Kate Abdo says she 'felt HURT' by Jamie Carragher's 'loyalty' joke (2024)

Kate Abdo has claimed that she was left 'feeling a little bit hurt' by Jamie Carragher's 'obnoxious' joke that she was 'not loyal' to her partner Malik Scott.

The CBS Sports presenter has also added that Scott, a boxing trainer, does not want to fight the former Liverpool defender, despite him saying he would 'show up in a physical manner' if someone had upset his partner.

The incident occurred during CBS Sports' coverage of Arsenal's Champions League clash against Porto at the Emirates Stadium in March, with Carragher's attempted humour uncomfortably missing the mark.

Abdo subsequently addressed the incident live on television 24 hours later, delivering a brutal put-down to Carragher, but the CBS Sports presenter has now spoken again on the comments, claiming that they had 'hurt'.

'What Jamie said came from nowhere,' the CBS Sports presenter told iFLTV. 'It was just a quick line, it was meant to be funny, sometimes they hit, sometimes they don't.

Kate Abdo said she was left 'feeling a little bit hurt' by Jamie Carragher's joke over her 'loyalty'

The Liverpool legend had suggested Abdo was 'not loyal' to her partner during a live broadcast

'That one went a little bit sideways. I felt a little bit hurt but it is what it is. You move on. We talked about it, we're all good, nothing really to talk about.'

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Scott had said that the comments had 'gotten to him' and that if Carragher's joke had upset his partner there would have been a 'big deal'.

'Malik does not want to fight Jamie,' Abdo said. 'Malik and Jamie are cool. I understand why Malik said what he said but I think also if you read the full extent of what he said he was super respectful.

'He just said, you know, like anybody would say, if anything was said in the future that crossed the line, I'd want to have a conversation man to man. I think that's a normal thing.

'I think the headlines that [said] "I'll turn up in physical fashion" - that was a little overstated. But Malik is so secure as a person. Nothing rattles him.'

The incident came about after Carragher donned an Arsenal shirt during CBS's live coverage after being asked to do so by Bukayo Saka.

Co-pundit Micah Richards had also worn the shirt previously, prompting the former Liverpool defender to suggest Thierry Henry and presenter Abdo should be next to wear the Arsenal top on-air.

It sparked a bizarre moment in which the former Liverpool defender questioned Abdo's loyalty to her partner, Scott.

Carragher said: 'You (Henry) can wear it next and for the last part (of the show) you (Abdo) have got to wear it,' he told his colleagues.

😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/94QjkAF4Qh

— Adz🖤 (@adzmk2) March 13, 2024

Abdo recently announced that she was in a relationship with boxing trainer Malik Scott

Scott was also in attendance during CBS's coverage of Tuesday's Champions League games

Scott stressed that if the comments had 'upset' his partner, it would have been 'a big deal'

Abdo swiftly responded, 'No, I'm loyal,' she said before adding, 'to Manchester United, thank you very much,' when asked by Carragher who she was loyal to.

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'You're not loyal to Malik,' the ex-Liverpool defender replied, in reference to her boyfriend, Scott.

The wisecrack did not go down too well, with Abdo replying 'What? How can you even say that?'

Henry and Richards were then seen smiling awkwardly on the live coverage with Carragher subsequently attempting to explain the comment.

Abdo had recently announced that she was in a relationship with Deontay Wilder's boxing trainer, Scott.

Fans have also previously joked on social media that Henry, has a crush on Abdo and had laughed at his reaction to finding out about, what social media users termed, 'his work wife's' new relationship.

Scott has subsequently broken his silence on the incident, claiming that it would be an issue if the comment upset his partner.

'I'm very much in love with her and I plan on marrying her,' he told Lord Ping. 'So the thing that happened with Jamie, it's a part of the job, but it's not the first time he's said something out the way like that, but it's the first time he said something in reference to possibly disturbing a household or disturbing a couples chemistry.

The Liverpool legend's attempt at humour during a live broadcast missed the mark

Having previously kept her personal life relatively private, Abdo shared pictures of her and Scott on Instagram

'It was a very minute thing, but her being irritated by it a little bit is what really got to me. Him just saying it and being that guy who always makes those picking at you jokes wasn't really a big deal to me at all. It's only a big deal if Kate is upset.

'If Kate gets upset then it's a really big deal to me and I'll give him a call and if he doesn't pick up my call, then I'll show up in a physical manner so we can talk like men, so that's not something you should continue to do.

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'But I think Jamie apologised, not just to Kate but to the team, and one thing you can't do is knock a man who admits he was wrong. In that regard, I have high respect for him.'

Abdo, too, has previously addressed the comments, delivering a scathing put-down of Carragher on the show the following evening.

'You know what, this group has been together now for three-and-a-half years is it I think and I grew up with a brother and on this show I feel like I've gained three more here at the desk,' she said on the live broadcast.

'Let me introduce you to the group again. Thierry Henry, of course, the golden child who can do no wrong. Always says the right thing, sets the example for the rest of us.

'Can he be intimidating? Yes, he can. But he is the big brother we all look up to and we all aspire to.

'Then there is the middle child. Jamie Carragher. A chip on his shoulder, capable of saying anything for attention.

'Does he go too far sometimes? Absolutely. Does he apologize? Yes, he does. But all of us have that one annoying family member that we still love and accept.

'And then there's little bro. Loud but loveable, Micah Richards. Easy to pick on, impossible not to love and everybody's favorite.

Abdo delivered a brutal monologue the next day, putting Jamie Carragher in his place

She said the Liverpool defender was 'capable of saying anything for attention'

Scott serves as 'Bronze Bomber' Deontay Wilder's trainer after previously competing as a heavyweight fighter

'You know what? Like a good family, we stick together. So here we are, another day and another show. Good to be with you all.'

Scott was also seen at CBS Sports' studios watching Abdo present the show's coverage of Tuesday night's Champions League fixtures. He posted a picture of Abdo preparing for the broadcast on his story, writing: 'The best at what you do baby.'

Scott had also previously said that Carragher was unable to read the room, despite praising his co-pundit Henry.

'Jamie Carragher's - what's the word - obnoxiousness and his lack of knowing how to read the room works sometimes, that time it just didn't work,' Deotany Wilder's trainer added.

'But sometimes it works and it plays off into a good joke, then someone else on the panel will play off that and it rolls off good on camera. But that wasn't a good one Jamie, so you have to watch it really from now on because once Kate gets irritated, I get irritated and it makes me want to show up.'

Kate Abdo says she 'felt HURT' by Jamie Carragher's 'loyalty' joke (2024)
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