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Kabru’s head hurt.

He took stock of it alongside the sound of his alarm and filed them in the same category - annoyances. He could still think through the throbbing pain, even if his thoughts were more sluggish now and dragging their broken bodies from point A to point B. Slapping at the alarm stopped it, of course, but the annoyance there was less about the sound and more about what it represented.

It was morning. That meant, no matter his state of body or mind, it was now time to move.

He stumbled out of his room with a plastic bottle of half-drained water clutched in his hand. Dehydration isn’t that likely, he thought, but it doesn’t hurt to fend it off anyway. The taste of it was stale though, barely tolerable. Still, he drank. Self-care!

In the same spirit of self-care, he went through every step of his routine as slowly as he dared. The shower scalded his skin, but he endured it for the benefits of the steam. Everything about him deserved to be softened and clean today. He went after the damp condensation on the mirror with a rag, smearing the moisture enough to be able to see himself. Then, it was time for the pruning. Each obstinate chin hair was plucked out and summarily swept into the trash.

Other steps were simple and hardly necessary to describe, but the last one, the one his alarm was for to begin with, mattered most. Tiredly, Kabru smacked his lips together while scooping up the fateful bottle. Human-Safe, Elf-Made, Gnome-Approved! drew the eye of the observer long before the name of the gel itself. But that was poor product design for you. It didn’t dull the effectiveness, even if it showed basic incompetence with marketing.

He slathered it onto his abdomen, as usual, before settling down on the toilet seat. “Ugh…” He murmured to himself, blinking at his phone screen. The group chat was lively as always, especially now that Mickbell seemed to be awake, but that didn’t mean there were any messages for him specifically. Just for a moment, Kabru wished Laios would randomly send a warg emoji and give him an excuse to chat. But life didn’t work that way. And frankly, after yesterday’s disaster, he certainly wasn’t going to kick off a conversation first. What did he look like, desperate?

Well, yeah! said the naysayer in his mind who always sounded, rather oddly, like a complete fusion between the aforementioned half-foot and his roommate. Kabru huffed and shooed it away. His critics, not even the fake ones, didn’t know what they were talking about.

After a few minutes of scrolling to catch up on obscure discourse that happened to pop up on his timeline, the gel had finally dried enough for him to get dressed. Kabru pulled on a t-shirt he flung over the rack the night before and shimmied his way into his jeans. In the morning light, the gravestones across the front seemed less humorously on-brand and more macabre, but it also looked good on him, so. There was that.

Something told him to slowly nudge the door open today, a whim he felt good for heeding when he immediately came face to face with a startled Rin. “Oh, you’re out?” She squeaked, her hand raised still to knock.

“Sure am! Don’t use the bottle on the counter by the way, it’s not lotion.” Kabru said with a wink as he brushed past her and continued down the hall.

“What- it’s not like I use your sh*tty lotions anyway!” Rin protested, throwing the words at his retreating back. This, of course, wasn’t remotely true by any standard, but he let her have the win. “Where are you even going at this hour?”

He paused in front of his bedroom door. “To class, remember? I have Digital Cultures and Communities today.” Kabru told her.

It was child’s play to see how she was thinking Oh, yeah, that’s true, with how she furrowed her brow and subconsciously inclined her head. “I don’t know why you expect anyone to know your schedule.” She sneered instead before darting through the ajar door and swinging it shut. That too was very Rin.

His fondness for her kept his footsteps light as he swept his computer into his bag. At this point, Kabru couldn’t imagine his mornings without her hilariously acerbic presence. It felt natural that they ended up here, at the same school, in the same apartment, forever connected. Still, it was probably for the best that their interactions were neatly separated into categories and moments that had nothing to do with class. He could already see any precious group work time being lost to banter and gossip, and it’d mostly be his fault. What can I say? I like to chat.

In his pocket, his phone buzzed. Well, except for when Mick’s being Mick. Kabru corrected himself. He meant to check it later, really, because the half-foot ought to learn that spam wasn’t the best way to get a response, but then it kept buzzing. And buzzing. Not in the manner of a text either, but as a sign of something worse. “sh*t…” He fumbled for the offending device, only for it to skitter out of his grasp. “sh*t! f*ck!”

“What the hell are you doing in there?!?” From the bathroom, a familiar voice yelled its demand for an explanation.

“Nothing!” Kabru called back. Saying that while lying on the floor was irrelevant. At least his phone was safe. He glared at the offending object and the name displayed across his screen. I never should have thought I could have a normal school life. So went his sole thought, full of resentment.

When he answered the video call though, he endeavored to smile. “Pattadol! Good morning! I wasn’t expecting you to reach out so soon.” Giving out his number at all had been a conciliatory gesture. Somehow, he had managed to hope that they’d understand he didn’t actually want them to use it. Maybe he gave her too much credit. Or perhaps she just didn’t care about what he wanted, which was even more likely. It was hard to tell, especially with the pain he was in.

“Hello to you as well!” The elf waved. Through the speaker, the sound of loud chatter around her filtered through. “Oh, and you’re already dressed! That’s perfect. Did you know there’s a peculiar bruise on your chin?”

Oh? There’s a bruise? Incredible! I completely didn’t guess that from the throbbing in my face! How spectacular! His inner voice dissolved into aggravated screaming for what only amounted to a second or two in real time, but it certainly felt like an eternity to him. “I didn’t, no. Thanks for the warning. Do you, uh, need anything?”

Her camera tilted to show a plate piled high with food. “We’re all waiting for you,” she was saying as she panned over waffles drizzled with syrup and glistening strawberries, “and we even scrounged up a plate of breakfast on your behalf! All of your favorites, just as your mother said! I don’t quite remember the name of the dining hall we’re in, but I can send you the location. When can you get here?”

He could practically taste the sugar through the screen. A twitch of his nose was the only sign of his discontent that leaked through however. If this was his mother talking at him (not to, rarely ever to nowadays), the matter would have been easy to handle. These were my favorites when I was 8, you know! He’d groan, and Milsiril would laugh at the meaningless show of rebellion. That was a familiar, comforting story.

Instead, at this show of presumption, Kabru feigned a rueful look. “Oh, she didn’t say? I don’t really eat breakfast anymore. I hope you’ll enjoy it in my stead though!” Swiftly, he hung up and powered off his phone. Even he had limits in terms of letting others guide him where he didn’t want to go.

“Going to class now!” He shouted, one hand cupped over his mouth for the sake of projecting.

There was the clatter of a bottle against the floor. “If I die from a heart attack because of you, I can and will return to haunt your lazy ass!” And that was that.

In contrast to the day before, it was a chilly morning. Kabru walked briskly, cutting across the quad to reach the main humanities building. His thoughts tumbled through his brain, each one a strange sparkling point in a web of impulses and ideas. Practically none of them were devoted to the class waiting before him. Why would they be? That would change once he saw his teacher. The switch would be flipped in his brain then. But, as he climbed up the steps and headed down the hall, as he pushed open the door to the classroom and turned on the light with a tidy flick, as he set out his laptop and settled into his seat, he mainly thought about the news.

From the moment he figured out that squiggles on a page held meaning, he enjoyed gathering knowledge. People were an endless well to drink from. They were always doing something, always getting embroiled in some controversy or other mishap, and it was thrilling. He liked the hour or so before class where he got to sit, screen split, and answer emails while perusing the news. Even gossip pages had their charms, though it was impossible to compare dwarven scandals to how tall-men celebrities weathered the storm. Longevity had its appeal and its drawbacks, after all.

Lately though, Kabru found himself saving articles he’d never dare read otherwise. Some were purely academic and devoted to odd physiologies. Others were more disreputable, hosted on sites full of random sponcon and grainy photographs. He winced over every one, no matter where it fell on the spectrum of evidence. But still, he kept reading.

How else would he know how to talk to Laios? Fake it ‘till you make it! Where he was aiming to make it to though, he still didn’t know yet. He supposed it’d click when he reached his destination and not a moment before.

Kabru was reading an interview from a half-foot who survived being used for succubus hunting - and was now going after her ex-party for attempted murder - when Otta finally skidded into the room, panting from overexertion. “There you are! Ugh, this place… It really was hard to find for no reason.” She forced out between harsh breaths.

“If you stay here a while, you’ll get used to it eventually.” He replied, eyeing her up. For a brief period of time last night, he had felt bad for clocking her wrong, even if it was only in the space of his own mind. After going through her public record though, the guilt soured into something more vile. Now, he didn’t know what to think of her. She wouldn’t be out of place in the clubs he liked to frequent, and yet, she was exactly the sort of elf he used to have nightmares about. The discrepancy made him wary.

When she sat next to him and chugged a bit of water, he said nothing. Her presence seemed obvious, almost predestined. Rather than ask why she decided to rush over, he went back to drafting an email. His fingers flew across the keys. I appreciate the offer, Professor, but I’m afraid I must decline. You see, I-

“I actually audited this class. We’ll be seeing a lot of each other from now on.” Otta shattered the silence. She smiled confidently in his direction.

He maintained eye contact for the appropriate amount of time. “Cool, that’s great!” Kabru pushed a bit more enthusiasm into his voice before allowing himself to look back at his computer. - am unable to accept employment offers of this kind due to the Fair Labor Practices for Short-Lived Races in Long-Lived Race-Dominant Nations Act. As I am sure you are aware, the law was established due to predatory schemes that extracted labor from c-

“What are you working at over there with such a stern face? Are you feeling okay?”

Kabru fought with the urge to curse, slam his laptop shut, and put his head down in that precise order. “I’m alright.” He said, clicking out of the tab with the knowledge that the draft would be saved. “I was concentrating on how best to write a message to my professor.”

“Oh! I’m sorry.” Her eyes shone with delight, dulling the apology. “It’s nice to see how proactive you are. I’m sure your teachers appreciate it.”

If such a statement were to come from Holm or Dia, he would preen under the attention. (He’d also randomly bring it up whenever a good opportunity to do so presented itself, but that was neither here nor there.) Coming from this elf though, Kabru didn’t quite know what to say. “Thank you. I can’t say for sure, but I hope they do.”

She nodded. “Yeah, if it were up to me, I’d just leave you alone. That’s what I decided after seeing you with that guy the other day. You looked very mature. And clearly you are! Again, not much I can do, but I support you and whatever you want to pursue.”

He wanted to mentally note next to her name that her comment showed there was a schism between the Canaries here, and he did. But the rest of him was struggling to decide if recoiling was the right response. Mature? Why that word of all words? That… I mean… This has to be a little weird, right?

Before he could manage to string some words together, the door swung back open with a bang. Kabru’s shoulders sagged with relief at the sight of his classmates streaming into the room. The man who usually sat on his right glared at Otta for a moment before veering off to a chair in the row behind them. The elf didn’t seem to notice. Her eyes were focused solely on their teacher, who bustled over to the front of the room before getting up on her stool.

“Good morning, everyone. Today, we’re going to keep discussing the question of innovation.” The half-foot woman said while adjusting her glasses. Her voice was the same as ever - slow, cold, unquestionable.

Otta leaned across the space between them, nudging him in the side with one pointy elbow. “Hey, I didn’t know this place was hiding hot teachers. You’ve been holding out on me!” She whispered poorly, her cheeks aflame.

Ah. Kabru thought as his eyes swiveled up to the heavens. Okay. Everything makes sense. She’s not only a Canary, but she’s also a chaser. Cool, cool, cool. I’d like my ticket to the stratosphere now, please and thank you! Oh, and forward my money to the kids!

No one answered. Spiritual service in this day and age truly was subpar.

To make matters worse, class ended up being awful. It wasn’t their teacher’s fault, but between being unable to look away from how Otta stared at the poor woman to the almost-screamed debate about the regulation of certain technologies near the end, he just wanted to go home and dunk his head in the bathtub.

Unfortunately, his elf bodyguard - no other word would do - had other ideas in mind. “Come on,” she said, tugging him up to his feet the second he put his computer away, “let’s go.”

“Go where?” Kabru didn’t pull away until they were out in the hallway. He rubbed circles over the indents her fingers left behind on his skin. Honestly, he suspected that the only reason he wasn’t bleeding right now was because she trimmed her nails down incredibly short.

“To lunch?” She looked perplexed by his unwillingness to go where she demanded. “You really have a sour little face sometimes. Yeah, you need some food in you, even if it’s kinda early! It’ll help.”

“But I’m not-”

His stomach growled. Traitor! A flash of irritation towards his body lanced through him. The sound was just the excuse Otta needed to grab him again. Sure enough, she did, just as roughly. This time, Kabru fought to keep pace with her, if only to lessen the pain.

They walked, met with a wave of heat instead of the coolness from earlier in the day. Immediately, he knew which dining hall they were going to. Had they just… not bothered to find any others on campus beyond the one he briefly pointed out? He wanted to laugh, even though it wasn’t funny. He wondered what it might be like to have no real interest in your surroundings beyond the minimal, but that was something he’d never know.

Soon enough, they made it to their destination. Otta finally released him, still grinning like she did nothing wrong or unusual. Again, he thought back to her record and wrinkled his nose.

The sole benefit of getting here at this time of day was being able to avoid the lunch rush. Spotting the Canaries proved simple too. They had taken over half of a table, plates and cups strewn about everywhere. And yet, none of them were touching their meals. “- go back!” Fleki was saying, waving her hands about for emphasis. “I mean, not right away, we’re not amateurs. But we can stick around for a week, tell her the photo was a fluke, and go! Who’s with me? Boss, what do you think?”

Kabru hung back for two reasons. The first was that they simply hadn’t noticed his presence yet. As a general rule, people-watching when the subjects were oblivious made information gathering far easier. He didn’t have to consider the weight of a particular performance; he only had to look and listen. The second, though, was pure bewilderment freezing him in his tracks. Their leader, Mithrun, had his hair tucked behind his ears. An innocuous change, maybe, if he were anyone else.

But, despite being a guard, the ends of his ears were entirely torn off.

“I don’t care about this assignment.” Mithrun said. His voice came out low, making it almost a struggle to make out each word at the distance Kabru was standing at. “But access to the dungeon depends on how we do. That was the deal. We stay until that’s revoked or we’re called back. There’s nothing else to say.”

Though it wasn’t meant that way, Kabru took this as his cue. “Hello, everyone! Sorry if I’ve kept you waiting this time as well.” He stepped forward, beaming.

A flash of panic ran over Pattadol’s face. “Ah, no, no! You haven’t! Sit right here. Um, if you would. I already got food for you.”

As he rounded the table to sit by her, his eyes remained on the offering. Grilled sardines laid next to brown rice. His stomach twisted at the sight, torn between revulsion and acceptance. Kabru settled down and chose the latter emotion as a guide. The fish tasted good on his tongue.

“Do you usually eat with your friends?” Pattadol asked. Her eyes were intent, focused somewhere around his nose.

He swallowed down a chunk before answering. “No, I wouldn’t say that I do. Our schedules conflict a lot. It’s more likely that we’ll get together for study sessions or events on campus. Performances, club meetings, that sort of thing.” It wasn’t a lie. The fact that they managed to spend multiple times a week together despite the challenges in their way didn’t need to be said.

Fleki perked up, no longer sulking. “There’s clubs around here?!?”

“Not that I know of?” The party scene is very much relegated to people’s homes and dwarf tunnels. Now for some rice. Kabru scooped it into his mouth. It wasn’t basmati rice or nearly as seasoned as he’d like, but it’d do.

“Boo! Nevermind…” She sagged with a grumbling noise. Then, in Elvish: “I knew this place was a backwater.”

Lycion snorted, jostling his drink in the process. “Not very PC of you, Fleki!” He faux scolded her, also in Elvish.

Kabru, for his part, kept eating. They didn’t need to know that he understood them either. Not yet, anyway. Their accents were interesting though. To his ears, their captain sounded like he hailed from the central part of the kingdom, but that didn’t hold true for the snickering duo. They both sounded like they came from the Southern Central Continent, though he struggled to place the exact region. Odd. Maybe they were extradited? He’d see if he could find that out later, just as a little side project for himself.

“Would you two be quiet?!?” Pattadol snapped. Her smile as she turned back to him was strained. “Um, please ignore that. Of the friends you see regularly, do you count that Laios man among them?”

“No. Why?” This time, his bite contained both grain and flesh.

Her ears sank a fraction. “W-Well, you see, I-”

“We want to get an understanding of the bonds you view as typical.” Cithis interjected, smiling. One nail, sharp and gleaming, circled the rim of her tea cup. “The company you keep is very important to us.”

Kabru met her piercing gaze head-on. “That’s nice,” he replied placidly, “but there isn’t much to know. My life isn’t that interesting. What you’ve seen is what you’ll be getting. I hope that isn’t too bothersome.”

She inclined her head. Game on, her eyes seemed to say, this ought to be fun. “I think we’ll judge that for ourselves. But thank you for the consideration, Kabru.”

“Of course. Now, I really need to get going.” Kabru stood, taking his plate with him.

“Really? But you just got here! You should eat some more! I can get you another plate.” Pattadol rose with him, visibly nervous. “I mean, you didn’t eat breakfast. Surely you want something else?”

“No, I’m full. And beyond that, I’m tired. It’s about time for my daily lie down. Sorry. But hey, let’s do this again sometime!”

On his way out of the building, he thought he heard one of the elves call him the Elvish word for weak. Then again, that same word could be used to describe fatigue, so he decided not to take it personally.

The further he got away from them, the more Kabru relaxed. So they didn’t want to be here? Perfect! He still had to keep an eye on them, he wasn’t stupid, but it really did sound like the main person to worry about here was Milsiril. His mother could be diverted. He just needed some time.

For now, though, he wandered back to his apartment. He hadn’t actually meant it when he suggested he took daily naps, because who had the time, but the prospect of lazing about for an hour suddenly seemed very appealing. Besides, didn’t he earn it by navigating so many people and their perceptions while gobbling up a meal? He deserved to engage in his favorite pastime after the day he had.

After a quick ride in a rattling elevator, Kabru unlocked his door. “Rin?” He called into the empty space. No reply. “Alright then.” He said to himself, taking the time to lock back up before slipping off his shoes. Call it self-preservation, but he wanted to give her as few reasons to try walking in on him as possible.

As he settled on top of his bed, legs crossed and raised behind him as he laid on his treacherous stomach, he did take the time to think about what he was doing. He knew, based on what his friends always said, that the way he indulged himself was odd to other people. Sometimes, he even heard the word ‘scary’. But he also felt no desire to change. What did it hurt to find people to be exciting to their core, no matter who they were? Who was affected by him scrolling through their profiles for hints of anything real?

That was why he liked Laios’ page, upon further reflection. It was frustratingly sparse, but the sincerity of it thrilled him. The more he poured over the posts, the more clear it became that Laios either was perfectly confident in his digital footprint’s absurdity or didn’t know such a thing existed.

Take his most recent post for example. The other tall-man looked sunburnt, but he was grinning ear to ear. In his arms, he held a batch of wobbly-looking eggs. Kabru peeked at the timestamp - 5 minutes ago. I’ll set a 15 minute timer. He decided, swiping out of the app for a moment to follow through. Once that goes off, I’ll like it. I don’t think I could live it down if he knew I had notifications on for him.

Still, for the time being, he had full free rein to look every detail over. The joy in Laios’ face couldn’t be faked. He was perfectly happy holding… what was that anyway? Kabru squinted at the caption.

laios.touden: GUESS WHO GOT THEIR HANDS ON BASILISK EGGS [basilisk emoji]


donotfollowme: where the hell did you find those????

laios.touden: @donotfollowme prof [golem emoji] helped [warg emoji]

donotfollowme: @laios.touden … of course he did. if you try to feed me that sh*t, i’ll make you pay

laios.touden: @donotfollowme kay :<

Well, that answered his question. Kabru wrinkled his nose, suddenly flooded with dread. He absolutely did not want to eat a basilisk egg! Or even comment on it at all, if he was being completely honest with himself. But he’d have to do the latter and hope the former never happened, wouldn’t he? Ugh, ugh, f*ck!

In a rush, he scrolled back to his favorite post from Laios to cleanse his spirit. It was from a year ago, but he enjoyed it the most. No caption, only a few likes, just a nice little video of Laios cannonballing next to his sister and her elf friend at a lake. “KRAKEN SPLASH!” He hollered, again and again, on a forever loop. They would scream, shielding their faces from the onslaught, and then it’d begin anew.

On the first few repeats, Kabru watched the way his legs moved as he barreled down the pier, oblivious to how likely it was for him to slip and fall. Afterwards, he always found himself wistfully wondering what was going on in Laios’ mind at that moment. Was it an attempt to bother them? A playful tease? Something he said on a whim? He didn’t know, but oh, he wanted to.

He sat there for so long that his timer went off with a startling blare. “Woah!” He cried out, fumbling with the phone to stop it. Time sure flies sometimes, huh? Kabru laughed to himself. At least he hadn’t-

On cue, his eyes darted to the now red heart.

I need to write up a will. No, I need to find an executor first and figure out my beneficiaries. Then I need to write up a will.

Of course his flailing accidentally clicked the like button. And of course, this app was hellish enough not to unsend notifications if he undid his mistake, because why would they? Why would they operate like any other app? He wasn’t being hysterical. No, obviously not. This? This was just the average man’s thought process, naturally!

Kabru buried his face in his hands. What could he do? It was entirely possible that Laios wouldn’t care or find it strange, but what if he did? How could he get ahead of this?

The answer struck him like lightning. I need to control the narrative. I’ll just call him! Didn’t I say I’d do that today? It’s perfect.

He gave himself no time to think or, better yet, talk himself out of the reckless choice entirely. There was only the frantic scrolling through contacts, and then, the sound of ringing.

This will work. It has to, or I might as well start on those legal documents now.

“Hm?” Laios glanced down at his phone. “Oh! Kabru’s calling me!”

Senshi didn’t turn around from loading up the truck with their cargo, but he grunted in acknowledgment. “That nice lad ye mentioned the other day?”

“Yeah. We’re friends now.” Like always, whenever he thought about it, he began to smile. Or so Falin said. “He said he’d call me, but I didn’t think it’d be right now. Can I go take this real quick?”

“‘Course, just don’t take too long. We need to get these things on ice soon.”

He walked a bit away from his teacher, enough where he thought Senshi wouldn’t hear. Then, finally, he answered. “Kabru!” Laios practically cheered into the phone. “Hey! What are you doing?”

“Oh, nothing much. I’m at home. And you? What are you up to?” Even through the barrier of the phone, Kabru’s voice sounded sweet. Not like a dryad’s fruit, more like a man-eating plant’s. Maybe he should change his contact for him after all.

Laios shook his head to clear it. His cheeks were starting to warm again, and a minute hadn’t even gone by yet. Weird. He’d think about that later. “I’m gathering basilisk eggs for class! We’re going to try to make omelettes. They’re really good, even though they look different than you’d expect. Everyone always thinks a basilisk egg should look like a chicken’s, but they don’t. And that’s because the snake is the main body! Did you know that?”

His friend chuckled. “No, I can’t say that I did. Are you having fun? You’re not by yourself, are you? I don’t think it’d be safe to deal with a basilisk on your own.”

“No, I’m with someone! Don’t worry, Kabru, I’m fine. The mother wasn’t even around actually. And we left some eggs there so she won’t panic or get sick.” Laios explained. It was a shame, because he liked seeing the mothers in all of their indignant glory, but he guessed it wasn’t meant to be this time around.

“Well, alright. You’re the expert. But that doesn’t answer my first question. Are you having fun?”

The warmth spread through him, all the way down into his toes. “I am! I really am. Thanks, Kabru…”

He could almost imagine the other man shaking his head after his next reply. “You don’t need to thank me. I’m happy you’re happy, that’s all. It’s the most interesting things that bring it out of you too. Like the kraken vi-”

“You saw that?!?” Laios’ heart sped up with alarm. Kabru’s so cool. He definitely never pretends to be a sea monster! What if he thinks I’m strange? “Um… You don’t have to think about it if you don’t want to.”

There was an incredulous noise on the other end of the line. “Why wouldn’t I want to think about it? I thought it was cute. You were clearly having the time of your lives. It’d be fun to go to that lake together, don’t you think?”

Cute? Laios blinked. No one called him that. He didn’t even think he was called cute as a child. Warg puppies were cute. Baby basilisks? Cute. Him? Kabru must be tired. He thought, shrugging it off. “Mmhm. Hey, why are you calling me? I need to go soon.”

“Hm? Maybe I just wanted to hear your voice…”

He brightened up again. “Really? Awesome! Cool! I like hearing your voice too, Kabru. You could do commercials, and I’d actually listen to them! Well, if that’s all, this was fun-”

“Wait!” Kabru blurted out. “Sorry, I shouldn’t be coy. That’s a bad habit of mine. Forgive me. I’m actually calling because of the cheesecake date you wanted. I saw your kraken post, and it reminded me somehow. Can we hash that out now? Or are you too busy?”

“Oh! I forgot about that!” Against his will, at the mere thought of cheesecake with a friend, his mouth started to water. “Uh… So I can’t really speak right now. I have these eggs. But I still wanna go with you. They have the best stuff! Chocolate cheesecake, strawberry, raspberry, lemon meringue, red velvet- oooh! And they even have this new one that has bacon on top! If we ask nicely, we’ll get to try it.”

Kabru was silent for a long moment. “Bacon? What sort of bacon?”

“... Regular bacon? I mean, they might have turkey, I don’t know. I can check?” Laios replied, at a loss.

“No, no, pork is alright.” Weirdly, Kabru sounded a little relieved. “How about this weekend? In, hm, 2 days?”

“Sure! That works. I’ll come get you.” He could see it now, them driving down the road, the wind in their hair. “Bye, Kabru.”

“Bye, Laios. Have a safe trek back.” And, with a gentle click, the other man was gone.

Before anything else, he stood there and shook his wrists to get all of the excitement out. Then, he headed back to Senshi. His feet barely touched the floor.

“What’s gotten into ye, Laios?” The dwarf said.

“Kabru and I have a date.” Laios tried to control himself, fighting to keep his volume down, but he didn’t quite succeed. A nearby bird shifted anxiously on a branch.

Senshi nodded sagely. “Mmm. For the next one, make him a meal. That’s the best way.”

To do what, his teacher didn’t say. Laios could imagine though. As he hopped into the truck bed with the eggs, his mind came up with a scene. Him and Kabru, at the beach, sharing a basilisk omelette… Wouldn’t that be nice?

He couldn’t wait!

Only I See You (the way you wanna see yourself) - Chapter 6 - EtherealNyx - ダンジョン飯 | Dungeon Meshi (2024)
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Hobby: Digital arts, Lacemaking, Air sports, Running, Scouting, Shooting, Puzzles

Introduction: My name is Delena Feil, I am a clean, splendid, calm, fancy, jolly, bright, faithful person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you.