Incompetence Kills - grain_regrets - PHIGHTING! (Roblox) [Archive of Our Own] (2024)

Medkit was safe.

He was safe in the sense that when it came to their relationship, despite his snippy attitude and the harsh words that laced his tongue, Subspace knew that at the end of the night he was a rock.

Then again he was also a traitor to Blackrock and everything Subspace stood for as a whole. But… if he had to choose between Medkit and any other bloke to pull under the sheets at night he’d much rather it be his ex-partner, don’t ask why.

“Finally done?” Subspace asked with an unamused glance as he looked up from his phone.

How long had it been? Ten minutes? Nearly twenty.. probably.

Medkit was always very particular. The fact that he had to ‘get ready’ to have sex almost made it feel like some sort of chore, and it was one of the many characteristics Subspace didn’t like about him.

Sex is supposed to be fun!

It’s supposed to be wild, uninhabited, spur of the moment bullsh*t! If he wanted an excuse just for his ex-labpartner to come in his humble abode and hoard the bathroom for twenty minutes-which he wouldn’t, by the way-then he wouldn’t have bothered to invite Medkit over at all.

“Impatient, are we?” Medkit replies as he leans against the door frame to Subspace’s room. There’s a bottle in his hand, his remaining eye scanning its label lazily as if to check its ingredients. Typical.

Normally Subspace would just yell and tell him to hurry the f*ck up so they could get on with it, but seeing Medkit in nothing but a loose pair of pajama pants which does wonders for his v-line satisfies his tastes temporarily.

Another minute later and Medkit is finally making his way over to the bed, placing the lube down on the bedside table as he crawls onto the mattress and grabs Subspace’s hip. “What’s with the mask?”

“What do you mean? I always wear a mask.” he answers, his tone holding a small semblance of confusion and curiosity.

“How am I supposed to kiss you if I can’t get to your mouth?”

Somewhere in the room Subspace could’ve sworn he heard a pin drop.

..Excuse me?

“You- hah..” He replies, his visible eyebrow quirking upwards. “We never kiss when we do it. What makes you think-”

“I want to kiss you.” there’s a lull.

Something about that makes his stomach churn. He’s caught between the identification on whether or not it’s a good feeling or otherwise because before he can even consider the brick wall of emotions tumbling down on him, he pulls off his mask.

“Yeah- yeah. Okay Meddy, I can do-” And before he can get another word out, the doctor’s lips press against his, encapsulating his mouth as Medkit’s left hand runs down and over the half-exposed skin of his hip.

Medkit’s lips are soft. Much softer than Subspace’s have probably ever been in his life. Then again the doctor had always been pretty adamant about taking care of one’s own body and all that. Another typical variable that Subspace could care less for.

But that’s not what Subspace is focusing on right now.

All he can think about is the way Medkit’s lips move against his own, the hand on his hip kneading his skin into the palm of his hand before it slowly slides up the side of his body, to his chest and over his shoulder before settling on a firm of hair.

“Mmmnh..” Subspace mumbles into the kiss, pressing himself into Medkit excitedly as his own hands reach out and around, running themselves over the other’s barren back, resting just above his pant line.

He can feel Medkit’s hand twist at the white strands poking between his fingertips, pulling at Subspace’s hair in a gentle manner which only excites him further.

When they stop, Subspace is the first to pull away. His lips thin slightly as if to savor the kiss, staring at Medkit as he does so as if daring him to hurry up and get onto the main course.

The other seems to think on it for just a moment, before closing his left eye and leaning back in, pressing a couple more warm, lazy kisses to the scar which runs over and along the right-side of Subspace’s mouth.

And despite the taller’s impatience, he forces himself to settle down and stay quiet. He’d be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy the warm, fuzzy feeling blooming in his chest as a result of the other’s actions.

The man who had caused the same scars of Subspace’s past now kissing him like they had always been apart of who he was. But it’s why he covers it.

Because after it had happened, he caught looks of those he’d rather not remember. Subspace would love to claim that he doesn’t know why. Everyone he knows has a scar or two. It’s nothing uncommon, especially on the field! But there’s a vague undertone. A painful reminder and a list of everything wrong with it, looping in his head whenever he looks himself in the mirror.

Maybe it was because the shape of it was so unusual. Or maybe it was because of the effects that followed. Subspace lets out a shaky breath as he lifts his arms a little more, pulling at the middle of the other male’s body to draw him in closer.

He wonders if this would feel just as good if he weren’t so touch-starved. But he can’t bring himself to care nor think on that idea too much longer when Medkit finally withdrawals, staring at Subspace with a look of.. dare he say: fondness?

“Are you okay?”

“...” Subspace blinks.

There’s something in the pit of his stomach which tells him to be honest. That he isn’t really in the mood to do this anymore. Not because it’s going to hurt him, nor upset and leave him broken in the moment and the ones to follow, but because it’s hard to follow through after something so abnormal. So sweet.

“I’m horny.” He replies with a narrowed eye and a scrunch of his nose, diverting Medkit’s attention from the question completely.

He’s always been one to get on with the plan. With whatever spur of the moment decision he makes, whether it be on the battlefield or his own self sabotage.

Medkit doesn’t respond as he blows a loose strand of hair out of his face. The dismissive, almost annoyed action of the ladder ticks off Subspace, moreso when he picks up on the subtle eye roll Medkit makes in his direction.

It's so brief that to anybody who didn't know him, it would seem almost normal. But after years of spending time with him, Subspace would recognize the characteristic anywhere.

Fine, if that’s how he wants to play it.

Subspace grabs Medkit suddenly, his right hand landing itself on his shoulder as he situates his left against the side of his neck, pulling him into a harsh kiss. He can feel the way Medkit’s hand tenses against his thigh, the way he nearly jerks back from the sudden action as if Subspace jerked him forward with the intent to bite.

It’s not surprising.

Subspace has always been one to love rough. It’s probably the only way he knows how, teeth clacking together as his dry, chapped lips of the cold mountain tops itch to break the other in first, like a man on the brink of starvation. He’s sure Medkit can taste the way the cold mountain tops affect his body when there’s a lack-of care to be had. A small, barely used capsule of vaseline that Medkit had gotten him years ago sitting on Subspace’s bedside table, ignored and forgotten.

It’s embarrassing to say, but he needs to consume Medkit like it’s his only chance he’ll have before the other slips away from his fingertips forever.

It’s already happened once and when he knows that it will inevitably happen again, he needs to make sure this experience sticks with Medkit like every other one which led them up to this point.

When Subspace finally pulls away he rubs his mouth against the backside of his wrist. He’s not done. Not yet. Not until Medkit can barely breathe and is fighting to pull away from him.

Before he can go back in however, he’s met with a soft fingertip to his mouth. “What’re you doing, Subspace?”

“You’re being too gentle. I want to make out.” Subspace replies as though it’s obvious, causing Medkit to raise his brow. It’s almost painstakingly clear that he’s pacing this much quicker than Medkit would prefer. Not because he’s nervous or vulnerable, but simply to piss him off.

As usual.

Medkit narrows his eye. ”I’m being too gentle?”

“Yeah, you are actually. Maybe if you f*cking manned up and fought back for once or, oh I don’t know; took control of the situation, you could read a room better, yeah?”

There’s a beat of silence before the shorter male lets out an annoyed groan, smashing his lips back into Subspace’s as his hold on the other’s hair grasps once more, rougher this time.

Subspace moans into the kiss, moving his hands down the other male’s chest slowly until he reaches the hem of Medkit’s pants, moving them down and over soft aged skin until they’re pooling around the other’s knees.

He expects Medkit to pull away, to stop kissing him so they can throw the garment across the room only for it to be shamefully plucked off the floor the morning after, but he doesn’t stop. He continues to kiss Subspace, even deepening it to solidify that he’s doing just as Sub asked.

Subspace exhales through his nose, lifting his hands to the shorter’s back before clawing downwards in a singular motion. It’s so easy to soak in the noises Medkit makes in response, to sink his hands into subtle flesh and leave etchings of himself and his desire into the doctor’s back.

“Subspace-” Medkit starts as he pulls away from the kiss instinctually.

“Shut up. Let me enjoy this. ..Please.”

Another blink, and Medkit dives back in, his lips burning breathlessly against Subspace’s as he pushes the taller down into the mattress via his hips.

Subspace is leading, and if he wants to enjoy this then who is Medkit to argue? He’s fine with taking the back road every once in a while, following suit as his nails dig into the other’s love handles, leaving strands of burning hot in his wake as the Subspace presses into Medkit’s grasp.

“Hmpgh.. f*ck. Just like that..” Subspace moans quietly as he pulls away from Medkit, the nearby light of a bedside table lamp illuminating a single strand of saliva connecting their tongues.

Subspace can’t help but snort at the sight of Medkit breaking it with his tongue as Subspace slips his legs out from beneath the covers of his bed, subtly trying to pull down the other’s pants the rest of the way with his foot as Medkit lowers himself enough to gain access to Subspace’s neck, biting.

His teeth sink into a particularly soft part which he knows will get the pink demon going. It’s not rough, but he’s sure to do it just firm enough to satisfy the other male. He counts.

One, two, three, four, five..

Before pulling away to admire the mark left behind. There’s visible teeth indents, and even if Medkit isn’t as into this as Subspace is, he feels a hint of satisfaction when Subspace lets out a poorly-suppressed giggle of excitement.

Medkit moves slowly, looking for the spot which he knows will make Subspace see stars. Leaning back down, he nips at a different area of Subspace’s neck, sucking hard.

Subspace’s palms rub against his back sweetly, low groans echoing through the room. This is heaven, or at least parallel to what he imagines heaven would be like.

Medkit reaches over, steady fingers grasping at the bottle of lube he had observed earlier. He pops open the cap, pouring a generous amount onto the fingers of his right hand much slower than Subspace would’ve liked.

“Hurry up.”

“Bratting isn’t going to make me go any faster. It would serve you right if I played with you a bit longer, but someone can’t hold his tongue, can he?” Medkit replied in a snippy tone.

Before Subspace can respond, he pushes a slick finger in, up to the knuckle; causing Subspace’s thighs to tremble against his own, retracting a hand from Medkit’s back to instead grasp at the other’s wrist.

“Ah- ah! f*ck, oh my god!” He cries, lips quivering as he digs his teeth into coarse flesh to fight back any more arising sounds.

That was new, yet not unwelcomed. Typically Medkit would instead choose to straddle him, teasing him softly as his finger of choice would circle the ring of muscle, laughing down at him as Subspace twitched underneath him. But not tonight.

There’s no more words of exchange between them, no more bratting. Instead Subspace moves his other hand to cover his eyes. He can’t bare to look at Medkit right now. Not when he’s so vulnerable.

It’s almost alien the way Medkit’s finger lingers inside him. There’s a slow pull that Subspace winces at before it slides back in. Subspace still remembers the last time he had done it. In fact, it had been with the very same man looming above him now, but that had been months ago.

Subspace was a busy man. For as loud and impulsive he could be, he never seemed to give into the wants and desires of his body. He didn’t have time to self satisfy. There was science to be done, and projects to be worked on, but a second finger joining the first seemed to make all those worries melt away in an instant.


“Look at me.”


“I’m giving you a command, no? If we’re going to do this Subspace, we might as well do it right.” Medkit cooed, a smirk twisting at the corners of his lips as he leaned in, mouth pressing against his scar once more as soft kisses trailed down the other’s jawline.

Subspace slowly uncovers his eyes, wincing at the fingers adjusting inside him as a ragged breath escapes raw throat, another shaky moan of delight following when Medkit digs his hand into the other’s hip once more.

“Feeling good?”

“Nngh- c’mon.. you’re being too gentle again..” He lies, rolling his hips into the other’s hands in an attempt to force him deeper.

Medkit holds his hip down once more, slowly sliding in another. Subspace can’t help but throw his head back, groaning softly as a pleasant burn courses through him. He can’t stop rolling his hips, the pleasure within him turning to vigor as he moves them faster, more skillfully, in an attempt to get the tips of Medkit’s fingers to brush against the desired spot within him.

Subspace was accommodating his digits a lot faster than usual. It was clear that he was determined to get Medkit’s swollen co*ck in him sooner than later, but still surprising given the fact that they hadn’t been in one another’s company for so long now.

Subspace gasps suddenly when the shorter twists his fingers ever so slightly, his back arching in delight at the sensation of them rubbing into the tender spot gently, loosening up his muscles enough to prepare him.

“Hand me the lube,” Subspace mews suddenly.

“Is it not enough? Do you need more?” Medkit asks.

“Hand me the f*cking lube. You’re a doctor - aren’t you?” He cracks a mocking smile. “You of all people should know when to hand off something, so give it to me. Or are you too dense to-”

“Take it.” Medkit mutters, handing the bottle to Subspace who physically sits up to grab it, unintentionally driving the other’s fingers a bit further into him.

“Ow-! f*cking dick.” He hisses, making Medkit’s jaw drop in offense.

“You’re the one who moved?! I was handing it to you.” He defends.

“Po-tato, po-tat-o!” Subspace snaps back.

“That’s not what that means!”

“What would you know?” Subspace asks as he pours some slick into the palm of his hand, rubbing the lube between his fingers before reaching towards Medkit, smearing it over his length and making sure it’s coated enough before giving it a gentle tug.

“I-” A breathy moan. “have a PhD!”

“Don’ttttt careee…”

Medkit’s eye narrows further as he moves his hand from the other male’s hip to his neck, wrapping his fingers around and squeezing at the sides, watching as Subspace tilts his head back obediently to allow Medkit more access, momentarily retracting his hand from the shorter male’s co*ck.

He’s not choking him–not even close–but the threat is enough to unbalance him.

“You’re f*cking disgusting, you know that?”

“H-hhah.. nff..” he replies, grinding down onto Medkit’s fingers once more. “f*ck.. harder~”

Medkit doesn’t even try to hide the grimace that comes across his face. Knowing the man beneath him, it’s probably turning him on considering the fact that the taller’s pulse seems to almost quicken against Medkit’s fingertips, just beneath the surface of his neck.

He continues like that for a moment, staring down at his ex-partner. He seems to be getting lost in his thought, mewling and rolling his hips onto Medkit’s fingers as he delves deeper into his inner workings of thought.

And while it’s cute, something Medkit would notice about the pink demon whenever he would pull himself out of his own thought bubble, he likes it much better when the other is focused on him.

If it weren’t for the fact that he knows Subspace would be into it given the right circ*mstances, he would never lay his hands on the other.

Even back then, he refused to fight the male in any other domestic setting than the battlefield. Sometimes, he still considers whatever substance he had thrown at the ladder to be considered much too far, but there’s not much he can do when it comes to his past nor those regrettable actions.

So it probably takes himself more off guard than Subspace when the fingers--which had been in Subspace only a second prior--are now slapping him square across the face.

The crack of his palm against the other’s cheek echoes through Subspace’s room before the impatient demon, the same one who had begged Medkit session after session to be rougher, more aggressive, more direct with what he wanted, looks at him with a wide-eyed shaken expression.

He almost seems fearful at the sudden change in Medkit’s inventory of actions. It’s new, foreign. And when he sees the small semblance of regret in the teal demon’s eye he fights his instincts to close in on himself and get violent on his own accord.

To defend himself. He’s learned not to put his guard down around those he trusts. But he’s always had a soft spot for Medkit. Even then. Even if it hurts him.

“Too muc-”

“It’s fine.” He replies before Medkit can even finish the question.

It doesn’t seem fine, but he knows better than to address it. It would just ruin the moment and whatever Subspace is itching to accomplish here.

Luckily, before Medkit can evaluate what he should do next to carry on without it feeling too awkward, he feels Subspace sit up which snaps him back to reality. Unhooking his legs he slips them onto either side of Medkit’s body and lifts his hand to the other male’s chest.

“Down.” He whispers, gently pushing at the other’s core. Medkit doesn’t fuss, going down without a fight as his aching, scratched back meets the soft soothing texture of Subspace’s bed beneath him.

He’s not too sure what Subspace is trying to do at first, but he catches on pretty quick when he feels the other male wrap a hand around his dick, beginning to stroke it slowly. Medkit throws an hesitant, almost confused look towards Subspace, who seemingly ignores him.

“I don’t need-”

“Relax, I’m going to take care of you hun.” Subspace insists, repeating the same motion but a little lower to where Medkit’s pelvis and thighs meet. He’s touching the very fire harnessed at Medkit’s core, causing him to twitch and let out a small, singular needy whimper as soon as he’s commanded to take the backlines.

Subspace’s hand bobs up and down the other’s length sweetly, his thumb brushing over the tip as he coos down at Medkit in a way which could almost be described as borderline sad*stic, moving a bit closer so their pelvises can meet.

“Please.” Medkit whispers, the word ever so quietly slipping through his lips causing Subspace to strain his ears.

Subspace doesn’t respond, continuing the slow subtle strokes. Unlike him, Medkit could only be described as long. He’s not as thick around as Subspace is, but that’s fine. He’d rather the idea of being stuffed and hitched full to the brim than anything else. In every way of the word, Medkit is perfect.

It’s a shame they clash though.

“Please?” Medkit repeats after a particularly slow stroke, causing Subspace to glance up into the other’s eye. His hand pulls away briefly, causing the other to let out a little whine which only makes Subspace’s smile grow wider.

“Please what?” Another coo.

“..I want.” He hesitates. “I want to feel you. Stroke us together.” Medkit says outright. He knows that if he beats around the bush Subspace will use his own words (or lack thereof) against him.

“Okay Meddy, I can do that.” Subspace giggles, scooting a bit closer as he wraps his hand around both of their lengths. His thumb slowly glides up the length of Medkit’s dick, observing how he reacts as he does so. That’s when he gets an idea.

Moving his hand back down to the base of their conjoined dicks, he moves it upwards, painstakingly slow. He knows that Medkit probably has nothing else in his mind than pleasure and Subspace right now, but he can’t help but wonder if he’s cursing the taller out for being a hypocrite. Subspace had said he wanted to hurry up on multiple occasions, after all.

’It’s only fun when I do it.’

Eventually he squeezes their tips together once he gets to the very top, watching in satisfaction as Medkit lets out a soft, hazy moan at the sensation of cold metal between them.

Subspace pumps his hips once more, letting the metal of his piercing roll against Medkit’s tip. He soaks up any and every soft whimper and mew which push themselves past parted lips greedily.

“You look so pathetic right now. It’s a nice change, Meddy.” He taunts.

Medkit tries to pull a poker face at those words, but when Subspace squeezes them together once more and gives a couple more quick tugs he fails.

A sudden bolt of electricity moves through his body in one swift motion. It’s an unexpected impulse of vulnerability, one which overtakes his body in a spur of weakness, causing him to throw his head back as a few more indecipherable pleas escape his mouth.

“Meddy…” Subspace purrs, moving a bit closer as he nuzzles his face into the other’s neck before resting his forehead against his shoulder in such a way that he still has a view to watch as Medkit grinds into his touch.

He smiles at the action, his mind growing soft momentarily as he tries to find something more to do with his hands, or his body. He’s caught between finding himself dumbfounded and awed at the other’s needy excitement, but it’s a rare side of Medkit Subspace never gets to see.

“You look so f*cking good like this.”

The shorter shifts slightly, groaning into the shell of Subspace’s ear as he does so. “I always.. H-hah~.. Look good.”

“Okay, that’s enough. You’re done.” Subspace sighs as he lets go of their co*cks, suppressing a snort as he hears Medkit suppress his own cry of loss.

“Oh c’mon. You’re a big boy. Right, Meddy? I don’t have to walk you through everything in the bedroom like I did back in the lab, do I?”

Medkit bites his lower lip as stares at Subspace, a look of sparse and rare embarrassment overcoming his expression before pulling away from the other’s company entirely. “Fine.. on your back.”

“That’s the spirit! Ey?” He giggles, scooching backwards in unison before lying down on the bed.

For a moment, Medkit pretends to contemplate his ex-partners position. It’s clear that he’s expecting something, and even though he already knows that he’s going to say yes, he wants to get back at Subspace for being a f*cking brat.

“Mmm.. I’m not quite done, c’mon let’s-”

“Are you f*cking kidding me?” Subspace groans face palming impatiently.

“Do you want to f*ck or not?”

A reluctant sigh. “Fine, what?”

Even when he pulls away, he never leaves.

Medkit always finds a way to crawl back to Subspace whether he wants to or not.

Truthfully, the scientist holds nothing over him. Nothing worthwhile that would justify Medkit’s return other than his own self-interest. Or maybe he does. Maybe it’s not what Subspace can offer, or what he can do to Medkit if he ever were to stay away for too long. But rather the pink demon in his entirety.

Whether he knows it or not is another story.

Medkit gets back down on his hands and knees, slowly crawling back towards Subspace before situating his knee against the other’s crotch. “You can grind down on my thigh, and then I’ll give you what you want, deal?” He asks.

The blush which overtakes Subspace’s face is apparent. It’s clear that he wasn’t expecting something so intimate yet direct from the other male… but with a steady breath he lifts himself back up and grabs onto Medkit’s outstretched hands for support as he steadies himself on the other man’s thighs.

Medkit holds him, not guiding nor pushing, but instead allowing his arms and hands to be used or manipulated however Subspace pleases.

After he’s sure that Subspace has situated himself properly, he reaches down, allowing his hand to drift up to brush the underside of Subspace’s dick. Subspace gasps, hips arching to meet Medkit’s touch.

“Meddy-” Subspace gasps when the hand stroking him tights, moving along to the pace of his hips. “Meddy, please.”

“Are you going to ride me or not?” He asks.

Subspace glares at Medkit. He looks as though he’s about to snap at Medkit for hurrying him, but he knows the other male is right. He did ask Subspace to ride his thigh after all. And getting a handjob on top of the other male’s leg wasn’t technically an insinuated part of the deal.

If anything, Medkit is being extremely generous right now. Fine. He wins, whatever.

Subspace throws his body into it. Slowly pulling his hips forward, then back again. Forward, and back. His chest puffing out as he tilts his shoulders backwards. It just feels right. It feels like it’s apart of the entire process itself.

His co*ck rubbing against Medkit’s bare skin, slowly sliding up and down. It feels good. It’s not amazing, but that’s probably not the point. The only reason Medkit asked him was probably so he could get a show out of it.

Something which would humiliate Subspace and make his plea to spend the night together worth it. He knows how Medkit thinks. It probably serves him right to get knocked down a peg- considering how smart and amazing he is, everything considered.

He’s proven right when his eye flutters open and locks onto Medkit’s. He’s wearing the same coy smile he always does whenever he successfully flusters Subspace into embarrassment. It’s almost typical.

“You f*cking-”

”Good boy.”

Medkit coos as he grabs Subspace’s dick, stroking it at a quick pace.

“You were such a good boy. So well behaved for me..” He reiterates as his fingers twist and tug at the length of Subspace’s dick, knowing just where to pull and abuse it in all the right places.

Subspace gasps, throwing his head back once more and squeezing his eye shut. Maybe the humiliation was worth it. Even if it’s shameful in the moment, and in the weeks to follow. This. This is what makes the same and self doubt worth it.

Medkit’s hand tugging at his dick, twisting it in just the right way and praising him. Calling him a good boy. Telling him he’s well behaved and that he deserves this because damn right he does. And because f*ck Medkit’s good at this and he knows.

How the hell he knows all of Subspace’s weak spots by heart however is a complete and utter mystery to him.

Subspace mumbles.

Those aren’t words.

He mumbles again, harder this time. Even then the sounds he’s trying to make are ineligible to him. He takes a moment, swallowing hard as his head dips and hangs from his neck loosely.

He can feel sweat pooling at the back of his neck as he grinds down onto Medkit’s thigh. Everything is hazy, and he’s trying to form words even when he can barely think. He’s not dumb. He knows how to speak, so why can’t he just come out and say it?

“Hm? Sorry, what was that? I didn’t quite hear you.” Medkit replies casually as he brushes his thumb over Subspace’s slit, watching him with a knowing smirk as the taller’s hips stutter against his thigh.

Subspace mumbles quietly and Medkit nods along in agreement, but he only continues his movements. Stroking and squeezing and pulling at the tip just right as he twists his wrist in an angle Medkit knows he’ll enjoy.

“Med- Medkit.” Subspace mumbles again, eye narrowing.

He’s trying so hard.

The overwhelming sensation of pleasure filling his body is making it hard to focus and Medkit isn’t helping at all. He’s working against Subspace and he hates it. He should be the one in control right now.

He’s a scientist. In fact, he’s the head scientist at Blackrock. If it weren’t for him they wouldn’t have any Biografts to begin with, Beta, Zeta or otherwise. He shouldn’t have to be reduced to- to this.

“Yes love?”

Subspace bites his lip. Love. That’s a new one.

“I said.. I said-”

“Said what? Hm?”

Another beat of silence.

“Use your words, or are you too stupid to remember?”

“I said please,” Subspace whines, licking his lips when Medkit presses his talons flat into the inside of his thigh with his free hand. “I want you to f*ck me, Please Meddy.” He says a bit louder, clear enough so there’s no room for error, denial nor teasing.

He’s not sure if he could handle another ’What was that?’

“Well.. since you asked me so nicely. Since you’ve been such a good boy for me...” Medkit soothed, leaning forward as he slides his hand down the other’s length once more, relishing in the way each metal bulb grazes the surface of his fingers in the process.

Subspace whines in confusion as he feels Medkit’s hand rise once more, slowly sliding up the length of his dick. Then down again, and up tantalizingly slow. He writhes on Medkit’s thigh from underneath the touch, desperate to get away despite the way his hips push into the other’s grasp.

When Medkit finally lets go, he lets out a gasp of relief which could almost be mistaken for a cry of pleasure mixed with pain.

He’s achingly hard and on the edge as he pants into the open air, the realization dawning upon him that Medkit isn’t trying to jerk him to completion, but edge him and pull away at the last possible second.

Face flushed, he turns to look at Medkit, glaring at the other’s coy smile. He was f*cking relishing in it, wasn’t he? Of course, the f*cking asshole.

As Subspace recovers Medkit reaches back for the lube his ex-partner had used a few moments earlier, plucking it from the sheets and popping open the cap before squeezing another generous bit onto his hands.

He knows Subspace is watching, pulling in a breath that shutters his entire body. He’s trying to ignore the deep throb between his legs, and hold his hips still from grinding themselves into the mattress beneath them. He can’t cum. Not until he gets Medkit inside him..

That’s the whole reason Medkit’s here. It’s the only reason he invited Medkit. No other reason.

But watching Medkit spread the sticky substance along his fingers before moving them down to his own dick has got him paying more attention now than any chemistry lesson ever had.

When Medkit deems himself lubed up enough, he turns to Subspace, crawling in between his legs and kneading at the soft flesh of his thighs, talons digging into Subspace’s skin ever so slightly as he slips into the other.

Subspace lets out a shuddering breath, shifting in excitement beneath Medkit as he covers his mouth with his hand. “Feels good..”

“Not too much?” Medkit asks as he gives an experimental thrust, watching in delight as Subspace shakes his head, another moan escaping him. “I’ll take that as a no.”

Subspace arches into Medkit’s dick, squirming like he’s close to coming when Medkit hasn’t even begun to touch him yet.

He’s so expressive.

“God, Med. You feel so f*cking good inside me,” he whines, tone heightening as Medkit slowly thrusts against him. “That’s so- f*ck.. Good.. hhngh~”

“I’m barely touching you,” Medkit laughs softly, leaning down to press his mouth to Subspace’s neck as he gives another slow thrust. “you’re so easy..”

Subspace doesn’t give him a response, whimpering into Medkit’s ear as he wraps his legs around the other male’s waist. His thighs are warm and plush, squeezing around Medkit’s body and pulling him impossibly closer, groaning helplessly as pleasure wracks his body.

Medkit buries his nose into Subspace’s neck, gentle kisses trailing along the tender area and over his adams apple as a free hand kneads his thigh gratefully, trusting so deep, so right, leaving Subspace teetering on the edge to tumble over.

Medkit bites down, teeth digging into flesh as he sucks a deep red hickey into the taller’s neck. He can feel how Subspace’s body tenses around him, legs tightening briefly before stretching out, toes curling as an embarrassing cry of pleasure escapes his mouth.

It feels so good. So special, and intimate. It’s everything Subspace had hoped for and more, and he’s f*cking adoring it. His entire body is shaking as Medkit goes down on him.

“So good.. Such a good boy for me, you’re so perfect.” Medkit grunts as he keeps thrusting into the taller. “I’m going to make you cum-” a shaky exhale. “then I’ll keep going. You would like that, right? You want me to make you cry, don’t you? Make you feel so good and sensitive that it hurts, huh?” He asks, harsh words breathing into the crook where Subspace’s jaw and neck meets before pulling up and away.

“Yes-! I’ll- f*ck.. I’ll love it! Please.. I need to cum so bad, I want you to make me cum.. oh god please.” Subspace sniffles as another broken whine leaves him.

“You’re leaking so much..” Medkit notes as he reaches upwards, fingertips gliding over the dip of his thigh to Subspace’s co*ck. His hand grabs onto the excess lube and precum before smearing it along Subspace’s dick, slowly beginning to jerk him once more.

Subspace writhes, moaning wantonly as he thrusts his hips into the shorter male’s grip before a stray hand catches him by the hip, pushing him back down into the mattress.

“Don’t move.” Medkit huffs, rolling his hips hazily. “Just stay still, take it.”

Subspace looks so good. So, so good. So perfect and pliant underneath Medkit that it makes him wish that Subspace could be like this all the time. So obedient and well behaved for him.

It makes jealousy coil deep within his gut at the idea that someone else, anyone else could look at Subspace and see what he sees. That someone could have the pink demon beneath them and push him into a state where their command reigns for an hour at most.

He knows Subspace is full of himself. He’s loud, overzealous, and one track minded at the worst of times. Of course, he wouldn’t be Subspace without all those qualities, as endearing as they are annoying. But he oozes confidence. He’s gorgeous and eye-catching; in a scary way.

And that’s why Medkit knows people would want him.

But everyone doesn’t know the Subspace underneath like he does. The excitable, clingy and dependant version that Medkit sees. The one who finds any excuse to hang around for a moment longer even if it means fighting a losing battle. The same man who desires soothing hands and kisses to keep him stable, and someone to hold onto when he feels like nothing is going how it should be.

But right now isn’t exactly the best time to reminisce about how Subspace isn’t all that awful (some of the time), because before he realizes it, the taller’s co*ck is twitching and spurting cum all over Medkit’s hand and onto Subspace’s stomach.

Medkit pauses.

“S-sorry! I didn’t mean to, I-”

“It’s fine.” Medkit replies, his thrusts slowing down as he stares at the steady stream of cum leaving Subspace’s dick. He tends to forget how much the other can cum, to the point that it’s almost concerning.

“It’s not your fault you’re impatient. Couldn’t even wait one second, could you? You had to come all over yourself.” Medkit teases, coaxing another broken whine out of Subspace. “You’re such a f*cking whor*. Aren’t you?” Medkit asks, leaning down to encapsulate the taller male in another kiss before he can respond.

Subspace whines, kissing Medkit back as he gives another roll of his hips to signal that he wants to keep going. That he wants Medkit to cum too.

And when Medkit finally pulls away, all Subspace can do is plea.

“Please, please, please,” He begins to babble, spouting indiscernible nonsense as he twists his face into the pillow beneath him. “Meddy, f*ck, please.”

It seems like they’re the only words Subspace knows how to say. “Please” and “Meddy”.

He repeats them over and over like a godsend, even as Medkit hoists his hips closer; thrusting into Subspace like it’s the last thing he’ll ever do.

Medkit’s running out of breath and energy, but he won’t stop, even when the burn in his lungs and the way his jaw tightens when he grits his teeth pleads for him to do so.

He pushes through; going till Subspace whines, high-pitched and breathy. He can tell Subspace is sensitive beyond recognition, his thighs twitching in Medkit’s hold as he saws into the man beneath him.

A final, deep guttural moan escapes Medkit as the band pulling within him finally snaps, cumming deep inside and hopelessly grinding into the warm wetness of Subspace’s hole with less vigor each thrust until finally, his hips slow completely and stop.

Medkit pulls out, slumping against Subspace’s chest as his lips mouth at the skin of his neck.

“f*ck. You forgot the condom,” Subspace mumbles horsley, grinning when the line elicits a rueful laugh into his neck. “now who’s the desperate one? Couldn’t even remember to grab a condom because you were so excited to f*ck me, huh?”

“Shut up.” Medkit sighs, nuzzling into the other’s neck and inhaling deeply. His back is sore from the scratches Subspace had left in his wake. His thighs hurt, and his dick is spent, but he knows better than to complain when there’s cum literally dribbling out of Subspace onto the sheets of his bed.

Subspace wraps an arm around Medkit’s waist, pulling him close. A small purr erupts from the inside of his own throat, causing the shorter male to crack a smile.

“We should get up and shower. Your bed is filthy.”

“I’m too tired…” Subspace whines, gently scratching at Medkit’s back in a weak attempt to convince him that they should rest and worry about it later.

Medkit knows better, but Subspace has always been someone who could bypass Medkit’s better judgment, so with a reluctant sigh he snuggles into Subspace’s arms, his eye fluttering shut.

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