No Hard Feelings Showtimes Near Regal Warrington (2024)

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  • From acclaimed filmmaker Nicole Holofcener comes a sharply observed comedy about a novelist whose long standing marriage is suddenly upended when she ...

  • From acclaimed filmmaker Nicole Holofcener comes a sharply observed comedy about a novelist whose long standing marriage is suddenly upended when she overhears her husband give his honest reaction to her latest book. A film about trust, lies, and the things we say to the people we love most.

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No Hard Feelings Showtimes Near Regal Warrington (2024)


What time does no hard feelings come out? ›

No Hard Feelings was theatrically released in the United States on June 23, 2023, by Sony Pictures Releasing.

How long are movie previews? ›

The feature film does not start at the published showtime. There are approximately 20 minutes of preshow material, including trailers, between the published showtime and the start of the feature film.

Is No Hard Feelings a good movie? ›

This raunchy comedy often plays it disappointingly safe, but Jennifer Lawrence's comedic and dramatic chops ensure that the end result prompts No Hard Feelings. Funny and heartfelt, No Hard Feelings is good fun for fans of R-rated comedies.

Do Maddie and Percy sleep together? ›

When Percy returns to the house, he and Maddie then decide to have sex and get it over with, but before he can even get inside her, he ends up ejacul*ting on her thigh. He says that he knows about everything and doesn't want to see Maddie anymore, saying that she will end up living in Montauk for the rest of her life.

How to avoid movie previews? ›

Avoid going into a movie more than 16 minutes after the start time (it has probably already started) or less than 14 minutes after start time (you're still in preview hell). Most theaters have between 14-16 minutes of previews and ads prior to the main show.

Do movies start exactly on time? ›

In most theaters, there is typically a period of time between the published showtime and the start of the actual movie. This time is usually filled with preshow material, including trailers and advertisem*nts.

Does a movie time include previews? ›

No, movie theater runtimes typically do not include the trailers (previews) shown at the start. The advertised runtime usually refers to the duration of the main feature film itself. How Long Are Movie Previews? Movie previews (trailers) are usually around one and a half to two and a half minutes long.

Where will No Hard Feelings be released? ›

Watch No Hard Feelings | Netflix.

When did No Hard Feelings come out on Netflix? ›

No Hard Feelings is making a splash in its streaming debut. The raunchy R-rated comedy, which stars Jennifer Lawrence, was released on Netflix on Oct. 22.

Is No Hard Feelings inappropriate? ›


What is going on with Common Sense Media? Full nudity and a story about someone trying to trick them into sexual relations in order for money? Not a movie I'd want to take my children to see. 3 people found this helpful.

How old is Percy in No Hard Feelings? ›

Percy was 19 years old and was very socially awkward, which is why his parents were worried about him and wanted him to be “ready” for university, though Percy's shyness and awkwardness were also, in large part, his parents' fault.

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