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Upgrading your Laboratory and working on your Archer Queen are top priorities at Town Hall 9, but what should you upgrade next?

Updated on Dec 14, 2023

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At Town Hall 9, you will unlock the following buildings:

The first thing to do after upgrading to Town Hall 9 is to have at least two builders working on all of these new buildings, especially the Archer Queen and X-Bows. You don't have to upgrade them immediately; just have them laid out in your base.

Top Priority Upgrades

While you are laying out your new buildings, you should work on these top-priority upgrades too:

  • Laboratory - The Laboratory is always the first building to upgrade so you can upgrade your troops and increase your offensive capabilities. Get it upgraded instantly!

  • Archer Queen - Next, you'll finally have the Archer Queen, the best Hero in Clash of Clans. It's time to be a simp and pool in as much Dark Elixir as possible to get her maxed out quickly. Getting her to Level 30 is crucial, as many Town Hall 9 attack strategies rely on the Queen Charge.

  • Clan Castle - The Clan Castle is next on your priority list, as you'll be able to house 30 housing spaces, allowing you to fit in a Lava Hound, one of the best Clan Castle donations you can receive.

  • Army Camp - By upgrading all your Army Camps, you can fit 220 housing spaces, which is 20 more than Town Hall 8. It is crucial to get these Camps leveled up as soon as possible.

  • Dark Barracks - As an avid enjoyer of Dark Elixir Troops, I can say thatthe Dark Barracks is a crucial upgrade as you'll unlock two overpowered troops at Town Hall 9, the Witch and Lava Hound.

  • Spell Factory - If you're a fan of ground attacks, the Spell Factory is what you're looking at next. By upgrading the Spell Factory, you will unlock the Jump Spell, which is a fantastic spell for Golem-type attacks.

  • All Storages (Especially Dark Elixir) - Upgrades at Town Hall 9 start taking a long time, so you might overflow with resources. Make sure to upgrade your Storages, with the Dark Elixir Storage taking priority.

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Second Line Of Upgrades

If you haven't realized, the top priority upgrades are focused on improving your offensive capabilities. However, you still have some more upgrading to do, and we'll start working on our defenses a little bit:

  • Barracks - You'll unlock the Baby Dragon when upgrading your Barracks at Town Hall 9. The Baby Dragon is my favorite funneling troop, but you'll only use one or two Baby Dragons per army, so it's not too high on the priority list.

  • Dark Spell Factory - The Dark Spell Factory upgrade will give you the Haste Spell, which is necessary only for the LaLo attack strategy. If you're not a fan of air attacks, you can skip this upgrade and save it for later.

  • Barbarian King - We want to pour as much Dark Elixir as possible into our Queen, but the King shouldn't be forgotten. He will be very helpful for funneling your main army into the center of a base.

  • X-Bow - The X-Bow is the new defense you unlock at Town Hall 9 and is very effective. It will be the first defensive building we focus on, and remember you will have two to work with.

  • Air Defense - The LaLo is arguably the most potent attack strategy at Town Hall 9. Since it is an air attack strategy, getting your Air Defenses up should be the first thing to do after working on your X-Bows.

  • Air Sweeper - Lava Hounds and Balloons hate dealing with Air Sweepers, making it a great idea to upgrade them to strengthen your base from air attacks.

  • Archer Tower - The Archer Tower is another point-target defense that can help deal with Air Attacks. They deal solid damage to Lava Hounds and can help clear some Balloons.

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Third Line Of Upgrades

If you're done with the second line of upgrades, you're on the right track to maxing out Town Hall 9. You only have a few more to go:

  • Mines, Collectors, and Drills - If you lack resources for the next upgrade, you can start working on your resource production buildings, especially the Dark Elixir Drill. Mines, collectors, and drills do not cost much to upgrade, so it's always nice to slowly work on them.

  • Bomb Tower - Hog Riders are still pretty effective at Town Hall 9, and the Bomb Tower is the best defensive building against them. By upgrading the Bomb Tower, you will deal a lot of ground splash damage, forcing the attacker to spend Heal Spells on the Hogs.

  • Hidden Tesla - Hidden Teslas are pretty similar to Archer Towers in that they deal decent single-target damage to ground and air units. So, you can never go wrong with upgrading your Teslas.

  • Wizard Tower - For similar reasons to the Bomb Tower, the Wizard Tower is the next building on the list. The Wizard Towers can work well against groups of Balloons, but these Balloons are usually shielded by a Lava Hound, making the Wizard Tower not as effective as you think.

  • Cannon - We're finishing up with defenses, and the Cannon is next. Cannons aren't the most incredible defensive building, but we'll get them done anyway.

  • Mortar - Last but not least, the Mortar is the final building to be upgraded. They're pretty much useless at Town Hall 9 and above, and I don't blame you if you want to go to Town Hall 10 without doing your Mortars.

  • Walls And Traps - Once you're wrapped up with defenses, there's one more hurdle: upgrading your walls. Honestly speaking, maxing out your heroes at Town Hall 9 will take a very long time, so you can get your walls maxed out while progressing your heroes.

Recommended Troop And Spell Upgrades

The order in which you upgrade your troops and spells entirely depends on what type of armies you want to master. Here are some suggestions of the best troops to utilize at Town Hall 9:

  • Lava Hound - My personal favorite troop at Town Hall 9 is easily the Lava Hound. It takes a lot of practice and skill to master using it, but it will be worth it. You'll see the Lava Hound a lot in higher Town Hall levels, and it's the perfect time to start learning how to use them.

  • Balloon - The Balloon is best paired with the Lava Hound, so that's the second upgrade I recommend. If you're not looking to work on air attacks, feel free to skip the Balloon and work on other upgrades.

  • Witch - Before the Lava Hound was introduced, the Witch was "the troop" at Town Hall 9. In 2023, she's still doing fine and can be used in multiple attack strategies. I highly recommend getting her upgraded if you want to use ground attacks.

  • Hog Rider - The Hog Rider is still an outstanding troop at Town Hall 9, and I recommend using the Queen Charge alongside them. You can also use GoHogs, a combination of Golems and Hog Riders. The Hog Rideris a fun troop and can be very versatile.

  • Healer - The Healer is probably the most-used troop at Town Hall 9, because she is crucial for the Queen Charge strategy. The only reason she's lower on the priority list is that you will need your Queen to be at least Level 20-25, which will take a long time to work on.

  • Golem - Golems are needed in the Witch Slap and GoHogs attack strategy, two of the strongest ground attack strategies at this Town Hall level. So, that's the next troop you should look to upgrade.

  • Heal Spell - You can't upgrade the Rage Spell at Town Hall 9, so the next best spell has to be the Heal Spell. It's crucial in Hog Rider attacks, so that should already be enough reason to get the Heal Spell upgrade.

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If this guide helped you go through Town Hall 9, make sure to check our article on the upgrade order list for Town Hall 10!

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