki gritted out.

“I- I’m just tired, Kacchan. I’m fine, really—“

“Not that you idiot!” The side of his fist slammed into Izuku’s door, making it rattle with the force. “That damn bond. It’s f*ckin’ affecting you, sh*tty nerd.”

“I…” Izuku felt a lump in his throat. Katsuki must hate knowing Izuku’s alpha is fixated on his omega. That he’s being constantly observed. It’s only rational, even if Izuku can’t help it.

“Recovery Girl can’t help me. There’s no cure for this kind of thing. Most people just…seperate from the marked and find someone else to bond with. A one sided bond can’t be erased. Only replaced.”

Izuku felt guilt stifle his words.

“I— I’m sorry, Kacchan. That I marked you. You don’t deserve to— to have to carry that with you forever.” Izuku choked up, tears blurring his vision. “I’m so sorry, Kacchan.” He rubbed his red eyes roughly with his forearm, sniffling.

“…I wish I had died that day.” Katsuki rasped. “Anything to save me from this. It’s— it’s f*ckin’ cruel, Deku.” He hissed, fists clenched tightly as he ducked his head.

Izuku’s heart broke open and gushed like an open wound.

“I’m sorry.” He croaked. “Kacchan, I’m sorry. I—I couldn’t let you die, I couldn’t— I would never take that back. I’m sorry but I can’t ever take that back.” Tears dripped from his chin. “I’m sorry for everything but that.”

Katsuki glowered at him, red eyes boring into green as his chest stuttered and trembled with every heavy breath. He looked furious.

“I know the statistics, Deku. People don’t just…move on. Not from this.” His voice is straining around every word. “You doomed yourself, asshole.”

“Yeah.” Izuku smiled bittersweetly. “I know.”

As long as his alpha was tied to Katsuki, he wouldn’t move on. His alpha would always beg for Katsuki’s omega until he completed the bond or bit the next best thing.

Incomplete bonds grew obsessive. It’s why distance was often required. Even if he bit someone he could tolerate and his alpha grew to like them, it wouldn’t erase the ache. Only minimise it, stuff it into a corner.

He’s only grateful Kacchan wasn’t cursed with the same fate.

Why?” So broad of a question, yet Izuku could only think of one answer to every variation to come to mind.

“Because I care about you, Kacchan. You’re my world. You always have been.”

“Don’t give me that bullsh*t!” Katsuki barked. “Don’t say sh*t you don’t mean!”

“I do—“

“No!” Katsuki cut him off, stalking towards him and fisting his collar with with livid vermillion eyes. “I know that’s the f*ckin’ bond talking, jackass. You don’t actually like me.” He spits like he knows it all too well.

“You saved me because you have a saviour complex, because we grew up together. This bond — it’s just chemicals.” His grip loosened as his tense shoulders went lack, the angry scowl shifting into a painfully hurt furrow. “It’s just…chemicals.”

His hand fell back to his side as Izuku’s wet green eyes stared unblinkingly into tired red eyes.

“…I’m gonna talk to Sensei tomorrow. I know you guys like that brainwashing ass, Mindf*ck. I think it’s for the best if…we keep ourselves seperate for the rest of this year. I’ll swap classes.” Katsuki clenched his teeth. “And then at the end of the year, we can go our seperate ways. For good.”

“Kacchan…” Izuku breathed in shock. “Y-You can’t transfer classes! Everyone will be sad if you—“

“They’d be more upset if you left.” Katsuki assured. “It’s four months. They’ll understand.”

“This is my fault.” Izuku’s voice broke. “Let me transfer. I’ll leave and you won’t—you won’t have to worry anymore.”

“Deku.” Katsuki pursed his lips. “I know it’s not possible but…let my Omega go.”

“Kacchan,” Izuku reached out for the omega but Katsuki stepped out of reach. Izuku’s lip wobbled. “Kacchan, it’s my fault.”

“And this is my decision. Stay with those extra, and let me finish my education without…” He gestured to the patch on his neck, “This hanging over my head.”

“Kacchan, please.”

“Stop calling me that.” Katsuki’s jaw flexed, eyes falling shut. “Just…pretend we don’t know each other. It’ll be easier this way.” He took another step back and Izuku felt like his whole world was crumbling around him. His world was walking away from him and he couldn’t breath.

“I can’t — I can’t just forget you, Kacchan, I can’t.” He stumbled for his hand, only to be smacked away.

“It’ll be a blessing to forget you, Deku, trust me!” Katsuki snarled, red eyes shiny as he glared at Izuku like he was the personification of all his problems.

“You…” Izuku clutched his chest. “You know I can’t forget you. Kacchan, y-you’re my everything.”

“…Then I pity you.” Katsuki said softly. “For what it’s worth…I’m sorry you bonded yourself to me because of my own weakness.”

Katsuki continued on to the elevator, pressing the button and waiting as Izuku sobbed.

“I— I know I’m not what you wanted, Kacchan.” Izuku hiccuped. “I know I’m not the ch-choice you would have made, but I’d never take it back. I kept you breathing. Your life is worth a-all the pain, Kacchan.”

Katsuki didn’t look back as the door opened, but he did speak one last time before he stepped inside and disappeared.

“Of course you’d think so. The bond makes you believe I’m home, that I’m brighter than every damn star in the sky. But I don’t feel the same. My life was not worth destroying your own, Izuku. I hope you realise that one day.”

Then he’s gone. It’s silent in the hallway and Izuku is left alone, loneliness more suffocating than any sludge monster could be.

He doesn’t see Katsuki again in the coming days. When he begs to take the transfer, Aizawa says Katsuki’s request was already accepted, gaze tender with pity.

So Shinsou joins their class and Izuku is left with barely a scent of Katsuki. He doesn’t visit his friends in open spaces. He doesn’t bump into him. He doesn’t join them for joint class training.

He barely gets a glimpse of him when he receives his graduating certificate.

Katsuki is gone to the wind, only spoken about in tabloids he collects and the news as he climbs the rank and Izuku is…Deku. He fights and he wins and he climbs just as quickly.

The ache doesn’t stop. He takes medication for the sleepless nights to knock him out. He hermits from the outside world when he’s not on shift.

His life feels empty. His friends beg him to find someone else, or to see a doctor about advanced methods, or get prescribed something to improve his moods.

Izuku has tried. They don’t work. Nothing works. No other alpha, beta or omega draw his attention the same way Katsuki did.

It gets to the point where Shouto offers his own neck. Tries to console his friend the only way he can think.

Izuku can’t even get the motivation to attempt a bite. He puts his lips to the gland and promptly cries. Heavy, heaving sobs that wrack his body as Shouto holds him.

He exchanged his own life for Katsuki’s, and he doesn’t regret the decision for a second, but it still aches with every breath without him by his side.

Katsuki has been his world since he was a toddler, and he still was, even when he’s so far out of reach.

He cries when Katsuki makes the number one rank, taking the slot from him only after a year of having it. They’re happy tears, really.

The blond is grinning, victorious as confetti rains over him, Eijirou tackling him and lifting the omega up onto his shoulder with a cheer. And Katsuki laughs.

He laughs and holds Eijirou’s head and arm as not to fall off the hardening hero’s shoulder, pumping a winning fist into the air.

Izuku’s stomach churns and his joy evaporates with a sobering realisation.

Katsuki…he’s probably moved on. He can see it in the familiar arm around his waist when Eijirou drops him back to his feet, holding him close as he talked inaudibly at a rapid pace, eyes sparkling with excitement at the man.

Katsuki grins at him and shoved his face away with a playful blast and Izuku has to turn the tv off before the remote cracks and crumbles into shards of plastic in his hand.

He truly is alone now. Katsuki has moved on from him, has forgotten him in the dust.

Izuku clutched his chest, trying to ease the sorrow.

His alpha howls that night, long and mournful, and he can only beg it to forget the omega.



“Shouto.” The No.1 hero greeted the No.3 with a frown. “We already met our quota of one hang session a month. What are you doing here?”

“I want to talk. It’s important.”

“You make it sound so, but you’re usually like that…” Katsuki rolled his eyes and opened his door to the man. “Come in.” Shouto did so, making himself at home on Katsuki’s couch.

He sniffed the air and made a curious noise.

“Is Eijirou here?”

“No, he just left.” Katsuki took a seat besides the fellow hero. “Why do you care?”

“You finished your heat recently.”

“Day before the ceremony. Got lucky.” Katsuki shrugged.

“Are you dating Eijirou?” Shouto asked bluntly and Katsuki snorted.

“Me and Ei? No. He just helps with my heats. He’s a beta anyway.”

“Beta’s can like omegas and alphas.” Shouto huffed and Katsuki gave him a weird look.

“Never said they couldn’t.” Katsuki quirked a brow. “Just not my preference in dating, Icyhot.”

“You don’t date.” Shouto reminded.

“Nosey f*ck.” Katsuki grumbled. “Well? What did you come here for?”

“…It’s about Izuku.” Katsuki tensed at the mention of the name. Everyone knew the man was a touchy topic. It was in their best interest not to bring him up. Thankfully, Shouto wasn’t here for his best interest.

“And?” Katsuki spoke curtly, like he wanted to intimidate the hero into changing subjects. Shouto stayed impassive as ever.

“He needs you.” Katsuki scoffed and stood, walking away from the couch as Shouto followed, determined for him to listen.

“Get out with that crap. I don’t want to hear it.”

“I’m serious, Katsuki.”

“And so am I.” The blond growled.

“He’s been a mess ever since you almost died in third year.”

“So I’ve heard. The nerd needs to get his life together by himself, that’s not my problem.” Katsuki opened the front door, glaring at Shouto. “Drop it or get out.”


“Drop it. Or leave.” He hissed and the mismatched hero pursed his lips.

“He won’t take another. He can’t.” Katsuki scoffed.

“He can, he just won’t. He’s got plenty of choices to pick from with his fanbase.”

“He can’t.” Shouto insisted with a scowl. “Trust me. I’ve tried.”

Katsuki’s eyes widened before they narrowed with a scowl.

“Oh I see how it is. You got rejected, so you’re trying to make yourself feel better but being some kind of f*ckin’ saint, huh?” Katsuki crossed his arms with a snarl. “If Deku doesn’t want to f*ck you, that’s not my problem. Your little feelings are your f*ckin’ problem, not mine.”

Shouto’s lips and brows pinched with hurt.

“This isn’t about me.”

“Isn’t it?” Katsuki rolled his eyes. “You’re as sacrificial as that damn idiot.”

“I want Izuku to be happy.” Shouto looked down, eyes soft with longing. “I know now he’d only be happy if it was you beside him.”

“I keep telling you, that’s just the bond—“

“Who cares?” Shouto looked up with a glare. “Who cares if it’s the bond? Can’t you find any love in your heart for him? He loves you.”

“And it’s a lie. It’s just biology f*ckin’ with his head. It’s not real love, Shouto.” Katsuki growled. “Now get the f*ck out of my house.”

“He’s going to kill himself one day. He’s holding on by a thread and I can’t do anything, Katsuki.” His voice is desperate now, pleading for him to listen. “You’ve never even considered another alpha. Surely you’ve thought about it. About completing your bond.”

“I said OUT!” The omega grabbed the beta and threw him outside, slamming the door behind him as his chest heaved with anger.

“You can’t ignore it forever!” Shouto shouted. “If I have to give him up…I at least want him to be happy with you, Katsuki. I want you both to be happy.”

Katsuki refused to answer, forehead pressed against the cool mahogany of the door. He heard Shouto’s boots as he left, staring down at his socked feet as he stood there, just breathing.

His hands fisted as his vision blurred.

“Don’t you dare f*ckin’ cry.” He whispered viciously. “You don’t f*ckin’ care. You can’t care.”

He slowly sank to the floor as tears overflowed, dripping down his nose as he swore.

His hand came to cover the faint scar on his neck, pressing into the scent gland as burnt cinnamon filled the room.

“Stupid f*ckin’ Deku.”

His ache was purely his own.


“Hey shift partner!” Eijirou sang cheerfully as he jogged up to Shouto. “Same patrol, huh? It’s been ages since we got put together, you’re usually a powerhouse all on your own!”

“You aren’t far off, No.5 Hero.”

“I’ll beat Momo down a level next year.” Eijirou laughed. “Gotta give her a challenge! Friendly rivalry never hurts.”

“My votes on Momo.”

“Ouch!” Eijirou rubbed his chest. “Right though the heart, Flame Princess.”

“Flame Princess?” Shouto frowned.

“Ah, it’s a kids show…” Eijirou scratched the back of his head sheepishly. “It’s pretty neat though!”

“What’s it about?”

“It’s about a boy and his dog going on adventures in a magical land.” Eijirou shrugged. “Pretty generic trope, and it’s a little weird at times, but it’s pretty funny.”

“What’s it called?” Shouto would have to watch it sometime. If only so he can talk about it with Eijirou. He enjoyed delving into his friends hobbies. It helped him feel closer to them.

“Adventure Time!” Eijirou grinned. “We could totally watch it together sometime, if you want.”

“Ah…” Shouto thought back to his awful week with his rejection and Katsuki’s cursing and decided he probably needed a break from them both. He loved them, they were his dear friends, but their mood swings were…tiring.

“I’d like that, Eijirou. Thank you.”

“Awesome! I have the day off tomorrow, does that work?” Shouto smiled softly.

“Mm. That should be fine.”

Eijirou beamed and Shouto couldn’t help but wonder how betas couldn’t be Katsuki’s type. Especially a cheerful beta like Eijirou.


Shouto can’t remember a time he went to Eijirou’s place. He didn’t hold events at his apartment.

He realised why when he stepped inside. It was tiny. Or maybe that was just the rich boy in Shouto talking.

When he pointed it out, forgetting his filter, Eijirou laughed.

“I don’t need anything big, man! I prefer a more cluttered living I think? I grew up pretty poor until I was about thirteen. Mama got a promotion. It didn’t sky rocket our finances, but we were at least middle class for a while, but Mom threw her back out in third year so Mama’s the bread winner, and with all the bills, it’s easier to give the money I earn to them than waste it.”

Eijirou opened his fridge as he spoke, rummaging for a bottle of juice. “You want some? Tenya got me hooked on juice after a work out. I think it’s something to do with the sugar keeping you from dropping with all the feel good chemicals afterwards.” He poured himself a glass.

“I’ll have a glass, thanks.” Shouto hummed, eyes running over the bumpy scars along the hero’s arms and chest. He had a few faint scars than looked clean, possibly past surgeries.

“Here you go!” Eijirou grinned sharp teeth at him as he passed him a green plastic cup.

He noticed Eijirou had a Crimson Riot themed one and glanced at his closer to see it was stamped with Tsuyu’s froggy face.

“Ah, I kept breaking glass cups with my quirk by accident during my horror movie phase, so I just switched to plastic. Now I get to collect merch of all us!”

Eijirou opened his cupboard to show off his collection of cups, some hero themed, other from the shows and cartoons.

“I even got one of you!” He showed off the blue cup and Shouto watched as it flipped between him in action and him standing for a photo shoot coolly. “Neat, huh?”

“Mm. It’s like Izuku with his figures.” Shouto smiled a little. “Cute.” Eijirou blushed and laughed.

“It’s kinda childish, but I wanted to support my friends, y’know? Our UA years were kind of insane, so I think I’m allowed to have a weird hobby or two.” He put the cup back.

“I enjoy photography.” Shouto admitted before sipping his juice. It was sweet and tangy with pineapple.

“What do you take pictures of?” Eijirou asked curiously, gulping his juice down with a satisfied sigh.

“Cats.” Shouto hummed. “And reptiles.”

“Woah, like snakes? Can I see?”

“I keep them in my photo album back home. Sorry.”

“Ahh, another time!” Eijirou waved it off. “Didn’t take you for a fan of lizards.”

“They like me because I’m warm.” Shouto shrugged. “I like turtles mostly.”

“Turtles are super cool!”

“They’re often abandoned by their parents. I felt a kinship.”

“Aw man, Sho, you can’t make jokes like that, I feel bad.” Eijirou whined and Shouto cracked a small smile.

“Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.”

“If you ever retire from heroism, you could always try stand up.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Shouto chuckled. “Where are we watching Adventure of Times?”

“Adventure Time, and I got a TV set up in my room. Lounge rooms are overrated.” Eijirou grinned and led Shouto to his bedroom. It was cluttered but not messy. No working out gear. He must have a seperate room for that stuff. Maybe that’s where the original lounge room was.

Eijirou patted his queen size bed, encouraging Shouto to join him as he fiddled with his remote, a flat screen being propped up by a dresser.

“I got all the seasons, but we can just watch the first few episodes to see if you like it.” Eijirou suggested, plopping a disc into the DVD player.

“Okay.” Shouto hugged his knees as he waited, eyes fixated on the braid Eijirou had his hair in. Did he tie it up when he worked out?

His roots were peaking out too. Shouto never thought about dying his hair. He’s well known for his split. It surprised people enough when he started letting it grow out, currently in the shaggy stage where he could tie it back but half of it fell back out in just a few minutes.

He took it out of the tiny ponytail and snapped the band around his wrist as Eijirou flopped back against his pillows, smiling up at Shouto.

“You lost in thought, man? You’re quiet.”

“I’m usually quiet.”

“Nah bro, your aura is quiet, you know?” Shouto tilted his head.

“I don’t, but I’ll take your word for it.”

“Appreciated.” Eijirou chuckled. “So?”


“What’re you thinking about?” Eijirou queried, blinking doe red eyes at him. Shouto hummed thoughtfully.

“Hair dye.”

“Hair dye?”

“Your roots. You haven’t touched up. It’s more than usual.”

“Ah, my favourite brand discontinued.” He sighed loudly. “Bummer, I know. I’m too indecisive to pick a new brand. What if the red is off? What if the bleach requires two rounds and fries my hair more? Or the aftercare conditioner makes it so silky I can’t get my usual volume for my mane? It’s a pain.”

“Hair dye sounds…stressful.” Shouto frowned.

“It’s fun.” Eijirou assured. “I like my red more than my black hair, honestly. Plus, I get to put music on and just bop while I bleach my roots.”

“If I dyed my hair, would you help me?” Shouto asked and Eijirou’s eyes lit up.

“Totally bro! Oh man, no ones let me dye their hair before.” Shouto smiled at his excitement.

“I trust you to not fry it off.” Eijirou took his hands in his and nodded solemnly.

“You can totally trust me, bro. Your hair is in my care, Flame Princess.”

“Ah, I still don’t know who that is…” Eijirou made a little ‘oh’ with his lips.

“Riiiight. I forgot.” Eijirou let go of his hands and started up the first episode. “I have snacks if you get hungry.” Shouto nodded and turned his eyes to the screen.

He definitely needed this after his terrible week. They were into episode three when Shouto opened his mouth.


“Hm? Yeah, what’s up?”

“You help Katsuki with his heats.” He doesn’t phrase it as a question since he knows, but Eijirou still blushes and answers.

“U-uh, yeah, I do. Why are you asking?”

“Katsuki’s mad with me.” Shouto sighed. “Would you be able to talk to him next time you see him?”

“Oh, sure, what do you want me to say to him? What’s it got to do with heats?” Eijirou furrowed his brows.

“Oh, it’s nothing to do with heats. I just found that out the same day Katsuki and I fought.” He clarified and Eijirou shook his head fondly.

“Of course. How can I help, Bro-to?”

“Well, I tried to bond with Izuku earlier this week but he couldn’t bite me.” Eijirou’s eyes widened, cheeks pink as the beta gestured to his bare scent glands. “So I went to Katsu—“

“Wait, wait, you and Mido are dating?” Eijirou asked in confusion. “When did that happen?”

“It didn’t.” Shouto sighed softly, closing his eyes. “He’s been…upset. For a long time. I can smell it on him and I just…want to help him. I thought if he bonded with me, he’d be happier. That Icould make him happier.” He opened his eyes, staring at the screen as Finn beat up a monster. “Unfortunately, I can’t. I know that now.”

“Aw man, I’m sorry, Sho…” Eijirou rested a comforting hand on the others back. “You’re a good friend, y’know?”

“Katsuki would disagree.” Shouto pursed his lips. “I tried to talk to him about him and Izuku. I asked him to find…some kind of love for Izuku and complete the bond. My best friend is wilting away and it’s painful to watch, Eijirou.”

Eijirou stared at him with unreadable eyes, silent.


“You asked Kats to…complete the bond, with Mido?”

“That’s the only bond either have, so…yeah.” Shouto felt like he was missing something in this conversation. He often did when talking to people.

“I…I’m just surprised.” Eijirou mumbled. “Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Shouto tucked his loose fringe behind his ear. “He kicked me out.”

“Kats always gets quiet when we bring him up. I’m not surprised.”

“He told me I was playing saint because I was rejected. When Izuku couldn’t bite me.” Shouto frowned. “I just want them to be happy. Both of them. Izuku’s miserable because the bonds incomplete and Katsuki cut him out of his life when they were finally friends. He must miss him, right?”

“You can’t force these things, Sho. I know you have good intents, but if Kats doesn’t love Mido, they’ll only be held together but the instinct of the bond. That’s not healthy. They did studies on it.”

“They loved each other once.” Shouto whispered. “I know Izuku still does. The bond isn’t the only thing dragging him down, Eijirou. I don’t know if Katsuki still loves him, but he did. I know he did once.”

“…You love Mido, right?” Eijirou asked softly.

“I do.”

“Then why?”Eijirou sighed. “Why put yourself through that? Mido might be happy, but you’ll be alone.”

“I won’t be alone.” Shouto said with confidence. “It hurts, and it will probably still hurt after, but…I have friends. I’ll be able to move on if I know Izuku’s happy.”

Eijirou grimaced.

“You’re way manlier than me, Sho.”

“How so? You’re very muscular.”

“I— thanks.” He blushed. “But I mean, like, you just…you have a good heart. You’re in love with Mido but instead of being selfish, you’re offering to let him go. I…don’t know if I could do that with Kats.”

Shouto’s eyes widened as Eijirou looked down at his Studio Ghibli themed blanket.

“You like Katsuki?”

“I thought it was obvious.” Eijirou laughed nervously.

“I can be observant at times, but you’re friendly with lots of people, so it was hard to be sure.”

“Well, there is it. I, Eijirou Kirishima, love my oblivious best friend. Who doesn’t even date betas. Or anyone, really.” He huffed. “It’s kind of pathetic, isn’t it?”

“No.” Shouto shook his head. “I don’t think so. You can’t help it. Falling for your best friend can be…the easiest thing in the world. As easy as breathing.”

“Yeah, but I sleep with him, Sho. I know what that part of him is /like/. I just…can’t have the rest of it, and I still settle for scraps after all these years.” Eijirou groaned into his hands. “I sound like an idiot. He doesn’t even /know/.”

“I don’t think Izuku knows I love him.” Shouto shrugged. “And I offered to bond with him. I would have had to consummate it while he probably thought I was just a friend.” Shouto shook his eyes with a roll of his eyes. “Izuku can be dense like that.”

“They’re both dense.” The red head snorted. “And we’re both idiots.”

“Love does that.” Shouto smiled softly. Eijirou stared at him a long while with a little pout, his thinking face in place as Shouto waited patiently.

“Dammit!” Eijirou groaned and ruffled his hair with his hands before scrubbing his hands down his face. He smacked two hands onto his knees, cross legged as he turned to Shouto. “I have a confession!”

“Ah. Okay.” Shouto nodded once for him to continue. Eijirou pursed his lips before gnawing on his lower lip and huffing a heavy breath, head tipped back.

“Back in third year, when Kats cut contact with Mido, he came to me.”


“He…he came to me because he was upset. That’s when I found about the bite. I knew before everyone else actually.” Eijirou’s sharp teeth drew little prickles of blood that he licked away with a sigh.

“It was the first I had ever seen Katsuki really cry. I don’t mean angry cry, this was genuine—he was /sobbing/. It took me a good ten minutes to calm him down enough that he was coherent. I was concerned, and a little honoured that he came to me, so I asked what was up and he…”

Eijirou squeezed his knees as Shouto drank in the information.

“He told me about the bond. That he couldn’t feel it, but that Mido could. And he got all jumble-y with his words but the gist of it was that he was upset because he /liked/ Mido.”

“Shouldn’t he be happy then?”Shouto asked, perplexed. “Izuku said Katsuki rejected him point blank multiple times.”

“Because—“ Eijirou clicked his tongue. “He’d kill me if he knew I was telling you this…”

“Please,” Shouto reached out and placed a hand on Eijirou’s clenched one. “Tell me more, Eijirou?” The hardening hero groaned and took a deep breath.

“Katsuki believes that the bond made Midoriya like him. That Mido’s alpha just wants his omega. Not…not /him/. It’s all just chemicals, he kept saying.” Eijirou swallowed dryly. “I don’t know if Katsuki still likes him, but…”

“There’s a chance.” Shouto’s eyes sparkled. “If we can convince Katsuki Izuku’s feelings are true outside the bond, then maybe they /can/ complete it and they’ll /both/ be happy.” Shouto felt a smile blossom on his face.

“We?” Eijirou blinked.

“Oh. I’m sorry.” Shouto’s smile dimmed. “You probably don’t want a part in this. You love Katsuki, after all.”

“I…” Eijirou licked his lips, looking between Shouto and the TV as he thought. “I…want Katsuki to be happy. Even if it’s not with me. Even if I wish it /was/ with me.” He clenched his teeth.


“I’ll help you. But if it doesn’t work, I’m going to confess to him. Properly.”

“Thank you.” Shouto’s eyes crinkle as he smiled gratefully. “You’re a good friend, Eijirou.” He wrapped his arms around the broader hero’s neck, knowing he liked physical affection best.

He tried his best to show his care for his friends by using their love languages.

Eijirou made a noise of surprise and wrapped his arms around his waist, squeezing gently.

“Didn’t picture you a hugger, Sho.”

“I’m not.” Shouto admitted, breathing in the calm scent of sea salt and sand. Eijirou’s beta smelt like the beach and warm sun, and it soothed his own stressed beta from his fingertips to his toes, making them tingle pleasantly.

Maybe he could get used to hugs. Eijirou gave good ones.

Chapter 2: I’ll Take Care Of You


Katsuki and Izuku cross paths, and Eijirou comes to terms with the fact that he was never Katsuki’s option.

Chapter Text

Izuku could smell his pre-rut setting in and sighed to himself. He hated these things. The incomplete bond only made it so much more intense, but he didn’t have an omega to satisfy that part of him, so he spent days in agony trying to break his dick off in a fleshlight while thinking about Katsuki.

He thinks that might be the worst part, the flood of need for Katsuki in his bed when he’s already expressed that’s not what he wants. But his biology didn’t care. It just felt the bond and encouraged the alpha to yearn for him, to complete the bond.

Left him wanting and whining as he squeezed his knot to gain some semblance of a tight omega around it.

He wishes that part of the bond would wither away.

Izuku got up, knowing he needed some microwave meals for the next few days so he’d eat between ruts and not die of hunger OFA really gave a boost to his metabolism, so he’d consider hungry an emotion like any other at this point.

He made his way down to the nearest conveniently store, wearing a XXL hoodie to fit his too broad shoulders and thick biceps. He didn’t care much for appearances this late at night, so he chucked on a pair of grey sweats too. He’d be quick, in and out, go home (alone), call off work and get his rut over with so he could get back on the field.

His plans get halted when a scent he hadn’t smelt in years tickled his nose. It was like a rush, the way his entire being perked up at the smell of cinnamon and cured meat, smoky and overwhelming in the best of ways.

His small fangs ached and he has to swallow back a canine-like whine as his eyes darted around to find the owner of the scent.

He’s here, he’s here, he’s here,’ He’s sure if he had a tail it would be wagging furiously with pure elation. His omega is here.

Not your omega,’ He reminded himself and the alpha in him gave a wounded whimper.

Izuku turned the aisle and it was like a swift kick to the gut. He was…beautiful. Like he always was.

He was wearing a black mask to cover his face (likely so he didn’t get recognised despite how late it was) and a plain black cap. He was dressed for the cooling weather too, sneakers and sweets with an oversized teal hoodie.

Izuku breathed in the sweetly spiced scent, eyes falling shut as he was enveloped in it. He had never missed a smell more. His usually distressed and lonely alpha was lazily soak it in, practically purring.

When Izuku opened his eyes, he could smell the change. Red eyes stared at him, wide and shocked, a can of soda in hand.

He could see the can shaking ever so slightly in his grip. His eyes fell lower to escape his gaze and rumbled with a purr when he noticed the hoodie, stamped with his hero name in Kanji.

The omega flinched and turned around to pick up his basket and flee to the front counter.

“K-Kacchan, wait—!” He follows, led by the instinct to sooth that burnt scent of distress from his omega.

Not your omega,’ He hissed to himself even as he came to the front where Katsuki was tapping the counter impatiently, antsy.

He hates you, he wants you gone, he has every right to avoid you,’ His self loathing spoke insidiously in his ear while his alpha preened.But he’s wearing your merch, your name, he misses you, he’s not covering your mark…’

“Kacchan, I…” Izuku’s voice was unsure but desperate and the cashier looked between them.

“Sir, is this alpha bothering you?” She asked with concern and Katsuki looked at her, eyes flickering to Izuku before he looked down.

“It— ma’am it’s not like that, I promise, I just—“

“Yeah. He is.” Katsuki rasped and Izuku’s already tender heart felt black and blue.


“I told you to stop calling me that.” The masked omega’s hands fisted at his side and Izuku let out a pitched whimper at the smell of anger coming off him.

“Sir, I’m asking you kindly to exit the premise and go home.” The cashier bagged Katsuki’s things, tone firm.“If you do not, I will contact the police.”

“No! I— I understand.” Izuku hadn’t even grabbed anything yet anyway. He could find another store, even if his alpha begged him not to leave his omega. “I’ll…I’ll go.” He bowed his head to her. “Ka—tsuki…I just— I wanted to say I’m sorry. And that I miss you.” Izuku shuffled on the spot and bowed low.

Katsuki didn’t say a word as he left, staring ahead like he was invisible. Izuku stepped into the cool night air, wanting to scream until he was hoarse.

Three years and he finally sees him again, alone.

And he slips through his fingers once more. Izuku might never see him again after this. He’ll take extra measures to avoid him no doubt. Katsuki always was stubborn like that.

Izuku crouched and rested against the wall a street down, breathing shallow at the smell of garbage from down the alleyway. He eyed off a vending machine and scourged up a 500 piece yen for a small juice.

It sat heavy in his stomach, sickly sweet. Just getting a whiff of Katsuki’s scent had probably lessened the time before his full rut hit. Looks like he’d have to live off snack foods and fruit for now. Maybe ask one of his friends to drop off some food at his door tomorrow.

Damn. He was pretty sure most of them were working tomorrow, especially since someone would have to cover his patrols too. He thinks Eijirou might be free, but he was closer to Katsuki than Izuku…

He probably wouldn’t want to help him after the stress he put the omega under tonight.

“You’re stinking up the alley worse than the trash.” Izuku’s head snapped up at the sound of a gravelly voice.

“Kaccha—um Katsuki. Bakugou.” He mumbled his last name.

“…You’re gonna go into rut in public if you don’t get a move on, idiot.” Katsuki reprimanded. “Go home.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t normally stay out during pre-rut, but seeing you again…” He bit his tongue at the glower he received.

“Maybe you should have left me alone then.” He hissed. “You made a fool of me in there, Deku. She thought I was some helpless omega running from a persistent ex-boyfriend.”

“You could beat my ass if you wanted to.” Izuku joked weakly before his smile fell away. “…I didn’t mean to cause you trouble, Kacchan.”


“Katsuki.” Izuku choked out. “I…I meant what I said. I miss you.”

“You really don’t.” Katsuki sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “I assure you.”

“We were friends through childhood, of course I miss you!” Izuku snapped, frustrated at Katsuki’s dismissal.

“Not like that.” Katsuki gritted. “Not in the way you’re implying.”

“I miss you.”

“You don’t.”

“I do! I know I do!” Izuku stood with a scowl. “You were my world, Kacchan, and you just left! Because I saved you!”

“You cursed yourself!” Katsuki snapped back. “That’s why I had to leave, Deku.”

“You didn’t have to leave!” Izuku felt his eyes burn. “You didn’t have to, I offered to go, I— I could have lived with it. I could have kept you in my life, even if you didn’t like me. I could have been happy just having you there.”

“But I couldn’t be.” Katsuki said solemnly. “So go home, Deku.” Izuku hung his head at the rejection, always as painful as the first.

“Are you at least happy?” Izuku asked, voice choked. “Please tell me you’re happy, Kacc— Bakugou.”

Katsuki clenched this teeth, vermillion eyes intense in the low light of the distant street lamps.

“Go. Home.” He bit out, turning on his heel and walking away from the hero.

“Kacchan!” Izuku shouted after him. “Tell me you’re happy! Please!”

Tell me you’re happy without me. Tell me it’s inevitable. That it will never be, so I know. So I have the will to…’

Katsuki paused under the bright light of street lamp and turned to gaze at him from over his shoulder, expressionless and halo’d golden like a warrior angel.

“It doesn’t matter if I’m not. I’m doing this for you, sh*tty nerd.”

Izuku’s breath hitched in his chest and got onto his hands and knees, head bowed low.

“I can make you happy! I swear I’ll try, Kacchan, I can be a good alpha!” He declared, flat hands curling into fists as he panted.

The blond tipped his head with a sigh, looking back down at the pleading alpha.

“I bet you could, Deku. But I’m afraid I can’t accept that. Not now.” He smiled grimly and padded away.

“Kacchan! Kacchan, please!” Izuku cried, raising his head as he watched his back. He wanted to run after him, but he couldn’t guarantee it would make Katsuki listen.

Izuku swore and ruffled his hair as Katsuki disappeared. His face felt hot as he groaned.

“I hate this, I hate this, I hate this,” Izuku huffed. “Kacchan, what are you thinking? What do you mean? It’s all so confusing…”

Izuku sighed as he stood, dusting himself off. He needed to get home before he entered his rut. He didn’t need jail time for public indecency.

I bet you could be.’ Then why wouldn’t Katsuki accept him? He made it sound like he thought about it, considered it. Had Izuku ruined it without ever knowing?

Not now.’ Izuku’s heart skipped a beat as he locked his door behind him. He groaned as he slid down the wood, legs splayed out. He tilted his head back. He felt hot all over.

He tugged his sweats down with a whimper, co*ck sensitive and weeping as he took it in hand.

You could be.’ Izuku spat on his co*ck and bit his plush lower lip hard. ‘Not now.’

“When? When, Kacchan?” He whispered breathily as he stroked and squeezed his length. He could feel his knot growing at the base of his co*ck, full and hard and so f*cking good as he f*cked into his hand, whining softly.

“Kacchan, Kacchan, Kacchan…” His eyes fluttered shut, covering his mouth to muffle his moans. Hearing them was embarrassing.

He could still smell the lingering scent of cinnamon in his nose, and it was driving his alpha crazy.

Not now.’

That meant there was a someday, right? A later? Izuku prayed for a one day.

“Kacchan!” He squeezed his knot as he came, spits of hot cum dirtying his sweats as he rocked through it with tiny whimpers.

“f*ck…” He panted.

f*ck.” He sobered.

He was still alone. There was no omega, no Kacchan, no bond—he was alone and aching and Izuku wanted to die

You could be.’ Izuku sighed softly, standing to clean himself up. He had a long few days ahead.

Could he? Could he make Katsuki happy?

He proclaimed it, promised it, but he could only hope really. Hope he was enough for the blond.

I can’t accept that. Not now.’

Izuku’s felt a swell of determination in his chest that swallowed up the ever constant void.

He had to try. He had to make Katsuki see he can accept it. That Izuku could be good to him.

His acceptances might not be tomorrow, or months, or even years from now…But one day. He prayed for one day.

It may be cruel to the omega, but he wasn’t going to hermit anymore. He was going to be there, he would be apart of his life again, and Katsuki would have to suck it up.

Izuku deserved to live again. Katsuki’s love would be the end goal, and he was willing to complete any quest throw his way to get it.


Eijirou doesn’t expect to be called at five in the morning, to be begged for, but he runs to him.

He always runs to Katsuki.

The scent hits him like a slap, swallowing hard. It had only been two weeks. He shouldn’t be due for at least another six…

“Kats? Are you okay?”

“Ei…” Katsuki rounded the hallway, standing in the door way in an oversized Deku hoodie and nothing else, face red and blotchy like he had been crying, hair flatten on the right side and trembling.

“sh*t, are you okay? Is it bad, Kats?” Eijirou dropped his coat and closed in on the blond, catching the omega into a tight hug as he lost his footing. He slowly eased him to the ground as Katsuki took in shaky breaths, looking on the verge of a panic attack.

“Kats, c’mon talk to me, man.” Eijirou pushed his hair from his forehead, checking his temperature. He was burning up.

“Ei, please, sh*t…” Katsuki fisted the betas shirt, tugging at it as he panted. “Hurts, ‘m burnin’, Ei.”

“Hey, hey, you’re okay, it’s okay. C’mon on, Kats. Let’s get you to bed.” Eijirou collected the omega against his chest, gentle as Katsuki practically sobbed against his shoulder.

Eijirou’s heart ached for his best friend. It was times like this Eijirou was glad he was a beta. It looked painful. And he was safety for the stubborn omega who wouldn’t accept an alpha in his territory during a heat.

Eijirou laid Katsuki down on his bed, noticing the mess of the sheets and the clothes of multiple friends in his makeshift nest.

“Ei, touch me, please,” Katsuki pleaded, red eyes swallowed up by black and glossy with tears of frustration.

“Okay.” Eijirou whispered, voice soft. “Okay. I got you, Kats.” He ran a gentle hand through blond spikes and rugged his shirt over his head, not bothering to make a show of it. Katsuki only needed one thing from him.

He dug into the man’s bedside drawer, pulling out the knotted strap he left there. Katsuki was the only one he f*cked these days, so carrying it around seemed pointless.

He fastened it as Katsuki whined, pressing his thighs together and fisting the sheets.

He loomed over Katsuki with a gentle caress to the apple of his warm cheek as he spread and fit himself between the hero’s thighs.

“Ei, f*ck, hurry up,” Katsuki whimpered, impaitent as he lifted his hoodie up his stomach to show off his small leaking co*ck and glistening thighs.

The sight was always a treasure, even if Eijirou knew he wouldn’t get to own the whole chest of gems.

He rubbed his hip sweetly as he projected his warm oceanic scent into the room to sooth the frantic omega.

“C’mon on, down you come, Kats…” Eijirou cooed, watching the man’s sharp inhales turn softer, languid as he sunk into the sheets.


“It’s okay. You’re safe, Kats.”

Katsuki closed his eyes and turned his cheek into his pillow as he let out a silent relieved sigh. Eijirou smiled bittersweetly.

“I’ll take care of you, Kats.” Eijirou rose Katsuki’s leg up to his shoulder and pressed a gentle kiss to his ankle.

“Please…” Katsuki breathed.

Eijirou sometimes wished he could feel it. Sinking into the hot, slick channel of his lover with his co*ck, plugging it with his heavy knot and breeding him full, but that’s not the hand he got in life.

Instead he lived as a little girl and grew into a man, a man in love with his best friend, a beta with no instincts other than to destress unmated omegas and calm impulsive alphas and keep his pack happy.

His entire life has been keeping others safe and happy. It’s his duty as a beta, as a man who understands his girl friends, as a hero in the spotlight.

He doesn’t have time for wishesand wants.

But he clings to this desire. This knowledge that Katsuki calls him, needs him to satisfy the burn in his guts, the ache to be f*cked and owned.

He clings to the knowledge that he trusts him to do it.

It makes the pain easier.

It makes the morph of “Ei, please, harder” into “Alpha, alpha, don’t stop” easier to bare.

He doesn’t care about the claws in his back, the fact that they don’t kiss, that Katsuki’s eyes are closed as he moans and begs his ‘alpha’ for more.

It doesn’t stop the heartbreak when he lets out a whimpered, “Izu…” amongst the pleas for his alpha.

Eijirou swallowed down the lump high in his throat as his hips stutter, f*cking into the omega harder as he buries his face in his neck, fingers tangled in pale blond strands. His throat burns with exertion and his eyes sting despite himself.

“Knot me, knot me, please alpha, please,” He begs so beautifully and Eijirou is throbbing with the desire to give him exactly what he wants.

Yet all he can think about is Izuku taking his place. This sacred spot he’s convented, revered.

Except he knows it was never his. Not really. It always belonged to Izuku, this body, this act, Katsuki’s everything.

It’s proven by the faint scar on Katsuki’s neck. Izuku made his claim years ago, and Katsuki would one day accept it.

Eijirou knew that now.

The omega cried out as he came, streaking their stomachs with cum as Eijirou slammed the knot into him.

Eijirou panted heavily as he laid there, a heavy weight against the softly whimpering omega. He loosened his fist and ran his hand through his hair, gentle. Katsuki would be blissed out for a little bit before he wanted to go again no doubt, but Eijirou could at least give him some aftercare this way.

“Thank you,” Katsuki slurred, looking sleepy as he blinked groggily.

“It’s okay.” Eijirou’s voice was weak, strained, but Katsuki wouldn’t notice. “You’re my best friend. Whatever I can do to help.”

Katsuki has no idea that he truly means it.


“Bubblegum scares me.” Shouto mumbled as he stared at the screen, fixated on the pink princess. “Her practices are unethical.”

“Oh yeah, totally.” Eijirou chuckled. “But she’s like a bajillion years old, so I guess morality starts waning after the first few hundred years.”

“I guess. I still think she’s a sociopath.” Shouto grumbled, munching on his popcorn covered in icing sugar.

“Yeah, probably.” Eijirou snorted, leaning in closer to snatch a few pieces from the bowl trapped in the man’s grip. He threw one up and caught it, grinning. “You know, I think I needed this. This week has been awful.”

“It has?” Shouto frowned. “I didn’t notice, I’m sorry. Are you okay, Eijirou?”

“I’m…” Eijirou scratched his head and sighed. “I don’t know.” He admitted. “Katsuki got hit with a super early heat and I spent four days taking care of him like usual, but…” He ran a hand down his face, falling to his lap. “He called Izuku’s name, Sho. He’s never done that before. I couldn’t bring it up with him either. It hurt too much.”

“Eijirou…” Shouto placed his bowl aside and curled close besides the slumping hero. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.” Eijirou sighed. “I knew from the beginning I wasn’t the kind of man Katsuki liked.” Eijirou clenched his teeth hard enough for his jaw to creak, hands fisted in disappointment.

“I don’t understand him.” Shouto frowned. “Who cares if you’re a beta?”

“He doesn’t care that I’m a beta. He’s just…in love with Izuku. Who’s an alpha.”

“Ah.” Shouto pursed his lips. “I see.”

“Yeah. It’s a bummer.” Eijirou laughed.

“Don’t do that.” Shouto huffed softly.

“Do what?” Eijirou blinked at him in surprise.

“Laugh when you want to cry.” Shouto nudged his cheek with his knuckle and a tear leaked out of the corner.

“Ah…” Eijirou hadn’t even noticed how blurry the world was getting. He blinked rapidly, drying his eyes with a quick swipe of each eyes with a weak laugh. “It’s okay, bro. I’m fine. Just…coming to terms with it, I guess.” He sniffed.

“Eijirou…” Shouto looked at his friend with sympathy, opening his arms in offer. “Do you…want a hug?”

The ice and flame hero toppled back with the force of the tackle, eyes wide as the red head nuzzled his collar, squeezing him as tightly as a corset.

Shouto’s features softened into a soft smile, gently petting Eijirou’s head as the bigger man sniffled.

“Thank— thank you, Sho.” He cleared his throat, breathing shakily as Shouto rubbed his back.

“It’s okay. It’s practice.” Shouto reassured with fond eyes, nimble fingers slipping the black hair tie off and pulling the thick braid apart as Eijirou cried quietly against his chest. Tiny little gasps and slight dampness on his collarbone as stray hairs tickled under his chin.

Shouto turned his gaze back to the TV as he ran his fingers through wavy red strands, letting his own comforting scent fill the room, woodsy and floral like a meadow with hints of the freshness of cut ice.

The beta on his chest let out a content purr, red rimmed eyes fluttering shut as he melted in Shouto’s arms.

Their scents mingled in the small room, the warm glow of the sun making the flora scent sweeter and the salty cold sea overpowering the smell of dry bark.

Shouto matched Eijirou’s rumbling purr with softer thrum of his own, elegant fingers twisting strands of crimson locks into tiny plaits.

Shouto smiled as Eijirou seemed to doze off, grip loosening but still firm as he snored softly.

“He must have needed that…” Shouto murmured to himself.

He tucked Eijirou’s hair behind his ear, eyes fond as he cupped the betas jaw and caressed his thumb along the sharp cheekbone.

“You never ask for help, do you?” He mused quietly. “It’s okay.” He nuzzled his crown, scenting the beta with a soft purr.

“I’ll be there for you. I’ll be a good friend to you, Eijirou.”

Shouto closed his eyes and drifted off surrounded by the mixed scents and the warmth of Eijirou’s sturdy body.

Hopefully with time, Eijirou could move on from Katsuki. Shouto prayed once Izuku was happy, he could be too.

Chapter 3: Eternally Yours


Things go sideways after a night out at a bar, leaving Izuku and Katsuki alone.


tw for roofies/drugging

Chapter Text

“Mido! Are we on patrol together?” Eijirou made a little ‘o’ with his lips, surprised.

“Ah, I don’t think so…” Izuku frowned. “I’m on with Shouto.”

“Huh? Shouto?” Eijirou frowned. “He told me he’s having the day off to celebrate his brothers graduation.”

“Natsuo? He finished his degree already?” Izuku blinked owlishly.

“Ah, no, I think it’s just a section of the full doctor thing…” Eijirou scratched his head and shrugged. “I don’t know much about med school, man.”

“Neither.” Izuku laughed weakly, just as clueless. “I think Shouto did say something about a celebration tonight. He invited me out to drinks, but I wasn’t all there during the call.” Izuku admitted guilty.

“Oh yeah! Shouto’s celebrating with family during the day and then tonight Shouto and Natsuo’s friends are getting drinks at the bar near that awesome thai place. I was invited too!”

“Is that appropriate though? I mean, we aren’t close to Natsuo, so wouldn’t it be weird?”

“Apparently Natsuo gave him the go ahead to invite a few friends. I think he’s just proud of his antisocial brother for having friends.” Eijirou laughed.

“Shouto’s not antisocial, he’s just a bit awkward…” Izuku defended and Eijirou hummed his agreement.

“He’s grown a lot since high school. He’s a super manly friend!” Eijirou beamed and Izuku tilted his head.

“Since when were you such a big fan of Shouto?”

“Sho and I have been hanging out a bunch lately! I don’t know what it is, but I just feel like we’re finally getting to know each other, y’know?” Eijirou pondered with a pout. “Maybe it’s a beta thing. He’s almost like another member of the pack, you know?”

“I’m glad you’re getting along more.” Izuku smiled. “I always feel guilty when we hang out cause my moods tend to upset Shouto, but it’s nice to know he has a hype man like you around, Kiri.”

“If anything, Shouto’s my hype man.” Eijirou laughed, cheeks pink. “He’s got a really comforting aura too.”

“Mm, I guess?” Izuku shrugged. “He’s a little intense, honestly.”

“Really?” Eijirou frowned. “Uh…I guess.” He mumbled, looking down the street. “Shall we start patrol? I’ll take east, you take west?”

“Oh. Yeah, sure!” Izuku nodded quickly. “If it’s quiet, I guess I’ll just see you tonight?”

“Wouldn’t miss it!” Eijirou sent him a thumbs up, barely glancing at him as he went east, looking thoughtful. Izuku watched him go with furrowed brows but quickly shoved it aside.

Eijirou might just be feeling awkward around him if he knows about his run in with Katsuki…


The bar is crowded when Izuku arrives. He can smell artificial dampener in the air trying to mask the dizzying amount of smells. He had had the decency to wear scent patches but not everyone did in crowded spaces like this.

“Izuku!” Izuku turned to Shouto’s call and grinned.

“Shouto,” Izuku made his way over to the group of men; most of them looking older by a few years with beers in hand. “Already ahead of us, huh?” Izuku chuckled.

“Mhm. Natsuo refused to buy me a drink.” Shouto pouted.

“You aren’t 20 till after New Years, Sho.”

“Big brothers are supposed to encourage bad decisions.”

“Considering your older brother was a villain, I really hope Natsuo doesn’t indulge you.” Izuku laughed nervously.

“My birthday is in two months.”

“You’re still a baby. So no alcohol.” Shouto huffed.

“It doesn’t even taste that good…”


“We beat people up for a living, alcohol isn’t a crime.”

“It literally is?”

“It’s a dumb crime.” Shouto assured, leading Izuku to the table. Izuku greeted Natsuo and his friends, giving his congratulations before he excused himself to grab a drink. A sweet co*cktail.

At least make the drinking enjoyable. Izuku didn’t need to add sad alcoholism to his list of issues.

“Eijirou!” Izuku was onto his second co*cktail when Shouto stood up and jogged to meet the hardening hero midway. “You made it.”

“Of course?” Eijirou laughed at Shouto’s excitement.“You asked me to.”

“Mm.” Shouto shifted from foot to foot before he moved his hands from his side into a shy offer of a hug. Izuku’s eyes widened in surprise. He never knew Shouto was a hugger.

Eijirou seemed unfazed though, laughing fondly.

“I knew I’d get you hooked, bro!” Eijirou squeezed the smaller to his chest in a burly hug, grinning from where his chin rested atop his head. He gave Izuku a wave and a demure smile when he noticed him looking.

Shouto subtly rubbed his cheek against the betas shirt, spreading his scent over his friend. For comfort reasons, of course.

“I actually bumped into a certain someone on the way here…” Eijirou spoke up as he broke the hug, looking behind him. “Didn’t know he was invited, Sho.”

“I invited him earlier.” Shouto clarified and Izuku’s breath hitched as Katsuki came to stand besides Eijirou, looking up at him. His unimpressed expression morphed into a scowl.

“You didn’t say he’d be here, Red.” He growled and his friend frowned.

“Didn’t know.” Izuku gaped at the redheads bold faced lie.

“I’m f*ckin’ leaving.” Katsuki grumbled. “Tell your doctor brother congrats.”

“Katsuki,” Shouto spoke up, grabbing his sleeve to keep him from stomping off.

“I’m not stupid, Icyhot, I’m not playing your f*ckin’ game. This was supposed to be an apology, dickwad.”

“I’ll still pay for your drinks. Every one. Just stay, okay?” Shouto gave his best set of puppy eyes and Katsuki glowered. He huffed after a pregnant silence, shaking off Shouto’s grip.

“Fine. Be ready to empty your wallet, Half ‘n Half.” Katsuki grumbled. Shouto smiled softly and pulled out his wallet, slipping his card out.

“Will you get me a drink too?” Shouto queried and Eijirou snorted when Katsuki let out a raging sound of disapproval.

“No way! You’re underage, dumbass!”

“Katsuki, I’m only two months off…”

“No! Die!” Katsuki snatched the card and stomped off to the bar without even glancing in Izuku’s direction. Izuku followed him with his eyes, unable to help himself. His entire body was jittering with the urge to get up and talk to the blond.

“Will you buy me a drink?” Shouto turned on Eijirou and he chuckled nervously.

“Aw c’mon, don’t gimme those puppy dog eyes…”


“Shooo,” The hero whined, and gave in despite himself. “One drink.” Shouto’s eyes sparkled.

“You’re my favourite now.”

“Aw shucks, that’s an honour, man…” Eijirou blushed as he scratched the back of his head sheepishly. Izuku would have analysed the pair if he wasn’t so focused on Katsuki.

The blond was returning with his drink, throwing an abrasive congratulations at Natsuo who just laughed, getting used to Shouto’s strange friends.

He made a point to sit as far away from Izuku as possible. Izuku looked down at his empty co*cktail and tapped the table anxiously. Did he go to him? He said he’d make an effort, but he wasn’t sure if he should approach now or later when he had more liquid courage in his system…

“This is awful.” Shouto complained after one sip of beer.

“I told you, man.” Eijirou snickered.

“Swap with me?”

“No way! Face your consequences like a man!”

“I really don’t like it.” Shouto pouted, cheeks pink. “Can I try yours?”

“Huh? If you try it, you’ll steal it.” Eijirou said knowingly. “You do it with my snacks all the time.”

“You offer them…” Shouto puffed his cheeks.

“Because you keep eyeing them!” Eijirou tutted and pushed his colourful red and purple drink in front of him. “Go on.”

Shouto smirked, knowing he had won the argument. He sipped the beverage and hummed.

“It’s sweet.” He kept his hands on the glass and Eijirou rolled his eyes.

“Do you want it, Sho?” He drawled and the ice and flame hero looked away guiltily. Okay, so maybe he lost the fight.

“Yes, please.”

“It’s all yours.” Eijirou chuckled, taking Shouto’s beer and gulping half of it down before he slammed it back down. “It /is/ awful! So dry!”

“It’s a liquid, Eijirou. It can’t be dry.”

The table roared with laughter at the two’s antics, Katsuki grinning a little behind his drink before he noticed Izuku’s gaze on him, looking away with a scowl.

Izuku sighed. He wasn’t going to get anywhere in this crowded environment where Katsuki could easily ignore him.

He challenged Natsuo to a game of pinball and the older Todoroki was ecstatic to beat the hero’s ass. Izuku found he was actually having fun, onto his fourth drink by the time he was kicking Eijirou’s ass in a game of Mighty Invaders.

The bar was filled with old arcade games. Perfect for a bunch of drunk adults trying to entertain themselves.

“Nooo!” Eijirou groaned as he was defeated. “Man, you’re way too good at these!”

“I had a lot of free time as a kid.” Izuku laughed. “And Denki might have given me some pointers.”

“That traitor.” Eijirou grumbled, glancing over at Shouto who was sipping a pink drink. “Hey, where’d he get that?”

“Maybe the bartender didn’t ID him?”

“He’s the No.3 hero, everyone knows he’s too young to drink.”

“Fame privileges? Bribery?” Izuku joked.

“Hmm…” Eijirou watched Shouto closely. “Hey, I know we don’t really talk about it but…your bond with Kats. I don’t think it’s entirely one sided.”

“Huh?” Izuku blinked wide eyes, shocked at the topic change. “I— I assure you it is. It’s incomplete.”

“No, I don’t mean that part.”

Eijirou shook his head with an irritated sigh. “I mean— you and Kats. I don’t think your…relationship is one sided.”

“Kacchan made his opinion on our relationship quite clear, Kiri.” Izuku sighed. “I’m sure you know already, but we bumped into each other not long ago.”

“What?” He looked surprised. “You did?”

“He didn’t tell you?” Izuku furrowed his brows. “I assumed since you guys are so…close.” The word tasted bitter on his tongue.

“Now that— that’s one sided, trust me.” Eijirou chuckled sardonically. “Kats didn’t tell me anything about you.”

“Oh. I’m…sorry. Really.” He patted Eijirou’s shoulder in hopes of comforting him but Eijirou rolled his eyes.

“I’ll get over it. So don’t bother acting like you aren’t ecstatic that Kats is free for the picking’s.”

“Maybe a little. But heartache…it really sucks. I know that much, Kiri.”

“Yeah…” Eijirou sighed, eyes falling upon Katsuki who was chatting with one of Natsuo’s friends, toying with the rim of his drink with a smirk. Jealousy soured his stomach, but he knew Katsuki wouldn’t go home with him.

He looked at Izuku from the corner of his eye and saw he was watching too, the green eyed monster’s shoulders growing tense and jaw locked tight.

“He won’t go home with him.” Eijirou assured. “Kats doesn’t sleep with anyone outside his heats.”

“Nn.” Izuku grunted vaguely, watching the omega intensely, face impassive. “Who?” Eijirou chuckled.

“Me.” Izuku’s eyes snapped to him, a glare on his too truthful face. Izuku was an open book. “Don’t give me that look. I only do it because he doesn’t trust anyone else to. He doesn’t…like me like that. Most of the time he doesn’t even look at me.”

Izuku’s jealousy melted away into pity.

“I’m sorry. I can’t help it. The bond makes me a little…protective.”

“You mean a jealous, possessive alpha?” Eijirou snarked with a half grin.

“I’m not possessive…”

“You are.” Eijirou corrected. “You’ve always been possessive of your Kacchan. Your childhood friend, Kacchan. Your rival, Kacchan. Your world, Kacchan.” Eijirou looked at him slyly. “Did I miss anything?” He hummed and tapped his chin, mocking almost.

“Oh, right. Your omega, Kacchan.”

Izuku’s glass shattered in his hand, deafening as the bar went quiet.

“He is my omega.” He rumbled, voice verging on animalistic. Eijirou stood his ground, his own growl forming in the back of throat out of habit before he swallowed in back.

“Possessive.” He concluded and walked off, leaving the alpha to be gawked at.

He felt humiliation sear him to the core at the stares from his display, eyes connecting with Katsuki’s from across the bar.

The omega flinched, cheeks crimson from the booze. Katsuki seemed to excuse himself from the table, heading towards the bathrooms.

Dammit. Izuku had promised himself that he’d win Katsuki’s affections, not scare him off.


Katsuki slammed the bathroom door shut, fumbling with the lock before he pressed his back against it, breathing heavy with panic.

f*ck, he was so wet.

Katsuki whined silently as he slid to a crouch, burying his hot face into his scarred hands.

Katsuki wasn’t usually a slave to his instinct, in fact he had been rather adamant about disregarding them all together growing up. But ever since the bite, the incomplete bond, it’s like he can’t control his omega at all. It’s like his omega was convinced his clock was ticking after the near death experience. Intensifying his heats, making his nose more sensitive, wracked with baby fever.

Now he was crouched in a dingy bar bathroom, leaking slick all because Izuku — an alpha — publicly declared him his.

His omega.

Katsuki ripped his belt open, shoving his slacks and boxers down with a whimper, a dollop of slick dropping onto the sodden underwear.

“f*ck,” He breathed, leaning one arm against the wall of the stall as he reached back to press against his fluttering hole, fingers coming back soaked. He needed to cum. His belly was burning with need and he felt like he might just die if he didn’t get off at least once.

He could be disgusted with himself later.

He shoved two fingers inside with a silent moan, sinking his teeth into the sleeve of his button up to keep himself quiet.

Katsuki’s want to sob as he teased his prostate, the angle making his wrist ache as he drooled on his shirt. He needed to make this quick or someone would come to find him.

He dug his fingers into his sweet spot, legs shaking as his dainty co*ck weeped. Jacking off never felt as good as getting his ass played with. He felt the pressure build, muffling pathetic whimpers until it tipped, co*ck spurting little streaks of cum onto the floor as his knees gave out. He pulled his cottony mouth from his sleeve.

He licked his dry lips, panting. f*ck. f*ck, he just got off in a dingy bar bathroom like a bitch in heat.

He felt sensitive and tender as he used the toilet paper to clean up his slick and cum, inspecting his pants to make sure they were slick free. His underwear was as good as gone. He groaned and chucked them in the trash on the way out. He’d just go commando on his way home.

Which is where he needed to be. Home. He couldn’t trust himself to be anywhere near Izuku right now, not with the booze and desire in his body.

His eyes widened as he realised he had walked into a commotion.

“What the f*ck did you put in his drink, jackass?” Eijirou snarled, holding the mop headed man, lanky with ugly wire frames, he’d been talking to earlier by his collar.

He looked terrifying in his harden form when he was angry.

His eyes darted around to take in everything, from Shouto clinging to his older brother with a drowsy, slightly ill expression to Izuku who was rapidly approaching, eyes wide with concern as he grabbed his shoulder.

Heat zinged through his body, the feeling so intense he almost buckled.

He smelt so good, like chilli and citrus, with faint hints of damp soil like he had grown the enrapturing scent himself from the fruits of his labour.

“Did you take any drinks from that guy you were talking to earlier?” Izuku looked over the omega frantically. “Do you feel okay? You look feverish, Kacchan.” He pressed the back of his hand to his forehead and Katsuki shivered.

f*ck, he was dribbling again. He smacked the alpha’s hand off him, stepping back from that enticing scent.

“f*ckin’ hell, Deku, I didn’t take any f*ckin’ drinks from that idiot, I was having my fun with Icyhot’s credit card.” He grumbled. “I’m fine.”

“Did you leave your drink unattended at any point?” Izuku looked so worried on Katsuki’s behalf and the blond felt his heart pang.

“I don’t know. I wasn’t focused on that damn extra.” He muttered, arms crossed as Izuku pursed his lips.

“Stay the f*ck down!” They both turned their attention to Eijirou, boot heavy on the man’s chest as he struggled. “I’d take you in myself if it was in my jurisdiction.” He growled, kicking him in the chin, knocking him out cold. Eijirou turned to the bartender, voice firm.

“Call the cops. He won’t cause a fuss. If they ask, tell them to phone Fatgum’s agency to get in contact with me.” Eijirou’s hardening fell away as he approached Natsuo who was cradling the flushed hero.

“Sho, bro, you okay?” Eijirou asked in a soft voice, caressing his hot cheek with his thumb as Shouto groaned.

“’s hot,”

“I know, I’m sorry, it’s okay.” Eijirou cautiously took Shouto from Natsuo who looked like he was going to puke.

“I— I thought Hinata was a good guy, I didn’t— I never would have invited him if I had know, Kirishima.”

“It’s not your fault.” Eijirou sighed. “You couldn’t have known.” He muttered, sounding bitter regardless.

“Shouto,” Natsuo crouched to meet his sleepy mismatched eyes. “I’m sorry, I’ll drive you right to the hospital, okay?”


Shouto buried his face in Eijirou’s side. “I don’t…wanna hospital…” He slurred and Natsuo pursed his lips.

“Shouto, we don’t know what he gave you, you need to—“

“No!” Shouto whined, sounding ready to kick up a fuss, his fingers misting with ice when Eijirou spoke up.

“I’ll take him home and monitor him, Natsuo.” Eijirou helped Shouto stand taller. “If he doesn’t improve, I’ll take him first thing tomorrow morning.”

Natsuo looked apprehensive, but he trusted Eijirou. He had a track record of being a good guy to his brother.

“Okay. Okay, but first thing tomorrow—“

“I’ll update you every hour. Have faith in me, okay?”

Katsuki turned his gaze back to Izuku who was watching the scene with concern for his best friend. He ran a hand through messy green curls and Katsuki’s stomach clenched.

Slick slipped down between his thighs and he whimpered quietly.

“Kacchan? What’s wrong?” Of course that bastard heard it, f*ck, he was touching his shoulder again, laying those vivid green eyes on him and he felt like he was burning. It was unlike any heat he had had, pure need yet all the rationale of his own self, his omega yowling for the alpha.

Why? Why was it always Izuku? Even before the bond, before he saw his life flash before his eyes, it had always been Izuku.

He wasn’t connected to him. Not the way Izuku was. All he bore was a scar of teeth marks, a reminder of the day he won a battle against death and lost everything all at once.

All because of his stupid pride. Because he couldn’t stand the thought of a bond being the only reason Izuku could love him. Not when his entire heart belonged to him.

“I don’t…feel well.” It wasn’t a lie, but it tasted like one.

“Do you want to go to the hospital? How bad is it?” Izuku ran a gentle hand through his hair, pushing his bangs from his forehead. Katsuki melted against it.

“Ei…” Shouto whimpered, holding his stomach with a groan. “I feel sick…”

“I know, Sho, I know. Let’s get you home…” Eijirou turned to Katsuki and Izuku to tell them he was leaving when he saw Katsuki’s flushed face. “Kats? Are you okay?”

“He doesn’t feel well.” Izuku worried his lower lip.

“I want to go home.” Katsuki insisted and Eijirou looked between Shouto and Katsuki, looking indecisive.

“I…” Did he take Shouto home and leave Katsuki with Izuku, or did he leave Shouto with Izuku and take his best friend?

His stomach churned at the thought of either option. Yet more than anything, he couldn’t stand the thought of a defenceless Shouto being left alone with the man who he had once tried to bond with.

What if he tried to bite the alpha again and got locked in the same curse that plagued Katsuki and Izuku?

What if Izuku bit him back?

He gripped Shouto tighter without thinking. He had already promised Natsuo he’d watch over him personally.

“Can…can I trust you to take him home safe?” Eijirou asked Izuku softly, looking at Katsuki who didn’t seem offended. No, his friend looked out of it honestly, looking up at the alpha with unfocused red eyes.

“Of course. I’d never let him get hurt.” Izuku looked down at Shouto.“Take care of him, okay?”

“Like my life depends on it.” Eijirou promised with a small grin. “C’mon on, Sho, let’s go.”

“‘M gonna throw up…” Shouto whimpered, burying his face into Eijirou’s shoulder. The redhead ran his fingers through his silky shag, soothing the beta.

“Just wait a little longer, okay, Sho?” Eijirou turned and left with that, leaving Katsuki and Izuku alone.

“Do you need a crutch?” Izuku offered his arm and Katsuki smacked it away.

“I’m fine, just— f*ck, take me home.” Without his underwear he’d soak through his slacks in front of everyone.

Izuku nodded and hovered a hand behind Katsuki as he created a path to the outside of the establishment, the cold winter air making Katsuki shiver.

“Here.” He watched him tug his hoodie off over his head, exposing a dark snail trail that made him salivate.

“What? No.” Katsuki forced out between gritted teeth. He’d make a mess of himself if he got wrapped up in the alphas scent right now.

“Kacchan, you know you’re sensitive to the cold—“

“I don’t need it—“

“Put the damn hoodie on before you freeze.” Izuku snapped and Katsuki’s face felt hot under the command, gingerly accepting the hoodie as the bigger hero pulled it over his head.

Izuku’s smell clung to it and Katsuki leaked more, a whine trapped high in his throat as Izuku took his sweater pawed hand and pulled him along.

“Come on, you need to rest, eat and drink something to flush it out of your system.”

Right. Izuku thought he had been drugged. Not that he was beyond horny.

He should probably tell him he’s fine. That he’s sound of mind.

Except Izuku keeps looking at him with all this worry and care and it’s messing with the part of him that just wants to roll over and be pampered by the strong alpha.

Strong alpha who would give him strong pups…

He rumbled a purr without realising it, slacks soaked as he walked right into Izuku’s chest. He looked up at Izuku, and felt his co*ck ache.

Those beautiful greens were swallowed up by lust, a thin ring left as the alpha breathed in deeply.

Katsuki whimpered. He wanted the alpha to tear into him and leave him absolutely /ruined/ for anyone else.

“Kacchan…are you…?” Izuku swallowed hard, mouth dry.

“Yeah.” He breathed, fisting the hero’s stupid ‘shirt’ shirt and pressed the entire length of his body against the No.2. “Izu…”

Izuku swore, swift and quick as he gripped Katsuki’s shoulders and kept him at arms length, trying to suck in fresh air.

Katsuki smelt like dinner and dessert, a whole f*cking meal, and Izuku felt like he was going to lose it and sink his teeth into him.

“Kacchan— you’re not in your right mind right now.” Izuku’s hands were trembling with the urge to touch, to undress and feel Katsuki’s scars against his own until the omega came undone beneath him. “This is the drug talking.”

Katsuki got drugged. He got f*cking roofied and Izuku wanted nothing more than to take advantage of the poor helpless omega, f*ck the heat and desire out of him and leave him tied on his knot.

He was an awful person.

“I’m fine.” Katsuki huffed, wrapping his hands around Izuku’s wrists. Izuku quickly snatched his hands back, closing his eyes as he tried to calm himself and find some self restraint.

“You’re not, Kacchan. This isn’t you.”

God, it was more him than he ever wanted to admit.

Katsuki almost moaned when Izuku bent down and grabbed his waist, firm and strong and the perfect grip for when he shoved his fat knot insi—

He yelped as he was thrown over Izuku’s shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

“What the f*ck, Deku?!” He barked, Izuku clamping his kicking legs to his chest while the other curled around his middle.

“Sorry Kacchan, but this is the quickest route!”

The alpha lit up with green sparks and Katsuki screamed as they launched into the air. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying not to lose the booze sloshing around in his stomach.

This would totally kill his mood, if not for the tight grip on his body. His brain couldn’t get past the fact that he was so strong, strong enough to break him like a twig.

It shouldn’t get him going, but it does. Katsuki opened his eyes as he felt the wind recede, Izuku slipping in through his balcony and closing it behind him. The alpha stomped over to the bed and flopped him onto the sheets.

Katsuki purred, ready to be ravaged, but Izuku kept his distance.

“I…I should go.”

“Don’t f*ckin’ go, stupid Deku,” He growled, reaching for the button of his slacks so he can shove them down and kick the nuisance off along with his shoes.

Izuku’s face grew crimson as he turned away, covering his face with a hand across his mouth. Likely trying to avoid his overwhelming scent.

“I’m sick of this.” He groaned, spreading his legs to show off his shiny muscled thighs and proudly standing co*ck. “I don’t care anymore, just f*ckin’ take me, asshole.”

“You don’t mean that.” Izuku choked out. “You don’t, Kacchan.”

“I’m not drugged, idiot!” He hissed. “I just can’t— I can’t stand it anymore. The distance, the avoidance, the need.” Katsuki whimpered as his body clenched up with a fresh wave of want.

“I don’t care if it’s just the stupid bond anymore. I’m losing my f*ckin’ mind, Izuku.”

“I—You’re not drugged?” Izuku looked antsy to reach and touch, to prove Katsuki’s words true.

No.” Katsuki growled. “I’m not. I just…liked that you cared, dammit.”

“Of course I care, Kacchan,” Izuku stepped closer, cautious in his steps. “You’re my world.”

“…Is it the bond that tells you that? Or have you always felt that way?” Katsuki asked self consciously as Izuku entered touching territory. He reached for his belt and tugged but the man didn’t budge.

“Always. Always, Kacchan, I’ve always considered you mine.” Izuku’s scent filled the room, potent and dizzying as he held Katsuki’s face lovingly in scarred hands.

“Your omega?” Katsuki purred, eyes falling shut as he nuzzled into the hero’s palms.

Mine.” Katsuki gasped as his body sparked at the growl. Slick leaked onto the sheets as Izuku tilted his head back and nuzzled his scent gland, drawing a whimper from the usually fiery omega. He felt drunk on the alpha’s presence, on Izuku and his endearing freckles and bright green eyes and stupidly soft curls.

“f*ck me, alpha,” He begged airily. “Knot me, ruin me, god, breed me, Izu.” He ground his wet hole against the sheet desperately, scent glands suffocating Izuku in the smell of cured meat and cinnamon, the softest undertone of caramel distinguishable this close up.

Izuku moaned, shoving his nose harder against it to soak in every drop of the addicting smell.

He had wanted this for so long. Katsuki, his Kacchan, all to himself.

And here he was, a feast for him to devour like a savage wolf.

Katsuki’s fingers threaded in his curls and held him against the swelling gland, ripe and offered to Izuku’s jaws when he’s already sunk his canine’s into the supple flesh, that mind blowing smell he can taste.

Alpha,” His omega moaned, curling his legs around his waist in an effort to rut up against his body. Pretty, pretty thing. So impatient.

He couldn’t even call himself any better, dragging his teeth along the faint scar as he rolled his heavy co*ck against the omega’s precious little thing. It was practically a toy compared to his own.

“Kacchan,” He groaned, moving from his throat to tackle his lips, kissing him hungrily as fangs clanked together and tongues messily slid against each other, wet and hot and perfect.

He wanted to devour Katsuki.

Katsuki gave as good as he got, fisting his curls and angling his head to kiss deeper, moaning into his mouth obscenely as he grinds his hips up into Izuku’s stomach. He bit and tugged the alphas lower lip, grinning at Izuku’s groan.

“Kacchan, god, you…” Izuku’s hands gripped his narrow waist, chest heaving as he tried to slow his roll. He wanted to draw this out, to make this last, but he also wanted nothing more that to flip the omega over and make him present his slick hole for his knot.

Dammit, he really was a knothead. Izuku shook the thought away, running his hands down the soft hoodie — his hoodie, his omega was wearing his things, so pretty — and let his fingers sink into the soft plush of Katsuki’s ass. So soft, his Kacchan, covered in smooth and bumpy scars all the same. So strong and beautiful.

He loved him so much. Had loved him for as long as he could remember. Their lives had been intertwined since the beginning, fated to be in hands reach, and now he had Katsuki in the centre of his palm.

He would treasure him until his dying breath.

“Quit spacing off, nerd.” Katsuki huffed. “Just touch me.”

Izuku’s chest thundered with a wave of desire, lifting the omega up the bed and burying his face between thick thighs. He dragged his tongue along his balls and the underside of his co*ck as Katsuki gasped, co*ck jumping against his tongue. He swirled it around the tip to clean the leaky head.

“Oh, f*ck, yesss,” He hissed, head falling back as the alpha lapped at his twitching little dick, cupping his thighs to squeeze them against his cheeks and nuzzle the sensitive inner flesh. If he could choose his poison, he wanted to die right here one day. Crack his skull with the delicious muscle of Katsuki’s thighs.

He dropped his mouth lower to devour the sticky wetness leaking from his omega, purring as Katsuki mewled against his tongue, locking his ankles behind Izuku’s head.

“f*ck, alpha, don’t stop,” Izuku muffled a moan against his ass as Katsuki tried to grind against his eager tongue. His slick tasted faintly of that sweet caramel smell and Izuku lapped every dribble of that honeyed treat offered to him.

He spread his cheeks with two calloused hands, uncaring of the mess staining his face as he speared his tongue into the omegas fluttering rosebud, slurping obscenely.

“f*ck, d-don’t do sh*t l-like that, jesus,” Katsuki cursed, blushing at the embarrassing sounds Izuku made against his ass.

“‘aste good,” Izuku nipped at the crease of his ass, looking up at the omega with flushed cheeks and wet red lips, chin and cheeks smeared with his slick.

He dragged his tongue along sharp fangs to taste the residue with a hum.

Katsuki swallowed audibly.

“f*ck, just f*ck me, sh*tty nerd,” Katsuki groaned, but Izuku ignored him, swallowing down his co*ck and suckling as Katsuki keened. “sh*t! Alpha…”

“Pretty Kacchan, so sweet,” Izuku grazed his teeth along his length and nuzzled. “Wanna make you cum.”

“f*ck me then!” Katsuki snapped, desperate.

“Not yet…” Izuku murmured, hot tongue laving at his co*ck as a thick finger sunk into Katsuki’s ass, silky and tight as he hummed around the crown.

Katsuki moaned loudly, bucking his hips into his mouth as he tried to roll down onto his finger, craving more while his gut twisted with pleasure.

“Izu, alpha, please, god,” He didn’t even know what he wanted anymore. He just didn’t want him to stop.

“I got you, Kacchan,” Izuku smiled softly. “My omega,” He praised with his tone alone and Katsuki whimpered, so close it hurt.

“Gonna cum, f*ck, Izuku,” He felt a second fingers join the first, sinking in deep with a delicious stretch and bumping that perfect spot that had Katsuki howling, toes curls and thighs flexing.

Cum filled Izuku’s mouth and he hummed around the tender little co*ck, pulling off with a near p*rnographic pop.

Katsuki fisted his shirt collar and dragged him up for a heady kiss, moaning at the taste of his cum falling over his own tongue, slipping out of the corners of his mouth with every filthy curl of Izuku’s tongue around his own.

“You’re gorgeous, Kacchan…” Izuku breathed, a near whine as he stared down at his lover with adoration.

He groan illegibly, feeling bare under that intense stare. His head felt fuzzy with the onslaught of feelings and smells, but Izuku’s gentle caress to his sides was grounding.

Izuku smiled at him, soft and sweet as he kissed his left and then right cheek, the tip of his nose and his forehead as Katsuki’s insides melted. The affection was too much.

Izuku kissed his lips gently, pulling back when Katsuki tried to urge it along into heated territory.

“I love you, Kacchan,” He exhaled, nuzzling his scent gland as Katsuki tensed.

“What?” Izuku pulled back with a frown.

“I…love you?”

“You…love me?” Katsuki almost choked on the words, mouth too dry.

“I always have, Kacchan.” Izuku chuckled. “I told you, you’re my world.”

“I thought you meant…” Katsuki looked away, suddenly hit with a chilling wave of regret. “Always?”

Always.” Izuku ran his hand through blond spikes, pushing hair out of his eyes with a fond smile. “I’ve never looked at anyone else the way I look at you, Katsuki Bakugou.”

Katsuki could feel his eyes burn as the crushing weight of unrequited affection eased off his chest.

“Kacchan? Please don’t cry,” Izuku wiped his leaking tears with a concerned lint to his voice and Katsuki broke.

Dammit,” He covered his face, rubbing his watery eyes raw. “I’m an idiot.”

“You’re not an idiot, Kacchan, you’re so smart—“

“No, you stupid Deku!” Katsuki snapped, snivelling. “I’m an idiot, I’m so— Ugh!”

“Kacchan, don’t cry, it’s okay…” Izuku projected his scent for the omega, nuzzling his temple to try to quell his distress.

“I could have had this, dammit.” Katsuki sulked venomously. “I was scared it was all fake, I—“ Katsuki buried his face in Izuku’s neck and squeezed the man on top of him, the heavy weight helping soften the urge to sob.

“I thought it wasn’t possible,” He whimpered. “We were finally friends and I thought— I thought that would be fine but then you went and marked me and I…” Katsuki clung to him, nose nuzzling the alpha’s scent gland to seek out more of that comforting scent.

“I wanted so much more and I couldn’t take it. Not when it was urging you to like me — my omega.” Katsuki pulled away with glossy red eyes, filled with tears and self loathing as he looked up at him.

“I couldn’t accept the bond when I already loved you so much without it.”

“Kacchan…” Izuku stared at him with wide eyes, lips parted in shock.

“I’m such a coward.” Katsuki laughed gruffly, throat tight. “I cost us all this time, again—“

Izuku cut him off with a hard kiss, cupping his face as the blond clung to his shirt tighter, fingers digging into his shoulder blade as he moaned.

“Kacchan…” Izuku awed, eyes moist. “I’m so happy.” He beamed despite his tears, laughing to himself. “I’m so happy that Kacchan cares for me so much.”

“I put you through all that and that’s all you can say? You’re happy?” Katsuki sniffed, brows pinched. Izuku was so confusing.

“Mm.” Izuku nodded with a wobbly grin. “I thought Kacchan hated me. I thought you were disgusted because you were marked by me against your will.” Izuku laughed wryly. “But Kacchan loves me. You love me, and you didn’t want to hurt anymore, Kacchan. I finally get it.”


“I never regretted saving you, even when it hurt so bad I thought I might die.” Guilt hit Katsuki like a boot to the gut. “It was all worth it. You were worth all of it, Kacchan.”

“I really wasn’t…” Katsuki murmured, cupping Izuku’s cheek and wiping his tear stains. “I was awful to you. I’m always so awful.”

“I love that part of Kacchan too.” Izuku pressed his forehead to Katsuki’s, eyes falling shut with a soft smile. “I love every part of you.”

“You’re an idiot.” Katsuki mumbled, Izuku’s warm breath tickling his face as he chuckled.

“I know. I’ve always been an idiot for Kacchan.”

“Stupid alpha…”

“Precious omega.” Katsuki blushed and turned his face away. Izuku seemed unfazed, nuzzling his jaw.

“I love you, Kacchan. I love you, I love you, I love you…” He chanted as he kissed the omegas face, covering every inch he could with his affection.

Katsuki whined low in his throat, tilting his head back for Izuku’s lips.

He couldn’t help the beating butterflies in his stomach at every little declaration. Izuku held no reservations about saying it, and it made Katsuki feel…feel worth all the trouble, even if he wasn’t.

Katsuki whimpered as hot lips sucked on the swollen gland of his neck, tonguing the faint white scar. He crooned with white hot pleasure, holding Izuku against the bite— his mark, his alpha’s teeth— as his omega howled with want, need.

“God, Kacchan, you make me go crazy…” The alpha striped his tongue along the gland, drunk on the heady scent of his omega, so full of lust and smelling hot and sweet all at once.

He tried to pull back, teeth aching despite having already latched into that supple throat once before.

Katsuki clutched him tighter.

“Please, please alpha…” He whimpered and Izuku groaned, loud and long as he gripped his waist in flexing hands.

“Kacchan, I haven’t even f*cked you yet.” Most omegas preferred to be bitten during the height of the act. It diminished the pain of breaking skin, the sting of spit.

“Then f*ck me.” Katsuki grumbled. “Make me yours,” He nails dug into the scent gland on the alpha’s neck and Izuku keened, dropping his face into Katsuki’s neck as heat burned through his body.

“That was foul play, Kacchan,” He whined as he rutted his co*ck into the sheets.

“Aw, poor baby,” Katsuki mocked. “Are you needy, alpha?”

Izuku flushed with a huff.

“Kacchan really is mean…”

“Mm, come teach me a lesson then, freckles.” He grinned, drawing circles into the alpha’s thigh with his socked feet.

Izuku’s alpha growled at the challenge.

His omega was being cheeky, the minx…

Izuku sat back on his heels and stripped his shirt off over his head, grateful to escape the layer with how feverish he felt.

Katsuki raked his eyes down his chest with obvious interest and Izuku smiled shyly as he took the hem of Katsuki’s hoodie to remove it, but the omega clamped down.


“I wanna keep it on. Smells like you.” He mumbled with a grumpy pout.

I smell like me, Kacchan.” Izuku laughed softly at Katsuki’s antics. “Come on, arms up.”

“No.” Katsuki wriggled with a huff to escape his intent. Izuku rolled his eyes, finding it endearing that the omega wanted to be wrapped up in his hoodie while Izuku f*cked him.

“You’re gonna stain it if you don’t take it off.” Izuku rationalised, wanting to see his lover’s body but Katsuki crossed his arms stubbornly.

“I…” Katsuki looked away shyly. “I didn’t get time to make a nest…so I wanna wear it. Please. I’ll wash it later.”

Izuku’s heart promptly combusted.

“Kacchan!” He wrapped the blond up in his arms and pulled him into his lap, nose buried in his blond spikes as he beamed.

“You’re gonna crush me, idiot.” Katsuki complained, squirming in his lap. He rubbed against the bulge in the hero’s jeans and paused at Izuku’s moan.

He blinked and rolled his hips just a little, gawking a little over Izuku’s shoulder where he couldn’t see.

His alpha was big.

Proportionate f*cker.

“I don’t wanna pop a knot before we start, Kacchan, so be delicate with me, okay?” Izuku laughed nervously.

“You be ‘delicate’ with me and I might just kill you.” Katsuki groaned.


“Get your fingers in me before I decided to split myself on your f*cking dick, Izuku.”

“I feel like this is what they mean by happy wife, happy life…” Izuku laughed weakly.

“You proposing right now, nerd?” Izuku’s face went red.

“N-no! I mean, not that I wouldn’t like— Kacchan would make an amazing wife, um, husband, I just think we should wait to go through with the legal side of things, I mean, weddings are very expensive and we have a lot of friends to invite and the people overseas would need a plane here which of course I’d pay for, I’m the one inviting them, and one of us would have to change our last name, and I really don’t want auntie mad at me if you choose mine—“

“Oh my god, I was f*cking with you, Izuku.” He cackled at his rambling. “Kiss me already, idiot.”

“I do.” Izuku nodded firmly and kissed him hard as Katsuki fought a grin, pressing forward until Izuku had to lay flat. The omega preened at the compliance, kissing his lover in a downright filthy manner as he arched his back.

Izuku groaned into his mouth as he got the hint, a large tanned hand cupping the omegas ass and spreading two fingers through the slick as he dug one in, and then another. Katsuki moaned.

“f*ck, just like that, alpha.” Katsuki breathed, rocking back into the thick digits as his eyes fell shut. He bit his lip and groaned while Izuku grazed his sweet spot.

“So pretty, Kacchan…” He praised, breathing hot and heavy against Katsuki’s face, the omega mewling for more.

Katsuki’s hole squelched as he fit in a third, the blonds cheeks darkening with a whimper. Izuku could feel the omega’s co*ck dribbling onto his stomach with every roll back into his hand and it was driving him wild with every passing second.

He needed him on his knot now or he’d pop a useless one. The idea of not stuffing his pretty little omega full made him want to cry.

He slipped his fingers out and pulled Katsuki closer with a slippery grip, panting against the blonds shoulder as he shucked his bottoms down and off. He rubbed his heavy co*ck against the omega, a dollop of cum smearing along the blonds ass. Izuku nuzzled his temple with a purr.

“God, I really don’t need to be having a size queen crisis right now.” Katsuki muttered, red eyes blown as he ground back against the alpha.

“I—It’s not that big…” Izuku blushed, whimpering as Katsuki rubbed slick along his co*ck, the tip catching the omegas rim with every little roll.

He grinned at him.

“It’s cute that you think it ain’t.” Katsuki reached behind himself and stroked the heavy length, biting his lip.

Crisis averted because he was definitely into this and he couldn’t be f*cked to feel any shame.

“K-Kacchan…” Izuku bucked into his hand and Katsuki laughed.

“Not much of an alpha, are you? Outside of being a knothead, you’re just a whiny thing.” Izuku growled lowly at the insult but Katsuki ignored him. “Let me take care of you, baby~”

He lifted his hips and nudged the blunt tip against his entrance, a hand onto the alphas stomach to keep himself steady. It slipped once before Katsuki got the tip to pop inside with a soft gasp.

“f*ck,” He clenched around the bulbous head, groaning as he sunk down the length. The stretch was glorious, not painful but there, full and heavy in his ass as he bottomed out with a whimper.

God, he was so close he could burst. It was unyielding against his tight walls, pressing the hair trigger pressure points that could make him crumble.

Izuku’s warm hands gripped his hips, calloused thumbs digging into the dip of his V as he moaned.

“f*ck, gimme a sec.” Katsuki needed to get a hold of himself before he made a mess and finished this before it even began.

“Sensitive, omega?” Katsuki shivered at the use of his designation. All those years of denial had been useless, he loved being an omega in moments like this.

Katsuki shouted as the alpha rutted up into him, the friction lighting up his insides like a spark.

“Izu, sh*t, s-stop for a sec—“ A palm pushed against his stomach, purposeful and cruel and Katsuki cried out with wide eyes.

“I can feel it though your tummy, Kacchan…” Izuku cooed, licking the spittle of cum off his forearm with a lazy grin.

“f*ck, f*ck, Izu…” Katsuki panted for air, the wind blown out of him at the sudden org*sm. He felt tingly all over, all too aware of the tiny bump in his stomach now.

God, was Katsuki really that small compared to the seven foot hero?

He’d be angry about it if it didn’t feel so goodbeing so easily manhandled.

“Pretty…” Izuku’s arms wrapped around the omega, curling him into his chest with a rumble. “So pretty, Kacchan, so tight.”

Izuku’s co*ck f*cked slowly into the omega, rolling his hips in circles as Katsuki whimpered.

“I need a sec, dammit, I just came,” Katsuki groaned, electric jolts of pleasure running through his veins as Izuku co*ck ground against his tender prostate.

Izuku growled, holding him tighter, the explosive hero trapped with his arms between their chest.


Mine.” It was the same low growl he had used back at the bar and it made the omega melt into a puddle of need.

Why was he complaining about a little tenderness? His alpha made him cum, is making him feel so good, keeping him full and grinding so deep inside.

His alpha was so good to him. Katsuki preened.

Alpha,” He purred back sweetly.

Katsuki gasped as Izuku snapped his hips hard enough to jolt him up if not for the tight grip around his waist keeping him in place.

Katsuki buried his face in Izuku’s neck, tears springing in his eyes as the alpha drilled into his ass, slick dripping and squelching down his thighs.

It was too much, too soon, but god the pain felt as good as the pleasure when it was Izuku.

“f*ck me, f*ck, alpha, so good,” He slurred, tongue lolling out as he panted for air. He could smell Izuku everywhere, feel him everywhere, his alpha, it was maddening.

“Mine, my omega,” Izuku groaned, feeling his knot swell as he smacked against Katsuki’s ass with every thrust. He was so tight, hot and wet around his co*ck, whining so pretty.

“Gonna fill you up with pups, baby,” He moaned, nails digging into the soft fabric of his hoodie. “My strong omega, so beautiful,” He nuzzled and nipped his red ear. “You’ll give me strong pups, won’t you, Kacchan?”

“f*ck, Izuku,” Katsuki sobbed, feverish and hard as a diamond. “F-f*ck me full, be so g-good, alpha, I’ll give you the best pups,” He whimpered. His whole world felt fuzzy and stuffy, panting into the collar of Izuku’s hoodie.

The omega yelped as his world spun, gasping as Izuku salivated at his scent gland, crushing him beneath his weight as he slammed into him.

“Gonna f*ck you so deep, knot you till it takes,” He promised brusquely, grip bruising on Katsuki’s hips as he rutted his knot against his sopping hole.

It was thick like the rest of the alpha and Katsuki feared he might really split in two as he clawed at Izuku’s back, drawing blood. His eyes rolled back and fluttered shut, sinking into the pleasure.

“Alpha, alpha, don’t stop, f*ckin’ knot me.” He begged, voice growing hoarse as his toes curled. “Make me yours, alpha.”

Izuku slammed his knot in half way with a sharp cry, whimpering as it sunk into his omega. His teeth dug into the gland just enough to pinch but not break, grinding his co*ck as he milked his cum into the trembling red faced omega.

“Alpha, alpha, alpha…” Katsuki mumbled like a mantra, clinging to the loose curls at his nape.

Izuku eased his jaws hold on his throat, licking the taste of sweat from his canines with a groan. He nuzzled at his damp temples, feeling…weirdly at ease for the first time in years.

His alpha finally felt satisfied.

He stroked the softly crooning omegas hair, dragging his tongue along salty cheeks and nuzzling his jaw, kissing the glowing blond.


“Mm?” He didn’t know how long until his knot would go down, but he estimated a good ten minutes.

“Do you…want kids?” Katsuki asked, sounding a little more like himself now.

“Huh?” Izuku huffed hot air against the swollen, bitten red gland. “What?”

“You were talking about…”

Izuku blinked a few times, trying to recall his words. He felt his cheeks pinken as they finally came to mind with a little more clarity.

Bad alpha! He really was a damn knothead, spouting sh*t like that. He’d blame it on the euphoria of his first time for now.

“Pups. Um.” He hung his head in embarrassment. “Right. Sorry. I was kinda…lost in the moment. I think my alpha instinct was a little more front and centre than usual…” He laughed apologetically.

“Oh no, me too.” Katsuki chuckled. “I totally fell into my instinct when you did that sexy little possessive growl, it was hot as f*ck.”

“It’s embarrassing.” Izuku groaned.

“Mm. I don’t think I’m ready for kids yet.” Katsuki ignored him. “But maybe later in our careers.”

“Really?” If Izuku had a tail, it would likely be wagging like crazy at the prospect of a future with Kacchan. “You want to make a family with me?”

“Well. I love you, and I want kids. Add two and two, nerd.”

“I-I know, it’s just…” Izuku grinned and snuggled Katsuki. “You want a future with me.”

“I want you to complete the damn bond, Izuku, of course you’re in my future.”

Izuku’s head perked up with wide eyes, staring at the omega.

“You do?” Izuku’s alpha rejoiced at the knowledge. He’d finally be bonded to his other half, his Kacchan, after so long spent waiting and hoping, praying.

Katsuki huffed with a small smile.

“You think I would let you f*ck me stupid after confessing my feelings, if I didn’t at least consider it? You really are an idiot, Izuku.”

“I love you.” Izuku lit up like a supernova. “I love you so much, Kacchan.”

“So I’ve been told.” He chuckled, twirling a curl around his finger and leading Izuku down for a soft kiss. “I know it hurt you. The bond being incomplete. I want to ease that burden for you, Izuku. Especially after I left you alone to suffer with it for almost three years.”

“Don’t feel guilty, Kacchan. I forgave you forever ago.”

“I’m still sorry.”

“I know.”Izuku rubbed the tip of his nose against Katsuki’s with a soothing purr. “Thank you, Kacchan.”

“Don’t.” Katsuki shook his head. “This is for me just as much as it’s for you. I’m selfish, you know?”

“I love that part of you as much as the rest.” Izuku grinned dopily.

“I guess I love that part of you too.” Katsuki mumbled, eyes fond. He caressed the alpha’s cheek gently, smoothing his knuckles along his jaw before he sighed softly.

“Come on,” Katsuki turned his head, exposing the side of his neck to the man. “Let’s do it properly this time.”

“Are you sure?” Izuku pursed his lips. “It’ll hurt more if we do it now—“

“I don’t care.” Katsuki cut him off. “I think this is long overdue, Izuku.”

“I don’t want to hurt you, Kacchan.”

“You’re worth a little nip.” Katsuki chuckled, closing his eyes. “Come on. Let’s complete this bond for real, nerd.”

“Kacchan…” Izuku felt his heart swell with adoration, leaning in to nuzzle his neck sweetly. “I’m so glad you’re mine.”

“You’re such a sa— Ngh!” Katsuki tensed and groaned as fangs sunk into tender skin, flesh tearing under the strength of Izuku’s jaw. It burned, throbbing with pain as blood trickled from the wound.

Izuku pulled away, blood tainting his lips as he dragged a tongue over crimson fangs. The alpha moaned, blinking rapidly at the rush of endorphins from the initial bite.

His mind was buzzing, overwhelmed by the potent scent of Katsuki and the thrum of yearning.

“Me next,” Izuku rasped, breathing slightly ragged. He felt like he was high. It was so much more intense than the first time, uninterrupted by grief and worry.

“Yeah, baby, come here,” Katsuki beckoned him close by the nape, burying his nose in Izuku’s own unmarred neck.

He hadn’t felt this urge before, drowning in pain and blood and barely lucid. This salivating urge to sink his teeth into the alpha and stake his claim—take the biggest, the strongest, for yourself— but it was a heavenly feeling to give in to. To feel flesh break under his canines, to taste blood on his tongue and drown in the scent of chilli and citrus.

Katsuki gasped, teeth yanking from the wound as an intense shudder ran through him.

It was intense, a coiling deep in his chest before it exploded in a rush of elation, hands trembling in the curls at Izuku’s nape.

“Holy…” Katsuki awed, staring up at the ceiling as his world seemed to shift.

There was no just him anymore. His skin tingled, breathing shakily as Izuku shivered. He had never felt so intertwined with someone before. Like his place in the world had suddenly been revealed to him, and it was right besides Izuku.

Was this what Izuku felt? The entire time? No wonder he spoke of Katsuki as his world. It really felt that way, like the world spun around Izuku, the shining bright sun above.

“Can you…can you feel it, Kacchan?” Izuku breathed, sounding winded. “I thought it was strong before, but god it’s — it’s euphoric. I can feel you, Kacchan.”

Katsuki furrowed his brows and tried to sort through the sensations. There was the smell, the warmth, the possessiveness…


He could…he could feel Izuku’s alpha. Deep in his chest besides his own omega, he could feel a familiar yet foreign presence. Could feel that inherent safety of one’s bonded alpha soothing his excited omega.

“Yeah.” He grinned. “I feel you too, Izuku.”

Izuku kissed him hard, deep and passionate as traces of blood mixed in their mouths. Katsuki made a noise of disgust when Izuku pulled away.

“Gross. Hygienic much?”

“I’ve had your cum in my mouth.”

“If I remember correctly, I swallowed it.” Izuku rolled his eyes and smiled down at Katsuki.

“I love you.” His bright eyes softened into something warm and honey sweet. “My omega. My mate.” He said with pride as he nosed his cheek.

“Izu…” Katsuki smiled softly, turning into a gentle kiss. He let the alpha languidly explore his mouth, slowly coming down from the high of the bite. He still felt drawn, closer than ever to Izuku, like he was finally home. But he wasn’t frantic. He was calm as an undisturbed stream in a quiet forest.


“Yeah?” He hummed. “What it is?”

“Um…” The alpha blushed a maple apple red. “M-my knot went down but I’m kinda…” The alpha shifted his hips and Katsuki flushed.

“Are you serious, Izuku?” He groaned exasperatedly.

“Just one more time! Please, Kacchan!” Izuku gave wide doe green eyes to his omega, a slight pout on his lips.

“…One. Or else I’ll blow your dick off.” Izuku grinned.

“I bet I could convince you of it’s worth, Kacchan.” He purred mischievously.

Katsuki’s snarky response was halted by a moan, finding it in himself to let it go.

He was much too focused on other things.

Chapter 4: Salt Oceans and Floral Meadows


Eijirou takes an ill Shouto home and has to deal with a beta with mood swings and no filter.


Tw for vomit and dubcon frottage.

Mainly Kiritodo from here with references to dkbk!

Chapter Text

“Hey, hey, it’s okay, we’re here, it’s alright…” Eijirou’s door clicked unlocked as he shouldered inside, hand on the ill hero’s back, Shouto leaning against him.

“Gonna puke,” Shouto moaned, brows screwed together and eyes shut, unable to handle any other feedback to his brain when he already felt so awful.

“I know, you were so good, Sho, you held on so well.” Eijirou praised, running a comforting hand through the man’s shaggy hair as he led him to the bathroom, helping him sit up so he didn’t just lay on the floor.

Like a trigger, the moment Shouto saw the toilet, he was leaning over and heaving into it.

“Oh Sho…” Eijirou rubbed his back as he gagged and coughed, spitting bile into the porcelain bowl.

He felt just awful. He should have been watching over Shouto. The guy wasn’t even legal drinking age yet, Eijirou shouldn’t have encouraged him to accept drinks from others at all.

Shouto sniffled as he rested his warm cheek against the cool seat, eyes moist from the strain of throwing up.

“Do you feel better now, man?” Eijirou whispered and Shouto’s lower lip jutted out in a pout as he shook his head.

“Still feel sick,” He mumbled, looking downright miserable.

“Sho…” Eijirou’s heart ached for his friend. “Do you want to go to bed now?”Shouto whimpered and turned his face to the bowl.

“D’n wanna puke on your bed.”

“I’ll grab a bucket, and there’s a laundry mat just across the street. It’s fine. I just want you to be comfortable.”

“Mm,” Shouto groaned and leant his forehead against his collarbone, nuzzling the plain black shirt. “Shower…?”

“Ah…” Eijirou frowned, watching his drowsy friend. “I don’t know if that’s the best idea, Sho. You’re pretty out of it. I think you should sleep.” Eijirou went to stand but Shouto’s fist stayed bunched in his shirt. “Come on,” He tried to lift him up too but he shook his head.

Shower.” He whined.

“Sho, you can’t even stand, let alone wash yourself.”

Eijirou tried to get the wet-noodle limbed man to stand again but he promptly gagged and spewed across half the toilet bowl, a small puddle on the floor by his feet and a soaking stain on the front his expensive-looking shirt.

And Eijirou’s forearm.

“Oh Sho, bro,” Eijirou held him to his chest as the hero let out a hiccuped sob.

“Burns,” He croaked and Eijirou shushed him quietly as he ran his nails along his scalp.

“I know, I know. God, you really got the sh*t end of the stick, huh, bro?” Eijirou sighed as he used his spare hand to rub his back.

“‘M sorry,” Shouto sniffled and gaging slightly as he turned to the toilet and spat out a chunk of somethingthat must have gotten stuck in his nose. “It’s everywhere.”

“Hey, it can all be cleaned later. You’re the one sick right now. Don’t apologise.” Eijirou looked down at their shirts and wrinkled his nose. “Okay, maybe a shower is needed. For both of us.”

“‘M sorry.” Shouto said for the umpteenth time. Eijirou sighed and rested Shouto against the bathroom as he unbuttoned his shirt, trying not to make a face at the cold vomit rubbing on his fingers as he did so. Shouto already felt gross, he didn’t need Eijirou’s judgement.

“Okay, lean forward, that’s it, good job,” Eijirou pulled his arms free as Shouto rested his face against his shoulder. “I gotta take off your pants, but you can keep your underwear on while we wash up, okay?”

“Mm.” Shouto tilted his head back against the edge of the bathtub and closed his eyes. Eijirou smiled sympathetically as he unbuckled the leather belt — jeez, the guy really was loaded, what was the purpose of owning genuine Austrian imported leather when a belt from the store in town worked just as well? — and tossed it towards the doorway to avoid getting vomit on anything else. He popped his button and unzipped his fly, feeling a little shy when he had to lift the beta’s hips up to get them down his thighs.

Shouto didn’t even look at him, raising his left hip up into his warm hand, sighing softly.

“‘S hot.” Shouto complained and Eijirou hummed, tugging the man’s shoes and socks off quickly so he could remove his slacks.

“Roofies tend to leave you pretty out of it. It’s a sedative, but we can’t be sure what dosage you got, or how your quirk effects it.” Eijirou caressed his ankle in thought. “You’ve got the dizziness, the lack of coordination, the puking, though that’s not as common, some people only get nausea…”

“D’n needa anymore…” Shouto reassured.

“I’m glad. This stuff will be in your system for a solid twelve hours usually, but if you puked most of it up already, you might feel better sooner.”

Eijirou stood and stripped off his shirt, making quick work of his jeans and shoes. Shouto couldn’t be trusted alone right now. He’d probably end up drowning in an inch of water.

He kept his underwear on, but opted to stepped into his bedroom and chuck his packer aside too with his jeans and shoes.

When he turned back to Shouto, the man was blinking at him lazily.

“You know a lot…” He mumbled.

“This isn’t my first rodeo with the side effects of Rohypnol,” Eijirou gave a dry chuckle, fiddling with the shower nozzles to get the water working.

He felt cold fingers on his ankle and yelped, turning to Shouto in time to catch the tipping hero.

“Jesus, your hand is freezing, Sho,” He grumbled, pushing Shouto’s bangs from his eyes. He looked pink with anger, brows pinched and pout full of irritation, mismatches eyes narrowed. “What’s that look for? I’m getting your shower ready, brat.” He grinned. Shouto looked as scary as a kitten.

“Somebody drugged you?” Eijirou’s eyes widened.

“Oh. No, no, not—“ Eijirou blushed at the misunderstanding. It was kind of nice that Shouto was getting angry on his behalf, even if it was pointless. “Not me. My Mama. She was fine, Mom really clocked the f*cker who spiked her drink. But it gave middle school me a real fright, Mama reacted pretty bad to it. Would have choked on her own tongue if Mom and I hadn’t been there to watch over her the whole night.”

“Oh.” Shouto frowned, taking a moment to process his story through his foggy head. “Sounds scary.”

“Yeah, it was.” Eijirou agreed, smiling sadly. “You really scared me tonight too. I should have been watching you.”

“‘S not your fault.” Shouto nuzzled his collarbone with a soft purr. “‘M fine.”

“You’re really not.” Eijirou chuckled. “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up and then you lay down and take a niiice, long nap.”

“Mm, on ‘onyo…”

“I’ll grab Ponyo out just for you, Sho.” Eijirou indulged with a fond smile, hooking his arm under the No.3’s knees and lifting him up bridal style. His temperature was fluxing rapidly and Eijirou pinned the blame on the drug making it harder to control his quirk. Loss of motor functions was common. He stepped into the shower, water warm and slowly placed him back onto the tiles.

“I got scented and unscented soaps. Do you have a preference?”

“No smell,” Shouto slurred, eyes falling shut as he groaned. “Sleepy.”

“I know, just stay awake a little longer for me, Sho.” Eijirou grabbed the bar of unscented soap and wet it under the warm spray until it was slick, bubbling under the friction of his thumb.

He took Shouto’s hand in his, gentle as he lathered the soap along his arm. The purr got louder and Eijirou smiled. He was glad Shouto felt safe enough around him to purr so freely, even if his inhibitions had been discarded.

Purring, while normal, tended to be saved between family, pack members, and partners since it was rooted so deeply in their second gender.

If you purred at your boss, he’d probably look at you weird the rest of the year because it was too animalistic in a professional environment. If your purred at a stranger, especially if they were an omega and you weren’t, they’d probably call harassment and dip.

It just wasn’t something you did to those you weren’t close to.

Eijirou only purred around his parents and his close friends, and that was still fairly rare for him. He usually felt too embarrassed to join in when he was cuddling with Denki and Hanta, or having his hair played with by Mina.

Purring around Katsuki felt much too close to a confession, so he only ever returned it if the omega was stressed or in heat and needed the closeness.

So yeah, it felt nice to have Shouto purr at him. It was an honour to know his friend thought he was worthy of his little rumbles.

He cleaned between the betas fingers and under his nails with a quiet purr of his own, not thinking much of it as he set about lathered Shouto up with suds, kneading his thumbs into the soft callouses of his palm and the pads of his pale feet.

It’s nice to take care of someone. It always gives him a weird sense of gender euphoria and makes him feel…well, kind of like he can provide.

He knows he can’t change his designation like his gender. And he’s fine being a beta most of the time. He’s goodat being a beta, not like when he was a girl. He was awfulat being a girl.

Yet sometimes he thinks about it. If he was born an alpha.

In moments like these, he finds a weird balance in that desire and the contentment he already had with his beta status.

He just…wants to make others feel safe. Like a good alpha. A good man.

He slowly withdrew from his swirling thoughts as he focused on washing Shouto’s hair, hands covered in soapy white suds as his fingers dug into the crooning betas scalp.

He looked half asleep under Eijirou’s touch and it made him grin a little.

“Feels good?” Shouto gave a gargled response and Eijirou huffed out a laugh, taking it as a yes. “Figured. You’re projecting.”

That fresh, woodsy scent was only amplified by the warm spray of the shower. Eijirou would complain if it wasn’t so nice. Like a warm, dewy hug.


“It’s okay, I like your scent.” Eijirou reassured, leaning the beta back against his chest to wash the shampoo from his hair. He’s so slim and slender compared his broad body, lithe muscle stacked against his own thick, barrel like torso.

Most people are smaller than Eijirou these days, the only one beating him being Izuku. Tetsutetsu challenges him, barely half an inch shorter.

But Shouto is tiny in his arms, even smaller than Katsuki even if he’s a few inches taller than the blond.

Eijirou blushed at his own thoughts, waving them away.

Shouto tilted his head and pressed his cheek against his collar with a hum.

“Smells like me.” He mumbled, wet red and white lashes fluttering against pink cheeks.

“Um, yeah.” Eijirou laughed softly. “Your scent doessmell like you, Sho. That’s the point.”

“Mm.” Shouto huffed. “You.” Eijirou furrowed his brows at the man before Shouto wriggled against his front and grumbled. “Cold.”

“Still can’t get a grip on your quirk, huh?” Eijirou frowned, wrapping his arms tighter around him. He was always told he was a bit of a furnace. Winter was no match against him.

Shouto shivered, a puff of cold air leaving his lips. Eijirou rubbed his legs to create some friction for the cold man, grabbing his own soap — an old spice scented one Hanta got him as joke on his birthday — and set about quickly washing himself up so he could get Shouto out of the shower and bundled up in something warm.

Shouto whined and Eijirou crooned, projecting his natural scent to help calm the distressed beta.

“It’s okay, let me just wash the grime off and we can get you into bed, okay?”

“Nn.” Shouto grumbled, raising his arm up above his head and promptly whacking Eijirou in the jaw.

“Hey, what was that for?” The beta huffed, eyes still closed as he rubbed his hand and wrist over Eijirou’s face.

“D’n smell,” He pouted and Eijirou snorted.

“Don’t like old spice?” He chuckled, letting Shouto grind his wrist into his cheek like he was trying to massage the grin from his face.

Eijirou went to finish his lather but the beta knocked it from his hand with a heavy limb.

“Shouto, we don’t hit.” He felt like he was scolding a toddler now, the way Shouto’s looked up at him with wet eyes and buried his face in his chest.

Eijirou gave in with a sigh, scratching behind his ear. The poor guy was at his lowest right now, he deserved to be a little spoilt, he guessed.

“Come on, let’s get you dressed and into bed.” Eijirou reached up behind him and twisted the nozzles tight until the water died.

Shouto felt hot now, almost burning, and Eijirou hardened his skin to avoid a bad burn as he carried the man out of the shower.

The water on his skin boiled and evaporated in a display that made Eijirou let out an awed little “wow”.

Eijirou quickly carried the man out of the bathroom and stood there a long moment, unsure if he could place Shouto down was he was a potential fire hazard.

“Any chance you can dial the heat down a bit, Sho?” He joked and Shouto blinked up at him lazily before closing them.

His brows pinched with concentration and Eijirou felt the waves of heat coming from his skin slowly diminish. His hardening rippled away, noticing Shouto was still pretty warm, but more like a bad fever than an oven.

“Thanks, Flame Princess.” He grinned and laid the flushed hero onto his back. Eijirou’s hair and legs were still dripping even if Shouto had dried his upper body just fine, so he quickly dipped into the bathroom to grab a toilet, rubbing it over his skin and ruffling his red mane until it was decently dry.

Shouto hadn’t moved from his spot on the bed, legs draped over the edge of the mattress and arms splayed out as he pressed his warm cheek against the cool spread.

Eijirou chuckled to himself and opened his wardrobe to pull out something to wear. He didn’t have any pants that would fit a waist as slim as Shouto’s but he had plenty of plain shirts that would drown him. He could send him home tomorrow with that and his pants and return his button down once he washed it.

Eijirou remembered he had promised to text Natsuo and grabbed his phone out of his discarded jeans, sending a quick text.

Once he got a quick response back, Natsuo expressing his relief and thanks, Eijirou placed his phone aside and tossed Shouto’s shirt on the bed before he went back to grab his own sweats.

He frowned as his water logged boxers and pulled them down his hips, grabbing a fresh pair to pull up his thighs, band snapping his hip.He usually wore cotton in public with his packer to help collect sweat, but he loved the silky feeling of nylon when he was home.

He pulled his sweats on with a small hop and turned to Shouto only to find him already looking at him.

“Oh. Um…” The man had rolled onto his side now, tucked into himself as he used the white shirt he threw over like a pillow. “You…good?”

“Mm.” He hummed. Was he watching him that entire time?

“Okay.” His cheeks grew ruddy, shifting awkwardly as his insides fluttered with heat. Right now wasn’t the time, Eijirou berated himself, approaching the beta to ease the shirt from under his head.

“Come on, let’s get you dressed,” He sat Shouto up against his chest, the collar of the shirt fluttering over the betas head as he helped him get his arms through the sleeves.

“There!” Eijirou beamed and clapped his hips gently in a job well done. The shirt practically swallowed up the smaller, the necklace sloping off one shoulder before Eijirou fixed it. It drooped down his chest, showing off pink nipples as Shouto tilted his head back to look up at Eijirou. He quickly put it back over the betas shoulder to save himself from his own heart attack.

It should be illegal to be that pretty! Not that he hadn’t noticed that Shouto was, well, pretty, before but…

It felt different this time. Maybe because he was finally seeing other options outside of Katsuki? He knows Mina used to have a mild crush on him, but they never went anywhere since he was head over heels for Katsuki since first year.

It felt a little terrifying to notice someone else after so long only seeing one person.

“L-let’s lay down, it’s way past your bedtime.” He laughed nervously, moving Shouto onto the right side of the bed.

“D’n have bedtime.” Shouto mumbled with a pout and Eijirou chuckled.

“Tonight you do.” He pulled the covered up and over the hero when he suddenly gave a pungent smell of distress, like hot mould. “Hey, hey, what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“‘onyo.” He whined and Eijirou immediately relaxed with a short chuckle.

“Right.” He patted his head and stood. “I’ll go get Ponyo, don’t worry, just wait here.” Eijirou couldn’t held his fond grin as he left the room and rummaged his linen closet for the Ponyo themed blanket.

It had become Shouto’s personal favourite after Eijirou had an outcry over him having not watched any Studio Ghibli films. They binged a few classics, the popular ones, and Shouto came away in love with a fish in a bucket of all things.

He insisted she was cute. Which, fair.

With the bundle tucked under his arm, Eijirou brought the blanket back to the beta and flicked it out on top of him. Shouto purred and nuzzled into his pillow, looking rather pleased with himself.


Eijirou tutted with a soft smile, walking around the bed to lay down on the left side. He picked up his phone and notified Natsuo they were going to sleep and that he’d call him if there was any issues. Natsuo gave a thumbs up and Eijirou placed his phone down, rolling back into his space to find Shouto.

“Woah! Cuddle bug, much?” He laughed, lifting his arm up as not to squash the younger’s head. Shouto snuggled into his side, plopping his cheek on his pec with a soft purr. He had dragged the Ponyo blanket with him, a corner curled loosely in his fist.

Eijirou let himself relax, sinking into the sheets as the beta rubbed his cheek against his chest in slow circles like an affectionate cat. His own fingers found his dry, fluffy hair and raked his fingers through it despite the awkward angle of his wrist.

“Feeling better, Sho?”

He gave a noncommittal hum and tilted his chin up to nose his collar. He huffed against the tanned skin and scars, making Eijirou’s chest shake with silent laughter.

“What’s upsetting you now, Princess?” He nosed the red and white split of the betas crown.

“Soap.” He grumbled.

“Huh? Are you still grumping about my soap? It’s a nice soap!” Eijirou lamented.

Nnmmmgh.” Eijirou fought back a snort at the petulant sound.

“You turn into the biggest baby when you’re sick,” He teased and yelped when the beta bit his collar, right on the jutted bone. “Hey!”

Shouto pried his tiny fangs from Eijirou’s collarbone and nuzzled the red mark. He had the nerve to give him puppy dog eyes like he was sorry.

Eijirou huffed.

“Don’t give me that face, you’re not sorry in the slightest.” He pinched his cheek and tugged. The beta whined lowly.

“Am,” He pouted. “Can’t help it…”

“Help what?” Eijirou prompted, letting his cheek go in favour of resuming his pets. Shouto didn’t bother responding, simply shifting up his side to nuzzle his neck.

“Sho…” He said apprehensively, cautious as a knee dug into his stomach with a grunt. An uncoordinated hand pushed his chin up with a low purr and Eijirou felt heat bloom in his gut as his heart raced.

“S-sho, thats enough now, it’s time to go to sleep—“ A frigid chill made his teeth ache and he winced. Shouto whimpered, shivering as he pressed his nose into Eijirou’s warm skin, nuzzling the scent gland usually hidden by his red mane.

“Sho, I-I’m serious—“ He wasn’t used to anyone sticking their nose there, the sensitive gland usually saved for lovers or mates, or on the rare occasion platonic life partners.

It was making him flushed all over, having the pretty beta all loose limbed and snuggly against his body, pressing his nose into the gland until it began to swell at the prospect of a bite.

Not that Eijirou would let him, Shouto was half out of his mind! He likely wouldn’t remember any of this with the drug in his system, gaps in ones memory was a known side effect. So was the responsible one in this situation, and it was up to him to make sure the beta didn’t make any stupid mistakes in this state.

Eijirou gasped as the beta rubbed his cheek against the tender gland, turning his mouth awayfrom it.

“Sho…?” Eijirou furrowed his brows as the hand on his chin moved up his jaw, the cold receding into a sweet warmth. With his cheek to the pillow, the redhead made a curious sound and immediately shuddered as Shouto pressed their scent glands together, his purr rumbling through Eijirou’s chests.

Eijirou would deny the whimper till the day he died if asked, fingers curling into shaggy red and white hair on instinct as the beta mingled their scents at the root.

Eijirou had heard of scenting, even participated a few times with his pack mates, rubbing the glands on his wrist over Denki’s face as he giggled, but this felt different.

It was so much more intense, forest and sea, sweet flora and salt permeating the room and his skin.

Shouto moaned in the quiet.

“Ei…” Eijirou’s groaned as Shouto’s knee slipped from under him, the beta stretching and curling his ankle around his hip to keep himself pressed against the redheads side. “Hot…” He slurred.

“S-sho…” Eijirou’s head felt fuzzy with feel good chemicals, burrowing his other hand in the white shirt as he purred back. He was drowning in Shouto’s scent, his own lingering in it as his eyes fell shut.

It couldn’t hurt to let Shouto do his thing…He was probably just seeking comfort after his sh*tty night, Eijirou would be a bad friend if he denied him…

Shouto gasped, nails digging into his jaw with a whimper. Eijirou felt his heart skip a beat as he felt it. Oh god, Shouto was hard.

His own arousal stirred, heavy and hot in his gut, and he stifled a groan. He shouldn’t enjoy this. He can’t.

“Sho, stop, you aren’t…” His throat feels tight as the beta whines, turning his lips to the gland to drag his tongue along it.

It’s electric the way it blows his fuse out, mind blanking with a shiver. It’s pure heat the way Shouto’s wet tongue laves at his neck, the space between his thighs throbbing as he fisted Shouto’s hair tighter.

“Sho, f*ck,” The beta moaned at the sound of his name, rutting his clothed co*ck against the hero’s hard stomach.

“So warm,” He slurred against his throat, sliding his tongue along the betas jawline until it met his fingertips, curving past them to his Adam’s apple. He nosed the lump with a purr. “So deep…”

Eijirou moaned, pulling the beta’s head back with a shaky exhale.

“Sho, you can’t…f*ck,” Eijirou got distracted from his words by the roll of Shouto’s hips, blown mismatched eyes looking down at him with flushed red cheeks and wet lips. The shirt had dropped down his front once more, a tantalising display of his pale chest showing off pert pink nipples. Eijirou’s mouth filled with saliva, wanting to sinking his teeth into the pretty beta, but he held himself back with a curse, throwing his head back to avoid staring at the temptation.

“You gotta stop, Sho.” He forced out, voice strained.

“Feels good,” Shouto mewled.

Sho,” It was a plea at this point, for himself or Shouto, he couldn’t tell.

The beta nuzzled the wrist of the hand bunched in his shirt, drawing in a deep breath of his scent with a moan.

“Smells like me,” He purred and Eijirou’s shuddered, body aching for more with every little grind of Shouto’s co*ck.

“Yeah?” He breathed, leaning forward to nose at his rosy cheek.


He was right.

He smelt divine.

Eijirou groaned, long and loud as his hands shook with the urge to crush the beta against him. He wanted nothing more than to roll him onto his back and rut their co*cks together until they made a mess.

Eijirou swallowed hard, throat constricting as he held his breath, laying back onto his pillow.

f*ck. What was he doing? He had barely jumped out of the hay regarding his feelings for Katsuki and he’s wagging his tail for another?

Shouto was drugged for Christ sake, he had no idea if this was a side effect from a co*cktail of things in his drink, or if Shouto was acting on his instinct, or — god or— if he was just trying to rebound after tonight.

Shouto loved Izuku, and Izuku had left with Katsuki, something Eijirou allowed to happen to keep an unfiltered Shouto off the alphas damn neck. He had to care, didn’t he?

He had been upset all evening ever since they left the bar.

Shouto whined, scraping his teeth against the betas neck. He nuzzled at the faint scent of distress, trying to remove it so he can wrap himself up in warm seaside sunshine.

Eijirou shivered and sighed, his grip loosening as he tilted his head back for the beta to nip and suck. His head hurt and his heart hurt, and he just…didn’t want to think about it right now.

As long as he didn’t get off on it, he could play the too understanding friend who “doesn’t care as long as you’re happy”, couldn’t he?

Eijirou closed his eyes and let himself burn in his own need as Shouto chased his own pleasure, trying so hard to scent him all over.

It was endearing.

It was maddening.

Eijirou gasped as tiny fangs dug into his neck, enough to make him tense in fear for a mere moment before the beta mewled and loosened his bite, leaving the swollen gland tender but unharmed as he came.

A muffled gasp left his lips as his hips jerked, cum staining his boxers with a whimper.


“Shh, it’s okay…” Eijirou whispered as Shouto continued to quietly whimper through the aftershocks.

The pitched, overwhelmed sounds slowly diminished as Eijirou soothed the beta. It turned to a quiet purr and Eijirou let out a soft sigh of relief.

When he turned to glance at Shouto’s face, he was met with a fast asleep hero. Eijirou smiled softly. Poor guy had finally tuckered himself out.

Against Eijirou’s stomach.

He flushed and slowly laid Shouto onto his back. He climbed out of bed to collect a rag and a new pair of underwear — like hell would Eijirou let Shouto wake up like that— and almost keened when his co*ck brushed against the front of his underwear.

God, he was soaked. He crouched and resisted the urge to shove him hands down his pants and pet his sex until it gushed and made a sticky mess. He was that horny he thought might just pop the moment he got the tips of his fingers inside himself, or against his swollen dick that jutted out from between his folds so wantonly.

He clenched his fists and stood, shaky with desire as he grabbed a warm rag and a pair of tight underwear that shouldn’t fall clean off Shouto.

He climbed back onto the bed as daintily as he possibly could at 6’5, pulling the sodden boxers down Shouto’s hips.He swallowed thickly at the sight of his sticky white co*ck, pink and cut with little red and white curls at the base.

He wanted to lick him clean. He didn’t. But he wanted to.

He cleaned away the cum from his limp co*ck and cute balls — the perfect size to sit in his palm as he tortured them.

Eijirou needed to get a hold of himself! He ditched the dirty boxers and rag into the pile with their vomit shirts and thought back to his bathroom. He could scrub it tomorrow.

He was exhausted.

He redressed Shouto in the clean boxers carefully, the waistband hanging precariously low on his hip, but it would have to do.

Eijirou stared at the sleeping man for a long while, unsure of his next step but not having the mentally energy to think on it either.

He couldthink about those teeth on his neck though. The possessive need to scent him Shouto displayed. It made it Eijirou all warm and gooey inside.He didn’t even realise he was grinding against the sheets like a rutting alpha until he felt his slick soak through the nylon.

He cursed quietly and stopped himself, wanting to cry. He wanted to cum so bad, but he couldn’t. Not when he was thinking about Shouto, pretty beta Shouto who had whined for him so softly like a sweet omega in heat.

He took a few deep breaths, suffocating in the thick scent of Shouto’s floral forest mixed with his heat and salt. He whined low in his throat and buried his face in his pillow as he squeezed his thighs together.

He just needed to go to sleep. If he went to sleep he could…he could just forget about it all. Hopefully Shouto would too.

He was restless and fitful for an hour more before he managed to doze off sometime around 2am, nose pressed against Shouto’s exposed shoulder and fist curled in the Ponyo blanket.


Shouto peeled his eyes open with the groggy groan. He felt sweaty and gross, head aching as he sat up. He held his heavy head in one hand as he squinted around the bedroom, warm sunlight peeking thorough the blinds to illuminate the dim room.

“Eijirou…?” He furrowed his brows at the sight of his friends room, looking down at the Ponyo blanket pooled in his lap. He was alone, but he saw a glass of water and a note on the bedside table.

He reached for the cup first, sipping the cool water into his sticky, dry mouth. It settled heavy in his stomach, almost nauseating but he kept it down. He took the pills besides it, guessing it was medicine for his awful headache.

Eijirou would be the kind of friend who thought of things like that. After he gulped down the pills, he finally picked up the note and skimmed over it.

Hey sleepy head!

I went out to the laundry mat, but I should be back soon. I cleaned up the bathroom too while you were out, so don’t worry about it. Go ahead and eat something if you’re hungry! If you still feel sick, call me and I’ll be right over.

— Eijirou! (•̀•́)و

Shouto smiled faintly at the doodle by Eijirou’s name and tried to remember what he meant by cleaning the bathroom.

It took a few moments before he vaguely recalled puking all over the floor and Eijirou. He grimaced. Gross. He felt bad for making him his babysitter because he didn’t watch his drink. Not that he had suspected to be drugged. That happened more often to omegas, female betas, or even female alphas, than it did male betas.

Still. He was famous. He should have put more consideration towards his safety. The aches in his body was his lesson.

He shudder at the thought of Natsuo’s (ex)friend getting his hands on him. He should really thank Eijirou for having his back.

Shouto slipped out of the bed and made his way to the bathroom to piss, cleaning his oily face with some hand soap, too lazy to do more. He swished some toothpaste and water around in his mouth for good measure, not wanting to touch Eijirou’s frankly disgusting mouthwash. It burned like a bitch and stung his nose.

(It didn’t occur to him that you’re supposed to dilute it with water like he had done with the toothpaste.)

Shouto made his way through the small apartment, his headache finally starting to weaken with the pain meds kicking it. Shouto hummed as he opened the fridge. Eijirou always kept his fridge well stocked.

Apparently he had the Bakusquad’s favourite snacks on hand all the time for when they came over.

Shouto liked that about Eijirou. He was always trying to provide for his friends when they came into his territory. It was sweet.

Shouto’s eyes sparkled as he saw some twiggy sticks tucked into the back, pulling the packet out — deli fresh, perfect — and nibbling on one as he padded around the kitchen.

He stalled for a moment, looking down at his frozen bare foot. He frowned.

“Pesky…” He mumbled and melted the ice, evaporating the water into a small cloud of steam. The tile was left eerily white compared to their cream counter parts and Shouto decided to even it out but coating the floor in a thin layer of ice and doing the same process.

Steam rose and made his face dewy as he munched on the stick of meat.

Seems his quirk was working again.

Again?’ He furrowed his brows. When had it not been working? He could vaguely recall a series of cold and hot flashes but outside of that, he couldn’t get a clear picture. He hoped he hadn’t caused Eijirou any trouble with his haywire quirk.

The smoke alarm blared and Shouto jumped, a blast of fire melting the screaming device.


“Shouto?! Are you alright?!” Eijirou barged through the front door with a basket of laundry in his hands, looking frazzled. “I heard the alarm, are you—?“

He blinked at the hero, eyes dragging up to the charred ceiling. He let out a small whine of dismay. “Shooo.”

“Sorry. It surprised me.” Shouto pinkened with guilt, looking away.

“It’s fine,” Eijirou sighed, placing the basket down on the floor and closing the door behind him. “I just gotta find someone to replace the damn thing.”

“I’ll pay for it.” Shouto insisted

“No, no, it’s fine.” Eijirou waved it off. “Are you alright? What triggered it?”

“…I steamed the floors.” He nodded to the shiny white floors and Eijirou blinked before he burst into laughter.

“You clean my floors but melt my alarm? You’re such a klutz, Sho!” He snorted, holding his stomach.

Shouto’s cheeks darkened in embarrassment.

“I wanted to help…You had to look after me, and I know I wasn’t the easiest to take care of.” He said shyly, looking down at his twiggy sticks.

“Ah…” Eijirou stood a little straighter, laughter falling away with a faint smile. “You remember much from last night?” He asked softly, rubbing his neck. His hair was loose from its usual around-the-house braid, spilling over his shoulders and chest.

“Not really. I know I puked on you. That my quirk may have acted up.” Shouto sighed. “I’m sorry. I should have been paying more attention to my surroundings. This never would have happened if I hadn’t been more careful.”

“Sho, what happened wasn’t your fault.” Eijirou assured, stepping closer to rest a hand on his head. “That guy was a dick. If it wasn’t you, it would have been someone else. It’s just how those kinds of guys are. It was your first time drinking, and you were surrounding by others who were doing it too. We were the ones who should have been checking in on you and making sure you were being responsible in that kind of environment.”

“I’m not a child. I’m a hero. I should have known better, Eijirou.”

“Well, now you do.” Eijirou compromised. “In the end, he took the initiative to drug you. That’s a crime. He’s the perpetrator and you’re the victim. A victim can’t hold the blame. But now you know what to look for so you don’t get trapped by someone like that again.”

“Yeah…” Shouto huffed softly. “I still feel bad. I made you a babysitter.”

“You’re my friend. Of course I was going to take care of you regardless.” Eijirou chuckled and ruffled his hair. “Have you eaten?”

“Mm.” He showed off the food in hand and Eijirou rolled his eyes.

“I mean something proper, like breakfast. Or…” Eijirou looked at his watch. “I guess lunch. You really slept through it.”

“Thanks for the medicine.”

“Figured you might have a headache afterwards. Drinking and puking can leave you pretty dehydrated.”

“You always know what to do to make someone feel at home.” Shouto hummed with a small smile. “You’re always thinking ahead.”

“Well, someones gotta make sure you guys survive.” Eijirou joked, clapping him on the back with a faint blush.

“How about we go out? Grab something a little heavier to get the day going. How’s your stomach feeling?”

“It’s…okay.” Shouto shrugged. “Food might help.”

“Great! I washed up your stuff, so…”

“Thank you.” He passed the sticks to Eijirou who made an enticed noise before he stuck one between his teeth.

Shouto bent over the laundry basket and rummaged through the clean clothes to pull out his shirt and pants when he noticed his underwear there too. He held it with a small frown, looking down at his crotch. He rose the white shirt drowning his frame and realised they weren’t his.

The boxers were black and made of smooth, glossy material, the waistband practically being held up by the base of his co*ck with how loose it was. He blushed, dropping the shirt back down his thighs as he turned to look at Eijirou over his shoulder.

“Um…my underwear…” Eijirou’s cheeks went pink as he laughed sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

“Y-yeah, sorry about that…” He cleared his throat, looking off to the side. “When you puked it kinda got everywhere and you demanded a shower, so…I had to give you a pair of my own or else you’d freeze his ass off with your quirk.”

“Oh.” Shouto turned back to the basket to hide the burn of his cheeks. So Eijirou had likely seen it all. God, that’s so humiliating. He was a grower, okay? Not a shower!

“Sorry, I really didn’t mean to… if it helps, I didn’t look, I just gave you a hand into them since you were pretty uncoordinated.”

“Oh. That’s…good.” Shouto did feel a little relieved, even if Eijirou might be telling a bold faced lie in consideration of his feelings. “I’m going to go get dressed.”

“Of course! Go ahead.” Shouto smiled and felt how tacky he felt.

“Do you mind if I use your shower?”

“What?” Eijirou blinked in surprise. “You…want to use my shower?”

“Um…if that’s okay. You said I used it last night, so I thought…” Shouto furrowed his brows and Eijirou laughed, sounding a little off.

“No! No, it’s fine, I just— it’s nothing. I have unscented soap in there for you, so go ahead.”

“Unscented soap? I usually use scented.” Shouto mused. “Helps hide my moodiness.” He chuckled softly at his attempt at humour but Eijirou looked weirdly fidgety.

“Um…okay. I have— scented stuff too.”He cleared his throat. “So, yeah. You can…use that too.”

“Are you okay?” Shouto wasn’t the best at picking up others shifts in mood, but he knew Eijirou well enough now that he could at least guess. “You seem…upset?”

“Upset? No! No, I’m not upset, I’m just…” He opened his mouth again and seemed to fumble before he laughed and shook his head. “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it, man. Go take a shower, I’m just gonna fold this stuff up and put it away.”

He stepped around Shouto to pick up the laundry basket, walking away to the bedroom to sort through it.

Shouto followed with a frown before giving up, passing Eijirou into the bathroom with his clothes.

He looked at himself in the mirror, fingering the neckline that fell over his shoulder and tugging it off. He turned the shower on with a bit of fiddling and went to drop his boxers, when he paused and sniffled the air.

The hot steam collected in the bathroom, amplifying the smells around him, including the sweat on his skin.

He kind of smelt…

Like Eijirou.

His dick stirred and he flushed, pressing a cold hand to his cheek. It only made sense, they had slept in the same bed after all, but it smelt so much more potent than usual.

He wouldn’t deny that he occasionally scented the beta, whether it was rubbing his cheek against his chest during a hug or kneading the scent glands in his wrist against his back while rubbing it. It was an instinct he couldn’t really fight. His beta liked the redhead and wanted other people to know they were close.

They were basically pack.

But this scent was heavy, almost stifling as he picked up the white shirt to sniff it, testing.

It wasn’t coming from there so much as it was coming from /him/. He nuzzled his wrist glands and his shoulder with his nose and felt his co*ck fill with blood at every deep inhale of seaside salt amongst the faintly floral brand of his own scent, every breath humid with heat.

Shouto swallowed a whimper as he looked at himself in the fogging mirror, Eijirou’s underwear tenting around his throbbing co*ck. He quickly pulled the underwear down to avoid staining it with pre-cum, drooling onto his hand as it bopped lazily. Shouto wasn’t gigantic like some alphas he’d seen in p*rn, but he was fairly large for a beta, eight inches of length tipped off with a pretty pink crown that leaked like a horny omegas c*nt.

He purred low in his chest as he squeezed his co*ck. He couldn’t be loud, he knew Eijirou was just outside, but he had to touched himself now or he might just die (yes he was being dramatic, but he was wrapped up in Eijirou’s scent and he couldn’t think of anything else).

Shouto kicked off Eijirou’s boxers and moaned silently as he stripped his co*ck, leaning against the cool sink as his skin burned with need. Pebbled pink nipples brushed the damp basin and he gasped. The steam of the hot shower was making the room sweat with condensation but he couldn’t bring himself to care, lost in the sauna of smells.

“Ei…” He breathed, drowned out by the sound of water hitting the tiles as he fisted his co*ck. Shouto wanted to drown in Eijirou’s scent, sink his aching teeth into it until the beta screamed.

He could imagine it so vividly, f*cking into the redhead’s tight ass as he moaned, teeth on the betas swollen mating gland— rubbing his own against it to make sure everyone could smell him on the hero.

Shouto dug his nails into his thigh as he bit his fangs into his lower lip hard enough to split, cum filling his cupped hand with a broken whimper. He panted hard, pressing his forehead to the slimy edge of the sink as he came down from his high. His legs felt shaky, a glob of cum escaping his knuckles and splatting onto the floor.

Shouto quickly washed the evidence down the drain of the sink and wiped the floor, tired.

He stepped into the shower and sat there for a few minutes, staring into space as he soaked in Eijirou’s smell.

He wanted to keep it on him, to be enveloped in it, but he couldn’t. He wouldn’t be able to control himself if he didn’t wash it off him soon.

It wouldn’t be an issue if Shouto was dating the beta, but he wasn’t. He couldn’t stake a claim like that.

He wondered if Eijirou smelt like him too.

A purr rumbled through his chest at the thought and he quickly grabbed the old spice soap and lathered it on himself to wash away the overwhelming smell.

He got the urge to cry as it diminished, washing down the drain. He missed it already…

Stupid instincts.

He shouldn’t be so upset about losing Eijirou’s scent. He could always ask him to scent him again. If he smelt so strongly after last night, then Eijirou must be okay with that kind of thing.

Except Shouto knew he’s get too excited. He’d probably rut against him like a mindless animal.

Eijirou deserved better than that.

Shouto turned the shower off and dried himself, pulling on his clothes—they smelt of the same detergent Eijirou used and it made him smile—before he stepped into the bedroom.

He sniffed for Eijirou’s scent.

His mouth watered.

“Woah! Y-you okay?” The beta looked over his shoulder at Shouto who had buried his face between his shoulder blades, arms around his waist.

Eijirou smelt like him too. His stomach fluttered as he purred. Eijirou slowly relaxed his shoulders and tilted his head at the beta.

It didn’t take long for him to notice his scent was pretty much gone from Shouto’s skin. He wanted to whine about it but refrained. He was a grown man, he shouldn’t be whining about pup-like problems.

“You okay, Sho?” He twisted to place a hand on his head and played with the damp strands.

“Mm.” Shouto hummed happily, rubbing his face into the red mane. It was much softer these days without all the product. Eijirou chuckled fondly.


“Mm.” Hungry for Eijirou.

…He shouldn’t say that out loud.

“Any suggestions, Princess?”

Shouto can’t remember when the character based nickname had formed into something shorter and sweeter, but he doesn’t draw attention to it. He doesn’t want Eijirou to stop.

“Hm…something salty.” He decided, wanting to lick the salt and sweat off the betas skin. He was lucky all that voluminous hair kept him at bay or else he’d make a field day out of nibbling the other man.

“Salty? We can see what’s around…” Eijirou mused before he seemed to remember something. “I should probably text Kats and see if he’s okay.”

Shouto’s mood soured.

“Why wouldn’t he be?” Shouto furrowed his brows and squeezed his ribs.

“Ah, I left him with Mido, and you know how they are…” Eijirou laughed nervously and Shouto felt his delirious high drop into a cold pit of realisation.

Izuku and Katsuki had been left alone, because of him.

He could recall Eijirou making the choice back at the bar, holding him close as he told Izuku to take Katsuki instead of Shouto.

Eijirou had allowed Izuku to take the man he loved all because Shouto had gotten himself drugged.

He knew that was the end goal, but even his heart stung at the knowledge that Izuku had chosen to take Katsuki instead of him, the one who had been caring for him for years. He had been Izuku’s best friend for so long, offered up his body, heart and soul to the man, and he had been the second choice again.

It hurt.

He was sure Eijirou felt that same pain tenfold. He had always been the kind to feel so strongly but keep it wrapped so tightly when it mattered.

“I’m sorry.”

“What? Why would you be sorry, Sho?”

“It hurts, doesn’t it? Knowing they left together…” Shouto lowered his gaze, full red and white lashes a stark contrast to his vivid blue and dark grey eyes.

“I…” Eijirou began but little came out. He pursed his lips. “I don’t know, actually.”

“You…don’t know?” Shouto blinked up at the hero in confusion but Eijirou just smiled.

“I think I’ve let myself be held back by my love for too long. Kats helped me grow by being in my life, but in the end, I think our friendship was never supposedto be more.” He shrugged. “It sucks. And I’m not entirely sure I’ve really processed it, honestly, it’s a big change to go from loving someone to…” He gestured vaguely. “Notloving them.”

“You don’t love Katsuki anymore?” Shouto blinked at him in surprise.

“Ah, I don’t think that’s the right way to put it…” Eijirou huffed a laugh, cheeks pink as he scratched at the back of his neck. “More like I’m coming to terms with the fact that loving Kats isn’t…the only option for me?”

Shouto’s eyes widened.

“Are you…going to pursue another hobby in place of loving him?” Shouto asked slowly, looking confused.

Eijirou roared with laughter at the question, ruffling his hair.

“You know what? Sure. Let’s call it pursing a new hobby.” Eijirou chuckled to himself.

“I feel like I’ve missed something…” Shouto mumbled with a frown.

“Don’t worry your pretty head about it, Princess.” Eijirou grinned.

“Now I feel mocked.” He grumbled while Eijirou hummed.

“I’m craving unagi…thoughts?”

“Has to be salty.”

“I’m sure we can get you some salted eel. I want it sweet though!”

“On rice?”

“No other way to have it! The rice soaks up the soy!” Eijirou insisted like Shouto was crazy.

“Unagi is the main course…”

“And rice is a staple!”

“I want soba.”

“Make up your mind, Sho!” Eijirou whined and Shouto smiled.

“Eel and soba.”

“But it’ll get soggy…?”

“Give it back to the waters.” Shouto deadpanned.

“That’s not how that works, Sho…”

The two continued to go back and forth aimlessly as Eijirou collected his wallet and jacket, walking with Shouto down the street. They spend a solid thirty minutes picking a place to eat, but in the end, Eijirou coughed up an extra few hundred yen to get the man his soba and eel combo.

He ends up eating half of it when Shouto complains about the salted unagi making his soba salty.

It balanced out pretty nicely with his grilled soy sauce soaked eel and rice anyway.

Like salt oceans and sweet meadows.

Chapter 5: Heartbreak, Make My Heart Race


Eijirou and Shouto hear the good news, Eijirou gets his best friend back and finds black dye will stain anything and everything.

Chapter Text

“Welp, this is your stop. Make sure to rest up well, you got a gruelling nightshift tomorrow.” Eijirou laughed before he paused comically. “Unless you still feel sick, then call off! That’s completely fair too. Better to be on the field at your best than chance it.” He fretted.

Shouto smiled faintly.

“I feel fine now. A little drowsy, but I’ll be sure to get lots of sleep if it eases your worries.” Shouto stood at the door for a moment before he opened his arms slightly. Just enough for Eijirou to understand without him saying it. Eijirou grinned.

Two burly arms wrapped around the petite hero and he squeezed with a satisfied hum.

“You’re like the perfect size for hugs, man.” Eijirou nuzzled his split and went to let go but Shouto clung to him. “Oh, long hug? Okay, I got you, bro.” He patted his back and waited patiently.


“Hm?” He looked down at Shouto who looked back up at him, looking shy.

“Could you…scent me?” His pink cheeks grew red and Eijirou felt his own face burn.

He can’t help but think of before, the way Shouto had smothered himself into Eijirou’s skin, moaning sweetly.

He could still smell the man on him, unable to bring himself to wash it off that morning when he tried to refresh himself.It had taken everything in him not to touch himself when the shower tried suffocated him with the mingled scents.

Sometimes not having a cis man’s junk came in handy for discrepancy because he’s been low-key horny the entire day out with Shouto and he feels pretty awful about it.

“S-scent you?” Eijirou swallowed.

“Mm. You did it last night, so I thought I’d ask…”

Eijirou’s brain stalled. Did Shouto remember last night?

Or did he just assume because of the smell coming off Eijirou? Had he noticed his own earlier?

Eijirou really hoped he didn’t remember. Just thinking about it made him want to crawl into a hole and die with humiliation.

“Uh, o-okay. We can…do that. Where do you want…?”

Eijirou couldn’t say no. Shouto had asked him to, and he was a weak, weak man. He wanted nothing more than to lather the beta in his scent.

“Just here,” Shouto took his wrist and pressed it against his neck, rubbing the glands together as Eijirou gargled in shock at the sudden sensation. It wasn’t as intense as when Shouto had pressed their mating glands together, but it still made him tingle. Shouto purred as Eijirou projected his scent, shaking his hand off his forearm to massage his wrist into the betas scent gland.

Shouto practically melted, throat rumbling against his wrist as he cupped Shouto’s jaw to keep him from slinking away. Shouto snuggled his cheek into his palm, eyes closed as he left the scenting to Eijirou.

Eijirou took the chance to stare now that Shouto wasn’t looking at him, enamoured by the complete relaxation on his feature as he dragged his wrist along his jaw and shoulder, getting his warm scent into every pore of his iced side before switching his hands to get the other scent gland on his neck. He hadn’t noticed it before, but the right gland most betas had was damaged.

Omega and alphas only typically had one scent gland on their neck, used for mating mostly. There were some with a genetic mutations who had two, but it was rare.

Betas were the ones with two glands. Some theorise it’s because betas were often taken as mates for already mated Alpha and Omega couples to help raise children when Alpha’s went off to hunt, or to war.

Others said it was because betas were natural mediator to a pack and having more scent glands genetically meant they could soothe alphas from territorial fights or distressed omegas easier, including children who hadn’t come into their designation yet.

So seeing the faint scarring on Shouto’s right gland maybe him pause. If he looked closely he could see where the burn around his eye had crossed over his ear and around it, down onto the side of his neck.

He stuck his nose against it and nuzzled it, curious and concerned. It still gave off the same scent, but it was weaker than his left side, and the texture similar to the scar on his face.

Shouto let out a little sigh at the contact and Eijirou tensed, cursing himself internally at — literally — sticking his nose in his business.

“Sorry,” Eijirou pulled back with a flush. He sniffed the beta subtly and purred quietly at the scent of himself mixed in with it. It’s not as overpowering as last night, but it’s enough.

“It’s fine…” Shouto mumbled, looking a little dazed as he blinked up at Eijirou. “Do you…” He began but it tethered off like he forgot what he was going to ask.

“Get some rest, okay?” Eijirou chuckled and ruffled his hair. “I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah, later…” Shouto looked up at Eijirou, like he was waiting for something and Eijirou’s stomach fluttered with butterflies. Why was he just standing there? Was he…

Was this the moment he was supposed to…? Like in the movies…?

Eijirou swallowed hard and let his hand dip to Shouto’s shoulder, heart hammering in his chest. Shouto blinked up at him.

Eijirou’s stomach swooped and flipped with nerves as he bent his head slowly, watching Shouto with curious eyes. Shouto tilted his head, eyes half mast as if waitingand Eijirou took in a deep breath before he leant in closer, eyes fluttering shut and—

Shouto’s phone rung. They jumped and Eijirou almost bit his tongue as he took a few steps back, face red.

Oh god. Oh god. He had almost kissed Shouto. What was he thinking?! Even the universe decided a big fat no! He had been so close, and he was sure Shouto was invitinghim to do it with that expression, but he couldn’t be sure with the impassive man!

Shouto answered his phone, putting it on speaker — he found it hard to understand anything through the tiny mic against his ear — with pink cheeks.

“Izuku?” Eijirou’s heart dropped.

Right. Izuku.

“Shouto!” Izuku’s voice is — it’s so light and full of life that it actually catches Eijirou off guard. Shouto’s eyes widen and soften with a small smile.

“Hey, Izuku.” Shouto replies in a soft tone, looking so damn happy just to hear his voice and it kind of breaks Eijirou’s heart a little.

Shouto had said from the start. He may plan on getting Izuku and Katsuki together, but he wouldn’t be able to move on until it was done. Until he was no longer an option.

He was still an option. Izuku’s bright voice and Shouto’s small smile seemed to scream it at Eijirou.

Shouto is still Izuku’s.

“Shouto, you won’t believe it, I — Kacchan — we,” Izuku broke off into laughter and Shouto seemed to fight a chuckle of his own.


“We did it! We bonded, Sho!”

Shouto’s smile falls. Somehow that breaks Eijirou’s heart even more.

“I took him back to his place because he wasn’t feeling well but it turned out he was fine and we kinda— well, we fell into bed with each other and we talked about it— Sho it was all a misunderstanding. He loves me, Sho. He lovesme.” He seems at awe at the fact and Shouto’s heart aches something fierce as tears well up in his eyes.

“Ah…Who couldn’t fall in love with you, Izuku?” He smiles tightly and Izuku laughs.

“Well I thought Kacchan, but I was wrong! Sho, I’m so happy. He’s my mate. He says he’s not ready for kids, but I’m already picking out baby names like a lovesick high schooler.” He giggled.

“Name one after me, hm?” Shouto joked weakly and Izuku snorted.

“Shouto Midoriya? That sounds so weird. Maybe Shouto Bakugou? No…” Izuku hummed. “Maybe if we have a girl we can name her Shouko!”

“Mm.” Shouto hummed. “Have you…told anyone else yet?”

“Ah, no, we haven’t told anyone yet! I made Katsuki promise to tell you first!”

“Wh— why?” Shouto blinked rapidly in bewilderment.

“Because you’re my best friend, Sho! You’ve been there for me so much, I just— I knew you’d be happy to hear.”

Shouto’s swallowed hard, tears blurring his vision.

“Oh. I am. Happy for you.” Shouto forced a smile onto his lips as he closed his eyes. “I’m so happy for you, Izuku.”

“It was all worth it, huh?” Izuku laughed. “All that waiting and moping—“

“Are you still talking to Icyhot?”

“Kacchan! Come say hi!”

“Tch, no way, I’m taking a deserved nap, knothead.”


“It’s okay.” Shouto said curtly. “I have to go. I’ll call you later.”

“Oh okay, bye Sho—“Shouto hung up and dropped his phone to his side.

“Sho…?” Eijirou stepped closer, voice gentle.

The hero lifted his head with wet eyes, opening his arms. Eijirou didn’t waste a second in wrapping his arms around him, crushing him to his chest as Shouto’s face screwed up in an ugly sob, burying his face in his shoulder.

“Shh, it’s okay, oh Sho…” Eijirou’s heart ached. “You can cry, it’s just me…” Shouto sniffled and hiccuped, fisting the back of Eijirou’s shirt as the larger hero ran a comforting hand through his shaggy hair.

“‘M sorry,” He wiped snot on his shoulder with a coughed sob and Eijirou chuckled.

“It’s okay. I understand.” He thought he would cry too, knowing Katsuki and Izuku were together. Bonded. The full nine yards.

Yet not a single tear falls for them. It falls for Shouto who’s shaking in his arms, so fragile despite his strengths. So utterly heartbroken, and Eijirou wishes he felt anything except begrudged acceptance.

He always knew it would end this way. With him on the outside and his best friend with someone else. Whether it was Izuku or another alpha he eventually fell for. He was never on Katsuki’s radar, even if he had wished he was.

Shouto helped him come to terms with that. Had held him when he cried over Katsuki, soothing his breaking heart.

Now it was his turn.

“I wanted this.” Shouto whispered. “I wanted this, yet…”

“I know. God, Sho, I know.” He slipped his hand into the man’s front pocket and took out his key. “Come on.”

He didn’t let go of the man, cheek against his hair as he unlocked the front door and hefted the hero into his arms to carry him inside.

Shouto made a sound of protest at the princess hold, but he closed his red rimmed eyes when Eijirou let his scent fill the room, a tranquillising ocean wave to rock him into a blissful state of absentmindedness.

Eijirou rarely used his scent to the point of near sedation, it was a feat that took a lot of effort on his part and the other had to be used to the scent for it to even work without struggle.

But Shouto had dealt with enough the past 24 hours. He needed rest.

Eijirou purred, watching Shouto’s drowsy blinks turn to drooping lids as the man’s knocked his head against his shoulder, a few tears escaping down his wet cheeks as Eijirou walked to his bedroom.

He only knew where it was because Shouto had had a few gatherings at his place since it was one of the bigger houses amongst their friends. Momo’s was even bigger, but it was filled with expensive antics that made everyone nervous, so they usually went to minimalist Shouto’s place or tidy Tenya’s house that he shared with Tensei. The man didn’t particularly need a carer like most assumed, but Tenya enjoyed living with his cheeky brother who often had a skinny plain-looking man with him.

They had a betting pool going on whether or not they were dating, but neither were slipping up. Plus, there was that Pop girl who came around sometimes too who seemed close to Koichi…

Izuku and Koichi got along like cats and dogs despite them both being All Might fanatics with limited edition collections, much to everyone’s chagrin.

Super fans could be scary, man.

Eijirou laid Shouto out on his comforter, removing his shoes and belt gently. He tossed them aside, pulling the blanket up Shouto’s chest.

“Don’t go…” Shouto whimpered, holding the sleeve of his jacket loosely.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Eijirou promised, pushing the hair from his face as he slowly retracted his pheromones. Shouto looked sleepy enough that he might just doze off without them.

“I just didn’t want to see you so upset. You should rest.” Eijirou insisted, voice a quiet murmur. Shouto’s eyes filled with tears again like an endless well.

“‘M sorry.” He made a drowsy grabbing motion. “You’re sad too…”

Eijirou shouldn’t take advantage of his heartbreak, but he can’t help himself from burrowing himself in the smaller man’s arms, pressing his ear to his chest with a soft purr.

He knew he should be sad about losing Katsuki. That he probably would have been only yesterday, but now…

Shouto needs him. It’s that simple. Shouto needs him right now and he wantsto be there. Wants to be needed by him.

All he’s ever wanted was to be needed instead of needy.

Shouto’s fingers tangle in his hair and his purrs grow louder as he snuggles up to him.

Shouto’s slim, elegant fingers are perfect. Clipped nails against his scalp and skin cool against his warmth.He shivers when those fingers brush his hair behind his ear, over his shoulder.

Shouto made a soft, curious noise as he hovered a featherlight touch over the slope of his neck.

“What’s that?”

“Hm…?” Eijirou hummed, feeling languid with Shouto’s steady heartbeat against his ear.

“Your neck.” He pressed his fingers against two small bruises on the gland. Eijirou gasped and clapped his hand over it. His face felt hot as he stared at the wall, not wanting to get up and meet Shouto’s eyes.

f*ck. He had completely forgotten why he left his hair down all day. He had noticed them in the mirror, but he’s never had to worry about hickeys before so…

He forgot they were there.

“Um…it’s…” What could he say? It’s a bug bite? That’s so cliche it hurt. Shouto would definitely know.

“Did I…hurt you last night?” Shouto asked softly, fingers back in his hair.

“N-no. Just…I don’t wanna talk about it?”

“Okay.” Eijirou breathed out a silent sigh of relief. “I didn’t do anything strange while drugged though, right?”

“…No. You slept like a baby after I got you into bed.” Eijirou lied through his teeth.

“Ah.” Shouto hummed. “I must have strange dreams then…”

Eijirou’s heart rammed into his throat as the room went silent, listening to Shouto’s fast but steady heartbeat.

It slowed with his breathing and the fingers in his hair stilled a few minutes later. Eijirou’s heart didn’t stop pounding.

What did Shouto remember of last night?


It blows up everywherewhen the media find out about the No.1 and 2 hero’s ‘sudden’ relationship.

While most people had speculated on Katsuki’s scar, no one can known if he was bonded, or to who.Most couples got married before bonding since a completed bond was irreversible.

There were exceptions, of course, but for two unmarried heroes to be bonded and even admitting to the world that they had only been dating a few days — it was a massive scandal.

The pair had tried to explain it as best they could to avoid speculation. That their bond had been created back in third year after Katsuki’s near death experience, but due to personal conflict, they didn’t complete the bond until recently.

A lot of fans thought it was the love story of the century, two childhood friends turned lovers after years of misunderstandings and still prevailing. Especially since they went through with such a big step so early in, knowing it was permanent.

It spoke of pure devotion and it made romantics hearts flutter.

There was also backlash to Katsuki’s hero work from certain critics, mostly those who believed omegas should stay home with kids. Katsuki had been quick to nip them in the bud.

My work as a hero hasn’t been and won’t ever be an issues because of my designation anymore than alphas who have f*ckin’ rut leave. While I do plan on having a family in future, that isn’t any of your business, you nosey bastards. That’s between me and the No.2. Which yeah, cry about it, you should. He bagged the top hero as his omega, while you could barely bag a watermelon to f*ck with your tiny bitch di—“

His broadcast gets heavily censored and cut off early.

Eijirou acts surprised when Katsuki tells him. Congratulates the omega on his pick, and speedily changes the topic to Ochako and Tenya’s upcoming wedding so he doesn’t have to hear Katsuki boast.

When it’s a little less weird, he might. It doesn’t stop the awkward conversation about him taking his strap on out of his drawer.

“I…appreciate your help in the past with my heats, but I’m sure you get that that can’t happen anymore, Ei.” Katsuki looks vaguely guilty about it.

“I know.” Eijirou shrugged. “It was nice while it lasted. I wish you the best with Izuku, man. I really do.”

“…Did you…like me, Ei?” It should catch him off guard, but somehow it doesn’t. He thought he’d stumble over his words, try and deny it, but he just gives a tight smile.

“Yeah.” It’s an easy admittance. “For years, actually.”

“I’m sorry. That I didn’t notice.” Katsuki scratched his neck awkwardly.

“When did you notice?”

“I…” Katsuki licked his lips and bit the lower into his mouth before letting it go with a sigh. “This is gonna sound stupid.”

“Come on,” Eijirou nudged his shoulder. “I wanna know.”

“Okay, okay, I…I realised recently because… well, you changed how you acted around me.” Katsuki shook his head. “It wasn’t anything big, it’s just—“

“I acted less like a lovesick puppy?” He joked, a little bitter. He knows how he acted. He wasn’t blind. He treated him like he hung the stars.

“Well— yeah.” Katsuki agreed. “It was a slow change, but it was noticeable. It actually felt like I was talking with you instead of a fan, Ei.” He snorted.

“You’re a cool dude, Kats.”

“A cool dude you were in love with until recently.”

“Yeah. Until recently.” Eijirou hummed.

“What changed?” Katsuki asked, curious. “You like me for years and then one day you just…stopped? I didn’t think that was possible.”

“I mean, yeah, people fall out of love and just go on with their lives, Kats.” Eijirou laughed. “Never had a crush fade away like that?”

“No. Only ever liked Izuku.” Katsuki admitted with a soft blush.

“Ah.” A small wound to his pride.


“It’s fine. I think I’m mostly over it, honestly.” Eijirou shrugged. “It just feels weird. Going from my world revolving around someone to it…not. Now it’s just me.”

“No one else has caught your eye?” Katsuki frowned.

“Well…” Eijirou thought back to his Flame Princess and flushed despite himself.

“Hah? No way!” Katsuki gave him wide eyes. “Cough it up, asshole! Who’ve you been seeing, huh?!”

“Don’t sound jealous, you’re literally bonded!”

“I’m being protective of my best friend, not jealous, idiot!” Katsuki whacked him with a couch cushion. “Now spill the beans!”

“Okay, okay, fine!” Eijirou huffed and hugged the cushion to his chest like a lovesick high schooler. “It’s…It’s Sho.”

“‘Sho’…?” Katsuki stared at him blankly before it clicked. “HAH?! ICYHOT?!”

“Don’t tell the neighbourstoo!” Eijirou cried, face red.

“You like my nerds best friend? He’s a idiot! Nothingbehind those dead eyes!”

“You still call Mido a nerd? He’s your mate, dude.”

“He’s a nerd until he’s a Bakugou.” Katsuki grumbled. Eijirou rolled his eyes.

“Whatever. So what if I like Shouto, it’s none of your business.” Eijirou pouted.

“Like hell it isn’t!” Katsuki snapped. “You couldn’t pick someone better? Like, I don’t know, Ojirou?”

“Ojirou is dating Hagakure…?”

“Well, what about Mindf*ck?”

“He’s on and off with that prick, Monoma.”


“Tetsutetsu is dating Kendou…?”

“Aha!” Katsuki smacked his fist into his palm. “Glasses!”

“We were just talking about his wedding!”

“No, his brother!”

“We still aren’t sure if he’s dating Koichi, Kats!”

“But if he’s not?”

“Not my type!” Eijirou made an X with his arms. “I like Sho, okay? It’s not the end of the world!” He insisted.

Katsuki huffed and sat back with a pout. A few moments passed in blissful silence.

“…Have you have considered women?”

“I’m gay!” He shrieked.

“I thought I’d at least ask!” Katsuki barked. He groaned.

“Let it go, Kats!”

“Tch. Whatever. I’m sure if I called Office Warehouse and Electric Chair they’d be open to a threesome anyway.” Katsuki pulled out his phone and started to type.

“Stop trying to set me up, dude!”

“It’s my job as your best friend to correct your awful taste in men! You liked me, that’s already a red flag!”

“So does Mido?”

“Yeah, but he’s stuck with me, so it’s too late for him.” Katsuki grinned like a gremlin as his phone pinged. “Oh. Yeah, they’re totally down. Jesus. Did Tapeface get anothertongue piercing? You sure you don’t want to have fun with that before you spend another few years pinning?”

“Ouch. That was uncalled for.” Eijirou pouted. Should he think about getting a piercing someday?

“Bitch.” Katsuki smirked.

“Tell them it’s a joke, please.” Eijirou sighed. “I don’t want to know what Denki looks like blowing his load when I’ve already seen those twos private story.” He wrinkled his nose.

“Those two are f*ckin’ nasty.” Katsuki snorted. “Fine. So you want Icyhot. You could do better, but it’s not bottom of the barrel.”

“Wow. You’re such a great friend.” Eijirou deadpanned.

“I’m an amazing friend.” Katsuki corrected. “Now. As previously stated. He’s an idiot. How do you plan on getting your feelings across exactly? Cause you never once confessed word for word to me.”

“Ah, well…” Eijirou looked away.

“You haven’t even thought about it?!”

“It’s been a strange few weeks, okay?” Eijirou whined, burying his face in the cushion.

“How?” Katsuki furrowed his brows. “You had to take care of him last week at the bar, did he do something weird?”

“Um…maybe?” He mumbled and Katsuki scowled.

“If he hurt you I’ll blow his face off—“

“He didn’t! He just— ugh.” Eijirou had to tell someone, so maybe… “Last week when I took Shouto home, it was fine until I got him to bed.” He blushed with a pout.

“He…He was pretty out of it, so I don’t blame him for it, not really, but he got kinda handsy and, well…”

“Oh my god, did he f*ck you?” Katsuki looked horrified.

“No!” Eijirou quickly corrected in a shout before clearing his throat and lowering his voice. “He, um…He scented me. Like— p-pressed our g-glands together and…” He gestured to his neck, embarrassed. “He kinda…got off on me too. I didn’t touch him though! He was drugged, I would never, but I did have to clean him up since he passed out after—“

“Red. Shut up.” Eijirou snapped his mouth closed. “Does he know this happened?”

“I don’t think so…I figured it’s better to leave it if he doesn’t remember.”

“I’d say tell him, but you’d both get super guilty about it.” Katsuki grumbled. “Did he hurt you at all?”

“No. He had a little trouble with his quirk because of the roofie, but other than a little toothache and a few hickeys, I was fine.” He shrugged.

“Hm.” Katsuki frowned before his expression changed to that of surprise. “Hey…does half n’ half know you’re trans?”

“What?” Eijirou quirked a brow. “I’m pretty sure all our classmates knew. Why?”

“…You haven’t told him?” Katsuki’s eyes went wide. “Red, he doesn’t know.”

“What do you mean he doesn’t know? All my friends know!”

“Yeah, but they all found out from you at different times. Did you ever tell him?”

“He’s seen my top surgery scars.” Eijirou rationalised.

“You’re covered in scars!” The ‘idiot’ was silent, held in his gaze.

“Oh my god.” Eijirou blinked dumbly. “Shouto doesn’t know.”

“He doesn’t know.”

“He thinks I have a dick.”

“I mean…” Katsuki looked pointedly to his bedroom door and Eijirou smacked him with the pillow. “Hey! He’d like it.”

“He loved Izuku for years, you idiot! A cis, brick house of an alpha male!” Eijirou groaned. “What if he’s like—one of those gays who doesn’t like vagin* at all?”



“Hey, I didn’t care that you had one, I just didn’t want to f*ck it cause I’m a bottom.” He shrugged.

“Well…I guess that would okay if Shouto was cool with being a bottom.” Eijirou mumbled to himself before shaking his head. “Whatever! Sex isn’t the most important thing in a relationship anyway!”

“Speak for yourself.” Katsuki grinned smugly and Eijirou made a noise of disgust.

“TMI, dude.”

“What? We f*cked.”

“I decided to raise my standards.” He smirked.

“Hah?! I’ll kill you!” Eijirou dodged his explosion and cackled as he ran.

It was kind of nice being just friend with Katsuki again.


“‘Take it in a plastic bag, no one will notice anyway’, Katsuki, you are such an ass.” Eijirou grumbled to himself as he got to his door and went to unlock it— only to find it was unlocked already.

He frowned and checked under the mat for his spare key. It was still there, but when he picked it up, it was faintly charred on the hilt.

“Sho?” He called as he opened the door, peaking inside. The lights were still off. Eijirou hardened his skin in case of oncoming attacks and placed his bag down on the floor.

He scanned each room and found them empty until he opened his bedroom door.

“Shouto? You scared the hell out of me! Why didn’t you text me you were coming over instead of breaking in? I thought I was getting robbed!”

“Sorry.” Shouto mumbled, eyes glued to the TV. “I…It was last minute. I know it’s late.”

“It’s only…” Eijirou checked his watch. “Oh. It’s nine.”

“Mm.” Shouto looked at him before bending over the edge of his bed to grab something. Eijirou took the free show of his ass, even if he berated himself for it.

Shouto sat back up with a plastic bag in his lap.

“I…brought hair dye.” He reached into the bag and pulled out a black box dye. “You said if I ever wanted to…”

“Oh my god, we’re really doing it?” Eijirou’s eyes lit up. “Dude, I’ll totally help!”

Shouto smiled.

“Good. I brought you something too…” He pulled out a red box dye and bleach. “I asked Mina what your old brand was called and after a bit of research these were the closest match in the city. I had to go to two different stores though, because they only sold this dye at the store thirty minutes from here, the one near the Korean BBQ we took Tenya to on his birthday.”

“That’s ‘last minute’ to you?” Eijirou snorted. “You didn’t have to go out of your way to grab these for me. We could have just done your hair.”

“I wanted to do it together.” Shouto tapped the red box dye. “I’ve never done this before. You’ll have to show me.”

“Huh? No way am I teaching you! This gives me an excuse to do your hair every time you need a touch up.” He joked with a grin.

“I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you…”

“Pft! Like you could.” Eijirou laughed. “I’m gonna go grab some towels, you can wait in the bathroom if you want — oh, and maybe split your hair so it’s even? I wouldn’t want to miss any spots.” Eijirou gave a quick thumbs off and ran off to grab some safety precautions. He didn’t need dye all over his bathroom.

When he came back, Shouto had nabbed one of his hair ties to bunch the white side out of the way. There was a few stragglers, but Eijirou could take care of it.

“So, we’re going black on the red side? Swapsies?” He teased as he rested his chin on the betas head. Shouto looked at him through the mirror and hummed in agreement.

“I want it black. I’m fine with the red side these days, but I think it would look better on me than black and red.”

“Fair enough, and black box dye would be a bitch to get out of white later on.” Eijirou tugged at the shoulder of his shirt. “You like this shirt?”

“It’s okay.” Shouto shrugged. “Why?”

“Box dye gets everywhere. I highly suggest you take it off if you like it.” Eijirou snorted. “I learnt from my own mistakes. Now I pass the lessons onto you.”

“I see…” Eijirou looked down at his shirt, contemplative, before he reached up for his collar and pulled it off over his head. Eijirou gave him a towel to wear over his shoulders, mostly to avoid staring at those pretty pink nipples. The same ones he kinda wants to suck the living daylights out of until they’re puffy and red and covered in teeth marks.

He kept them sharp after high school for a reason, and it wasn’t entirely purein nature.

Eijirou scavenged around under his sink to find a comb and came back with a partially broken one but shrugged it off since he just needed it to make sure Shouto’s split was perfect.

“Stay still for me.”

“Mm.” Shouto stood patiently as Eijirou wet the comb and brushed the white strands aside, picking red strands from it and sticking it to the other side. After a few minutes he was satisfied with his nit picking — if it was his hair he wouldn’t care that much but it was Shouto’shair and he wanted it to be perfect — he put the comb aside and tore open the black dye box.

“Ah, Eijirou…”

“Hm? What’s up?” Eijirou paused and looked at Shouto from under his brows, partially hunched over the box like a dye gremlin.

“Music…?” Shouto mumbled and Eijirou blinked slowly at him before he realised.

“Right! Music.” He shook his head. “I’ll set something up on my phone…” He pulled out the device and scrolled through his playlists — he made one too many for his moods while working out — and clicked on one labelled ‘Almost Taylor Swift’ since he usually listened to Taylor Swift specifically when dying his hair.

He set the phone down and turned the volume up, continuing in his hair science, combining chemicals with a smile. He shook up the black dye vigorously decided last second to pull off his own shirt for he didn’t get dye on it.

“Ready?” Eijirou asked Shouto as he fitted the gloves onto his hands. “Once you go black, you can’t come back. Seriously. Black box dye in a menace.” He warned.

“…I’m ready.” Shouto nodded his consent with a deep breath in.


“My father would kill me.”

“You’re an adult now.” Eijirou chuckled. “Daddy dearest will live.”

“I hope he has a heart attack.” Shouto smiled a little, eyes sparkling with amusem*nt as Eijirou squirted on the first line of black dye along the split. Better to do it first while his gloves are clean.

“Such a cruel son.”

“He’ll probably just sigh and huff and go ‘Shouto’ in that dumb patronising tone.” Shouto grumbled.

“That does sound like him.” Eijirou hummed with a small smile. “Do you think your siblings will like it?”

“Natsuo will. Mostly to spite dad. Fuyumi might, but she’d say she likes it even if she doesn’t because she’s nice like that.”

“What about your mom?” Eijirou asked curiously, careful not to get black on his ear.

“…I think she’ll like it.” Shouto smiled softly, the tiny fond smile reserved for his mother. “She likes when I try new things, especially with others. I think she fears me being lonely again.”

“But you have so many friends now?” Eijirou frowned. “She doesn’t need to worry.”

“But she will. I’m her baby.” The way he said it made it apparent he was quoting. “She wants me to be happy.”

“Well, she and I can agree on that.” He smiled kindly, dumping the last of the black dye onto his red hair and lathering it. “There! Should be good. Now we wait…” He picked up the box. “Twenty to thirty minutes.”

“Do you want me to bleach your roots?” Shouto offered.

“Uh, I’ll do the bleach, but you can do the red dye. Just cause you’re new to this.”

“Okay…” Shouto looked around awkwardly and then took a seat on the edge of the bathtub. Eijirou smiled down at him and focused on mixing the bleach together. He made idly conversation with the other until he had finished putting the bleach in and looked at his red locks in the mirror.

“Ah.” He tilted his head at his reflection. “Now that you’re going black and white, I guess I’ll have to find you a new nickname.”

“What?” Shouto’s eyes widened.

“Flame Princess. You’re more like um…” He tried to think of another character but Shouto distracted him when he grabbed his forearm, standing up now.

“You can still call me Flame Princess!” He insisted. “I still have a fire quirk.”

“Oh. I guess you do.” Eijirou laughed. “But you also have ice, so maybe I should call you Ice King instead.”Shouto’s cheeks turned pink as he scowled up at Eijirou.

“No.” Eijirou rose a free hand in surrender.

“Hey man, I was just pulling on your leg, it’s fine—“

“You can’t stop calling me Princess.” Shouto huffed, rising onto his tippy toes as he pouted. “Okay?”

Eijirou swallowed, internally crumbling with the urge to grab Shouto’s pouting, frankly bratty face and just kiss him stupid because what the f*ck.

If Shouto wants to be his Princess, f*ck, he’s game. He won’t stop calling him that until they die.

Prin-cess.” Shouto huffed when Eijirou stared at him blankly. His eyes twitched and Shouto railed himself in, wondering if he had made the other mad at his attitude. He knew he had the tendency to act like a child about silly things. Katsuki had called him a brat plenty of times because of his occasionally spoilt behaviour.

“Sorry.” He mumbled, ducking his head.

“Prin…” Shouto slowly rose his head to Eijirou’s voice and made a curious noise as his warm hand cupped his jaw.

“…cess.” It was a rumbling purr and Shouto’s guard lowered at the sound before he felt swift lips crash into his.

Shouto gasped, eyes wide as his lower back hit the sink, bitten raw lips sliding against his waxy chapstick.Shouto’s eyes fell shut as that familiar purr vibrated through his system, melting against the beta with a soft moan.

Eijirou groaned in response, licking past the slick lips to flick the tip of his tongue over small fangs that bruised his neck not long ago. The beta whined low in his throat as he let his mouth fall open to that hot tongue. It was messy, the way Eijirou explored and tasted and owned every inch he could get his tongue on, making Shouto’s mind fuzzy with desire as he clung to Eijirou’s shoulders, toes pointed to keep his lips on his despite the height difference.

Eijirou’s hand buried in the black dye to tilt his head, deepening the kiss, before he broke it with a curse, hand smacking onto the basin behind them as Eijirou pressed soft, wet kisses to the corner of his lip.

“The sink…” He tried to warn but Eijirou shushed him.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it,” He murmured, kissing him harder with a twin moan. Shouto could ignore a dirty sink in favour of kisses, definitely.

He felt like he was burning despite the chill of winter making the tiles frigid beneath their socked feet, panting hot air into each other’s mouths as their tongue slid together messily. Eijirou’s sharp teeth bumped his lips and teeth as he pressed his body into the bigger beta.

“Like that, Princess?” Eijirou breathed against his mouth as he sucked and nipped on his lower lip, blown crimson eyes half lidded as the man growled low in his throat.

“Ei…” Shouto shivered, gasping sweetly as his co*ck pressed against a thick muscled thigh. It felt heavenly.

He whimpered against his kiss, open mouthed and sloppy as Shouto got distracted by the roll of his hips as he rutted his co*ck against Eijirou’s leg.

He was spoilt, and that meant denying himself nothing short of ‘necessary’, like cumming.

Shouto’s eyes rolled back with a long moan as Eijirou’s big, warm hand clapped against his ass and squeezed. He pulled his bulge up his thigh, losing balance on his toes and clinging to the hero.

He whined, forced to follow Eijirou’s lead as the man manhandle him against his thigh to grind it almost painfully into his leaking co*ck.

“So pretty, Princess,” The beta rasped, kissing his pale throat as his head fell back further to expose more to his lips and teeth.

“Ei, Ei…” He whimpered, tongue lolling out for a desperate, heated kiss that left his chin slick with drool and mismatched eyes glazed. Eijirou groaned.

“f*ck, you’re so pretty, Sho…” He wiped the drool away with his thumb and rubbed the wet digit against a pebbled pink nipple to drive the beta crazy.

“‘M gonna cum, Ei, ahh fu…” He mewled when Ei licked along his neck, laving at the scent gland with a low guttural moan.

“Go on, Princess, cum for me, cum for me,” The beta grazed sharp teeth along the sweetly swelling gland — so ripe, so heady, Eijirou could sink his teeth right in and Shouto, god, he’d let him ruin his whole body with white scars and red bloody teethmarks.

Shouto’s eyes rolled back as he arched and came hard against his thigh, a high keen escaping his throat.

He shuddered, hips twitching with tiny whimpers as he filled his boxers with stickiness, ruining them. He panted hard, still held up by that strong hand on his ass as his socked toes barely brushed the tiles.

They stayed that way a few moments, Shouto catching his breath and Eijirou looking down at him like he’s prey and ready to feast on him even though he’s already made a mess of himself (maybe becausehe has).

The quiet breaks when Eijirou’s background music is interrupted by a ring. Eijirou cursed and planted the smaller back onto the soles of his feet, removing his hand awkwardly and glancing down at the black stained hand before he flushed a deep red.

“Um…sorry. Your pants…” He mumbled shyly, reaching across him to turn the timer off. “You should wash your, um, hair out. I’ll— I’ll step out while you— do your thing.”

“Mm.” Shouto still felt tingly from his org*sm, looking up at Eijirou’s red face with hazy, pleased as a kitten, mismatched eyes. “Okay.”

He reached down for the waistband of his slacks and unbuttoned them, inching them down to show off the sticky white cum smeared along his red and white pubes.

“Hm…” He pouted. “I wanna wear your shirt. You made me all dirty.”Eijirou made a high, flustered sound in his throat and nodded.

“Mm. I-I’ll get you one…” He stepped back hesitantly, looking torn between running away and touching him all over again.

Shouto pushed his pants down his hips to expose his creamy pink co*ck and Eijirou made a noise akin to a train whistle.

“No underwear.” He requested and Eijirou nodded jerkily before he ran out of the bathroom, leaving Shouto alone.

“He’s so strong…” He mumbled to himself, shivering at the memory of the short spank to his ass. It had barely hurt, but now he kind of wish it had.

He peeked at himself over his shoulder in the mirror and took in his flushed cheeks and glossy eyes, a black handprint on the ass of his trousers. He placed his hand over the print and shivered. So small…

He dropped his pants and started up his shower, anxious to get back to the full course meal waiting for him outside.

Chapter 6: Flame Princess and Her Adventurer


Shouto is a spoilt Princess and Eijirou is weak for him.


cw feminization (Shouto)

Chapter Text

Eijirou was having a minor freak out.

Minor only because he wasn’t vocally screaming as much as he was inside.

He crouched on the floor with a groan, burying his face in the edge of his mattress, uncaring of the bleach smearing. He could feel it itching and he wanted to cry.

He was unbearablyhorny right now and he was pretty sure Shouto was set on getting his brains f*cked out tonight.

Which, good for him, at least Eijirou knew he was a good kisser. But now he had to explain to Shouto that he’s gonna have to be okay with silicone if he wants to f*ck. Jesus.

Eijirou groaned and quickly stood. He needed to get ready. Just in case.

Bleach itched and he pursed his lips. It was only supposed to stay in for fifteen to twenty minutes with this brand. Shouto was in the shower, so he could probably just wash it out in the sink. Yeah. Cause blond roots wouldn’t retract from pure sex appeal. Dumbass.

He rummaged through his wardrobe and pulled out a black shirt, tossing it onto the bed. He didn’t know if they’d actually bother with Shouto putting anything on, but he had asked…

What was Eijirou doing?

They were friends! He didn’t even have the excuse of a heat controlling Shouto in this case.

What if he had ruined it? Their friendship? What if they tried to have sex and it just didn’t work out and then their friendship was awkward and distant until it fell apart?

He couldn’t stand the thought of friends with benefits either! Not after Katsuki!

He needed feelings, commitment, promises of a datedammit. Was Shouto even ready for that? Was he?

There was too much going on at once in his head and he decided he needed to get rid of the burning in his scalp if he wanted to think clearly.

He shoved his head under the tap of the kitchen sink and made quick work of scrubbing the bleach out of his regrowth. Once he was satisfied, cold water on his face and burn receding, he took a deep breath in and out.

He just needed to talk.

He just needed to sit Shouto down and talk about this first before they got hasty and then he could worry about everything after that.

Yeah. That’s what responsible adults did. They talked.

Eijirou let out a relieved sigh, smiling to himself at his own resolve and jumped when he heard Shouto’s voice.

“Eijirou?” Eijirou swallowed audibly and walked out of the kitchen, only to pause by the bag he had dumped by the front door. He should probably take that with him, just in case things went well…

He grabbed it and padded back to the bedroom with it tucked behind him, dropping it by the door as he stepped inside.

“He—“ His voice cracked as he looked over at the bed, Shouto laying across it on his front, black shirt hanging off him temptingly and bunched up under his ass as he scrolled through Eijirou’s phone.

“Hey.” He rectified with a nervous grin. Shouto looked up at him and sat back on his heels, the shirt revealing a pale collarbone and a single pink bud. He turned Eijirou’s phone off and tossed it into the corner as it continued to trill quietly with music.

“Dry my hair?” Eijirou blinked at the strange request before nodding jerkily. He approached the man and took the towel he had laid on the bed, catching the dripping black and white strands.

Black dye had seeped into the red towel, but it was a towel he used for dying hair anyway, a little ratty and stained.He made sure to dry the white side first, ruffling it gently before he worked on the black, squeezing residue from the shaggy locks.

His heart was pounding as Shouto hummed, looking completely at ease with his eyes closed and hands in his lap. He looked as regal as ever, and it made Eijirou smile.

“You couldn’t dry it yourself?”

“Wanted you to.” Shouto mumbled, cheeks a faint pink.

“Spoilt thing…” Eijirou tutted but he didn’t really care. He liked taking care of Shouto.

“You like to spoil me.” Shouto’s fingers played with the hem of his shirt, shy. Eijirou’s heart was in his throat as he wrapped the towel around Shouto’s slim, very appetising neck.

“Yeah.” His voice was a little rough and he cleared it. “I guess I do.”

“Does it look good?” Shouto asked softly, a hand coming up to touch his tousled ends. The black was a nice contrast to the white, stark against the deep red burn and glowing blue eye.

“Yeah.” Eijirou took his hand in his — it was so soft and delicate under his rough palms — and pulled it back down to his lap as he leaned in to press his nose against the black locks. The smell of chemicals burned his nose, but it was too familiar to bother him.

“We should talk, Sho.” He needed to say it before he got too distracted by the beauty he’s caught in his arms.

“About what?”

“About…this. All of it.” Eijirou swallowed nervously. “We have to talk about a few things before we…go any further.”

“Okay.” Shouto turned his head to bump his nose against Eijirou’s, red and white lashes flush against his cheeks. “Talk.”

“I— Do you still love Mido?” Eijirou couldn’t deny the lingering worry in his chest that this was a rebound.

“…I don’t know.” Shouto said honestly. “I’ve loved him for years. I know he’s never loved me and now he’s with Katsuki.” Shouto shrugged. “I think I’m okay with that now? Him being happy with someone else. Being by myself.”

“I just don’t want this to be a fling to you. I’m a sensitive guy, y’know?” Eijirou joked weakly.

“It’s not.” Shouto assured. “I don’t want a fling either. I…like you. As more than a friend, Eijirou. I know I feel something for you, even if I’m used to loving Izuku.” Shouto opened his eyes and looked up to meet his, unsure.

“Do you still love Katsuki…?”

“No.” Eijirou’s cheeks burned at the admittance. “I don’t think I do anymore.”

“Oh.” Shouto bit his lip, lowering his gaze. “That’s…good.”

“Yeah…” Eijirou wanted nothing more than to kiss that demure look off his face. “I, uh, I also have to tell you something. Before we…” He gestured vaguely, too embarrassed to say it out loud.


“You make it sound so crude!” Eijirou complained, forehead falling to the others shoulder.

“Make love?”

“T-that’s even more embarrassing…” Eijirou mumbled, ears red as his hair. Shouto chuckled, kissing the tip and catching the helix between his teeth. Eijirou squeezed the smaller as he nibbled on his ear

“Q-quit that, ‘m trying to think…”

“Then no.” Shouto blew cold air on his ear and watched the man shiver. Cute.

“You don’t play fair at all, Sho…”

“Tell me what you need to say then. I’m impatient.” Shouto hooked his finger under the hem of the borrowed shirt to expose his half hard co*ck twitching for attention, dragging his tongue along the shell of the hero’s ear.

Eijirou voice came out strangled as he tried to form his words. Shouto was too distracting, the pretty pink of the tip of his co*ck not matching the length and girth of it. He was bigger than Eijirou would have assumed, with that petite frame…

“I-I’m trans…” He finally stuttered out, squeezing his thighs together as his sex throbbed.

“I know.” Shouto hummed and Eijirou sputtered.

“Y-you know?”

“I saw it when you were changing that night…” Shouto hooked his forefinger behind the button of his jeans and Eijirou flushed.

“That…you remember thatpart?!” He hadn’t expected the man to watch him so closely when he was out of it, all curled up like a sleepy cat.

“It was so pretty,” Shouto mumbled, eyes focused on the trail of dark hair from his belly button to below his waistband. “I kept thinking I want to lick it until it’s all puffy and wet…” His fingers dragged it lower to show off the trimmed patch of hair above his dick. Eijirou moaned as rough denim dug into the sensitive head peaking from his folds.

“D-don’t say such embarrassing things…” God, he felt like he was going out of his mind. Wasn’t he supposed to be the one teasing Shouto?

“It’s true though…” Shouto hummed into his ear, nuzzling it. “You’re so big all over, but it looked so…cute.”

“I-it’s not c-cute,”


“Nooo,” Eijirou whined, knees sinking into the edge of the mattress as Shouto’s fingertips nudged and rubbed the head, bony knuckles digging into the sides in a way that made Eijirou’s legs feel like jelly.

“Kiss me, Eijirou.” Shouto purred, prying his thighs further apart with his curious hand, relishing in the soft moan Eijirou relinquished under his elegant fingers.

It was a messy clash, Eijirou’s mind foggy with pleasure at the two fingers digging into his wet heat. He couldn’t focus enough to control his tongue, letting Shouto fill his mouth with that hot tongue and cold breath, making his sharp teeth ache with the chill before it was soothed by the smooth, eager tongue.

“Wanna lick it,” Shouto less begged, more demandedwith those airy little words, dragging his tongue along Eijirou’s spit-slicked bottom lip. “Let me taste you, Eijirou,” He purred deeply, nipping and sucking the raw red lip into his mouth to grazing his small fangs along the tiny cuts.

“Ahh…” Eijirou winced, licking up beads of blood off his lip. He knew he had an awful habit of chewing up his lip, but it still stung…

“I thought you would have wanted me on top…” Eijirou mumbled with a tiny pout and Shouto smiled coyly.

“You’re still on top if you sit on my face.” Eijirou swallowed back a keen at the thought, clenching around the relentless digits rubbing against his velvet walls.

“I’ll crush you, idiot.”

“What a way to go.” Shouto monotoned and Eijirou couldn’t fight a snort.

“I don’t want that on the front page.”

“Number three hero suffocated to death between Number five’s thighs. Last words were ‘keeping going’.” Shouto mocked a reporter tone and Eijirou broke into laughter against his cheek.

“S-stop making me laugh when you’re l-literally fingering me, a-asshole.” Eijirou choked on his laughter as Shouto ground his palm into his dick, moaning softly.

“Then shut me up.” He nudged Eijirou forward by his sex, making the man curse and fall forward onto the sheets as Shouto quickly removed his hand from his pants.

“You sly—“ Shouto shushed him with a kiss, rolling him onto his back and straddling that thick waist that he loves. Shouto rolled his hips back against his crotch, grinding the denim into his co*ck as he whined against Shouto’s lips.

He broke the kiss with a trail of saliva and a mischievous twinkle in his mismatched eyes. The black and white split dye gave an almost sinister vibe to his heady gaze.

“I want to f*ck you first.” He decided, not even forming it as a question.

“You’re such a brat.” Eijirou muttered with a huff.

“You spoilt me too much, Ei.” Shouto smirked and leant down to kiss the corner of his lip, hands cupping his squishy pecs. They were so soft when he wasn’t flexing.

Shouto purred and rubbed his neck against the broad chest, smearing his scent over the man in a sign of ownership.

“W-what if I wanna top?” Eijirou complained.

“I said ‘first’.” Shouto reminded slyly and slinked down the man’s body to nuzzle between his legs, dark pubes tickling his nose as he unbuttoned his jeans and tugged his zipper down with his teeth.

Eijirou watched him with nervous but excited eyes, cheeks red and lips parted ever so slightly as he held himself up on his elbows. He helped the smaller tug his jeans and boxers down, his packer put away earlier that day to dry after cleaning it.

It left his messy sex on display, quivering against the chill in the air. Shouto stared at it, enraptured by the glistening folds.


“I-it’s not pretty…” Eijirou mumbled, self conscious. He hadn’t had anyone really pay attention to it before, not when years of testosterone had boosted him up and filled him out to near impossible standards. Whoever his donor parent was must have been a near giant.

His stature was usually an automatic tell to others he must be a big aggressive alpha but most were disappointed to find he was not and either dipped or spent the night on his artificial knot.

He stopped looking for the occasional hook up when Katsuki started getting bad heats, taking care of him and now… well, he was in bed with Shouto.

His sex life had basically been him doing sex to others rather than others doing sex to him. Not that he minded, he loved watching a pretty little thing cry on his knot, but it left him feeling a little estranged from the pleasure of others touching him.

Shouto’s fingers dragged along his plump lips, smearing slick on them and licking it off with a hum.


“I sweat a lot, okay? I’m a natural furnace…” Eijirou excused, embarrassed at the comment. It wasn’t his fault testosterone made him a damn conductor.

“Wasn’t saying it’s a bad thing.” Shouto cupped his thighs and squeezed as his tongue dragged along the wet slit, teasing over the fat length of his co*ck.

Eijirou moaned, eyes falling half mast. He was starting to think he might have a kink for Shouto’s quirk, the frigid breath between his legs making his co*ck stiff and Shouto’s tongue burn. It only made him more excited.

The beta looked tiny between his hulking thighs, so easy to crush if he pleased, and he was sure Shouto would let him. He lacked any self preservation, and shame it seemed.

That shameless wet muscle swirled around his co*ck and slurped at it obscenely, Eijirou’s voice growing breathy with every little suck.

“f*ck, S-Sho…so good…” Fingers buried in messy strands as the beta dragged his attention to his leaking hole, tonguing at the entrance lewdly, tip of his nose tucked under his stubby length. He looked up at him like some kind of professional camboy, stabbing the tip of his tongue into the slick heat as Eijirou moaned, head falling back.

His hips moved on their own, grinding his sex against Shouto’s fervent mouth with little sighs of pleasure. His thighs shook with restraint, wanting to clamp around Shouto’s head and keep him there forever.

His voice cracked when Shouto sucks his puffy folds hard, fingers twisting in monochrome hair.

“sh*t, Sho, g-gentle, god…”

“You’re pulling,” Shouto pouted with a puffed cheek and Eijirou groaned as he pulled his shaky hand away, desperately wanting his mouth back on him. Shouto grabbed his hand and placed it back flat on his head, nuzzling his co*ck. “Just don’t pull.”

Eijirou swallowed and petted his head gently, moaning softly when lips kissed the tip of his co*ck.

“Pets for Princess.” He chuckled breathlessly and Shouto moaned, suckling at his co*ck as Eijirou groaned.

“f*ck, you really like that, huh Princess?” Shouto’s red cheeks was answer enough, lapping at his tender folds.

“Good girl…” Eijirou murmured as he scratched behind his ear and Shouto moaned, burying his tongue deeper. “S-sh*t, you like that, Sho? Being a good girl?”

The hero whined against his sex, eyes glossy with desire as he kneaded his thighs as if to scream, ‘yes!’

“C’mon, Princess, wanna hear you say it.” He rasped as he rolled into the betas earnest mouth. He kept him buried in it for a few more moments just to be cruel and Shouto gasped when he let him up, lips and chin smeared in slick.

“Yeah,” Shouto whispered, cheeks ruddy as he stared up at Eijirou like he had hung the stars and the moon. “I…like being a g-good girl.”

f*ck. Eijirou might be extremely gay, but he could get on board with this. If that’s what made his Princess happy.

“Yeah?” Eijirou felt a lewd grin form on his lips. “You wanna be my good girl, baby?” Shouto moaned unabashedly, burying his nose in the dip of his pelvis as he looked up at him with a nod.

“So my Princess canbe humble…” He teased and winced when Shouto’s teeth sunk into the hard tendon of his inner thigh. He snatched his chin in hand with gritted teeth and held back the urge to yank the man’s hair for the bite.

“That wasn’t nice, Sho.”

“Don’t mock me.” Shouto huffed defiantly.

Sho.” He added a warning to his tone and the beta tensed and looked down with shame.

“‘M Sorry…” He mumbled, eyes suspiciously wet. Eijirou sighed silently and let go of his chin in favour of caressing his red cheek.

“It’s okay. You just…caught me off guard. No biting unless you ask first, alright?”

“Mhm.” Shouto leaned into his gentle touch and Eijirou smiled softly to show he wasn’t mad.

“Come ‘ere…” Eijirou tutted fondly and guided the man up to his lips, kissing the taste of himself from those pink, rubbed raw lips.

Shouto had to stretch to meet him in the kiss, knees pressed against Eijirou’s ass as he pawed at his chest, flushed all pretty as his co*ck leaked onto the muscled hero’s lower stomach. He whimpered as he rubbed the heavy length against his abdomen, Eijirou’s rumbling chuckle making it ripple and flex.

“Feeling neglected, Princess?” He purred, thick arms wrapping around Shouto’s tiny waist as the man squirmed.

“Wanna f*ck you.” He requested this time, that spark of brattiness seeming to be put on the shelf after his scolding.

“You wanna f*ck me?” Eijirou grinned a little. “With what, Princess?”

“With…” Shouto furrowed his brows and grew shy. “W-with my c-co*ck?”

“Hm? Is that right, baby girl?” Eijirou arched his stomach into Shouto’s co*ck and smirked. “You wanna f*ck me with your pretty co*ck?”

“P-please.” Shouto moaned airily, eyes focused on his lips, his teeth. “Wanna feel you, Ei.”

“Such a spoilt girl, you just wanna get your dick wet, don’t ya?” Eijirou said vulgarly and Shouto groaned against his chest. Eijirou laughed and took pity on the pretty beta, spreading his legs wider and purring.

“Go on, Princess. Take what you need.” He rumbled and Shouto moaned, sitting back on his heels and tearing the oversized shirt off over his head. Eijirou purred louder at the delicious display of pale skin and lithe muscle, reaching out to pinch a pink nipple and tug.

Shouto keened and followed his pull, co*ck head bumping messily against Eijirou’s, smearing pre-cum along the chubby growth.

“Go on. f*ck me while I play with your cute tit*, Princess.”

“N-not tit*…” Shouto whimpered as he rubbed his leaky head against Eijirou’s co*ck and down his slit. He bit his lip as Eijirou gave his sensitive nipple another tug, Shouto reaching down to grasp his co*ck. He guided it past puffy lips and into the slick heat with a throaty whine.

Eijirou cursed and his grip slipped, dragging blunt nails down Shouto’s chest.

Fuuuck, slow baby, slow,” He panted, hole throbbing around Shouto’s co*ck as it sunk in. It felt so much bigger inside than it looked.

Maybe Eijirou should have invested in toys for himself in the past. Might have helped with the stretch of having a co*ck inside him instead of just his fingers.

He felt a hot flash run through him as Shouto bottomed out, tip kissing his cervix as his chest heaved.

“So warm…” Shouto awed, cupping the hand on his chest as he grinds his co*ck deeper into the redhead. Eijirou groaned, eyes rolling back as his nail dug into one pert nipple. Shouto whined.

“You’re so tight, Ei, so hot inside, it feels so good…” Shouto praised, hand on his stomach fisting.

“Yeah?” Eijirou breathed, looking down at the flushed — all the way down to his tit* and over his shoulders — beta with a crooked grin. “Feels good, having a tight hole around your co*ck, don’t it, Princess?”

“Mm!” Shouto nodded erratically, pulsating inside the other man as he gnawed his lower lip.

“Aren’t you gonna f*ck me, baby?” Eijirou chuckled.

“‘fraid.” He whimpered.

“Hm? Afraid of what, baby?” Eijirou petted his chest gently, cupping the small curve and rolling his nipple between his knuckles.

“‘f-fraid I’ll cum.” Shouto’s lower lip wobbled and Eijirou cooed at the desperate expression, tweaking his nipples to drink in his tiny gasps.

“Mm, that’s no good.” Eijirou hummed, torturing his chest as the beta mewled, arching into his hands. “I wanna cum too, y’know?”

“I know, I know,” Shouto squirmed, grinding into his sex with soft little moans. “‘M sorry.”

“Stop Princess.”

“C-can’t.” Shouto panted, mismatched eyes blown with lust.

Stop.” It was firmer this time and Shouto whined but did as he was told, trembling with restraint. “Good girl…” Shouto shivered as Eijirou cupped his jaw, running a calloused finger along the bone to his chin, thumb pulling his bottom lip from his teeth.


“You can cum.” Shouto moaned, wrapping his lips around his thumb. He chuckled. “But if you cum before me, you don’t get to cum until I say so when I f*ck you later.”

Eiii,” Shouto pouted and Eijirou smirked, pulling his thumb from his lips and shaking his chin in his hold.

“Those are the rules, Princess.”

“You’re cruel,” Shouto sniffled.

“Don’t sook, brat. I could be really mean and not let you cum at all.” Shouto shook his head quickly.

“Smart girl.” Eijirou praised and let go of his chin, laying back as he placed a hand over his pelvis and traced the dip of his thigh. “Go on. Let’s see if you can hold out, Princess.”

He purred as he curled two fingers around the hood of his co*ck, pinching it between the digits. Shouto moaned and placed his hands on either side of the broad man, flushed with fever as he rolled his hips, feeling those silky walls massage his co*ck with every little thrust.

He trembled and buried his face between Eijirou’s pecs. He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t pace himself when Eijirou was so hot and tight around his co*ck, practically begging him to bury himself there over and over.

He purred as he snapped his hips, thrusting like an overeager bunny into the wet heat, panting against Eijirou’s plush chest. His fingers dug into one round pec and squeezed, obsessed with the soft gasping moans his co*ck drew out of the hardening hero.

“sh*t, Sho, yesss — just like that, so good for me, Princess…”

Eijirou made pretty faces, Shouto thought, all flushed and eyes shiny, sharp teeth buried in his ruined lip and brows pinched.

It drove Shouto crazy, mind fuzzy and lungs burning even as his breath misted over his dark nipples, tanned skin gorgeous in the moonlit room as Shouto f*cked into him.

His teeth ached, wanting to sink them into the beta. Hisbeta.

He wants everyone to know Eijirou is his.

“B-bite? Ple—ah, ease, please,” He begged, canines feeling too big for his mouth as his tongue lolled out.

“f*ck yeah Princess, you can bite, good Sho, so good,” Eijirou’s words were going, replaced by pitched whimpers as he tightened around his aching co*ck. God, he’s so close…

He sunk his teeth into the plush of Eijirou’s chest with a whine as he came, hips stuttering and sloppy as he drooled around the bite mark.

He moaned when he felt a gush around his co*ck, warm and wet and tight tight tightas Eijirou shuddered, head thrown back and Adam’s apple working up and down with harsh breaths as he came hard.

Shouto lapped at the bloody wound left behind from his fangs, crimson tang burning onto his tongue as he purred and nuzzled his chest.

It may not be a bond, but it was a claim.

Property of Shouto.

Eijirou slowly brought his gaze back down to Shouto and placed a hand on his head, petting the softly purring beta. He could smell his scent everywhere, etched into every inch of skin and it made Eijirou smile.

He wouldn’t be able to wash the scent of Shouto off of him for quite a few days now. He nosed at his spilt and answered his purr.

“You need anything, baby?” He asked softly, voice deep and gravelly. Shouto hummed and kissed his fresh bite mark.

It stung, throbbing dully now that he was aware of it, but he didn’t mind. He had sustained worse injuries from people he cared less about.

“Cuddles.” Shouto mumbled and Eijirou chuckled.

“Cuddles it is.” He wrapped his arms around the beta and allowed him to continue to nuzzle and nip lazily, scenting as much of his skin as he could while he stayed buried between his legs.

Eijirou rubbed his wrist glands along his back to scent him back, purrs growing almost deafening to his own ears as he snuggled the smaller to his chest.

Eijirou had to remind himself to call in sick tomorrow with the agency.

He didn’t plan on leaving this bed until he had Shouto pressed under him and screaming pretty little ‘I love you’s on his co*ck.

He was sure he could drag it out of his spoilt Princess with enough efforts.

Maybe he’d tear a claim into Shouto’s pink shoulders to match the cutebite mark on his chest.

But that was for later.

For now, it was cuddle time.

The Claim On My Heart Scars - Fryboi555 - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia (2024)
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