Florida Lotto Remaining Scratch Offs (2024)

1. Top Remaining Prizes - Florida Lottery

  • Top Prizes Remaining. Game, Top Prize, Remaining, Ticket Price. FAST $200S(#7027), $50,000, 1 of 39, $2. FIRE AND DICE(#7026), $5,000, 5 of 25, $1.

  • © 2024 Florida Lottery. All Rights Reserved. Must be 18 or older to play.

2. Scratch-Offs - Florida Lottery

  • Florida Lottery Scratch-Off games give you the chance to win lots of cash instantly, with some top prizes reaching over $1 million!

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3. Remaining Prizes - Iowa Lottery

  • Scratch Tickets; Pull-tabs. Remaining Prizes. Shown below are the remaining prizes of $50 and greater for our scratch, pull-tab and InstaPlay games. Now you ...

  • Iowa Lottery Official Website

4. Prizes Remaining - Nebraska Lottery

  • Top Prizes Remaining as of 07/07/2024 ; #1286. Premier Cash. Premier Cash. $300,000 2. $1,000 43 · 157 ; #1288. Crossword Mania. Crossword Mania. $200,000 3.

5. Scratch - Top Prizes Remaining - Washington's Lottery

  • Top Prizes Remaining ; $500, 10, 4 ; $100, 2,312, 982 ; $50, 43,550, 18,084 ; $30, 14,489, 5,986 ...

  • Translations of this website are provided by Google's Website Translator. Washington’s Lottery does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of these translations and is not liable for any loss or damage arising out of the use of or reliance on the translated content.

6. Only 3 Florida Lottery Scratch Off Tickets Have ALL Of Its Grand Prize ...

7. Scratch-Offs - Maryland Lottery

  • Scratch-Off Finder. Find the perfect scratch-off for you. SEARCH by ticket name. Narrow it down by PRICE. Mark your FAVORITES and we'll remember them for ...

  • Scratching Tips

8. Arkansas Scholarship Lottery

  • See All Scratch-Offs. $1.4 Billion in Proceeds, 770,000+ Scholarships! Since 2009, more than $1.4 billion in scholarship proceeds have been raised by the ...

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9. Maine State Lottery

  • Lotto America · Lucky for Life · Gimme 5 · Pick 3 · Pick 4 · Cash POP · World Poker Tour. Instant Games. $1 Tickets · $2 Tickets · $3 Tickets · $5 Tickets · $10 ...

10. Mississippi Lottery: Home

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Latest ... Cool Off with July Lottery Scratch-Off Games. June 25, 2024. Making Waves ...

  • Check out our July Games Available Now! View All Games Click a game below to view more info about that respective game: $1 Lottery Ticket Jackpot: $5,000 It Takes 2 Jackpot: $20,000 Big Money Bingo Jackpot: $75,000 2nd Chance promotional drawings from the Mississippi Lottery allow players to enter eligible non-winning instant scratch-off tickets for… Continue reading Home

11. Delaware Lottery: Home

  • It's the Law — You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase Delaware Lottery tickets. You must be 21 years of age or older to play Video Lottery, Sports ...

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12. Prizes Remaining - Scratch-offs - Kentucky Lottery

  • Scratch-offs with the best odds and Scratch off top prizes. Scratch lottery tickets and prizes and lottery top prizes remaining.

13. Florida Scratch Off - Odds and Top Prizes Remaining - Lottery.net

  • Florida Scratch Off Games ; $500 Wild Cash Bonanza, 5031, $10 ; 100X The Cash, 5028, $10 ; 20X The Cash, 5027, $2 ; $1,000,000 Holiday Winnings, 5025, $5 ...

  • Florida Lottery's scratch off games have the exciting potential for instant wins. Use our table to see prizes worth up to $25M from $1 for a scratch off ticket.

14. Florida Lottery: Florida (FL) Lottery | ScratchSmarter

  • Florida (FL) Lottery | ScratchSmarter · Florida Lottery Results | Top Prizes Remaining. FLORIDA LOTTERY SCRATCH-OFF GAMES. All things Florida Lottery Related!

  • Unlock the winning secrets with ScratchSmarter! Explore daily analyses of every FL Lottery Scratch-off and its prizes, ensuring the BEST odds of winning. Enjoy free and premium memberships for INSTANT access to the MOST ADVANCED scratch-off rankings. Stop guessing and start winning – choose ScratchSmarter today!

15. Scratch-Offs - Games - South Carolina Education Lottery

  • For more detailed information regarding remaining prizes (by prize level) and odds for a particular game, click on any one of the scratch-off tickets below.

  • The official website of the South Carolina Education Lottery

16. Lotto America - Kansas Lottery

  • No, only one individual can claim a lottery ticket. Therefore, a group will have to designate one person to claim the prize. The remaining group members ...

  • Please read the Lottery Ticket Security Tips for information on how to protect your winnings.

17. Florida Lottery scratch-off tickets worth millions. 4 claim prizes

  • Feb 16, 2024 · Florida Lottery's 500X The Cash scratch-off game. Top prize: $25 million; Top prizes remaining: 2; Overall odds of winning: 1:4.23; Ticket cost: ...

  • The Florida Lottery announced this week four people have won $1 million playing scratch-off games. Two of the tickets were sold at Publix.

18. Remaining Prizes - Oklahoma Lottery

  • Prizes remaining, including top prizes, are subject to the number of tickets distributed, sold, and redeemed. Prizes remaining are updated Mon-Fri at 8:00 ...

  • Remaining Scratchers Prizes from the Oklahoma Lottery. Play today!

19. Hit 5 - Washington's Lottery

  • Scratch · Scratch Explorer · Top Prizes Remaining · Disclaimers · Prize Odds ... You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase Washington's Lottery tickets.

  • Latest Draw: TUE/JUL 9

20. [DOC] https://www.flrules.org/gateway/notice_Files.asp?I...

  • Each valid FLORIDA LOTTO Draw Game ticket and each valid non-winning Holiday Scratch ... The remaining entries drawn will be used in the order in which ...

Florida Lotto Remaining Scratch Offs (2024)


Who sells the most winning scratch offs in Florida? ›

Publix continues to sell most winning Florida Lottery tickets. Let's look at April winners How do you beat the odds playing Florida Lottery?

Where are the most winning scratch tickets sold? ›

Convenience stores sell the most winning lottery tickets
  • Liquor Stores. 194. ...
  • Supermarket. 109. ...
  • Mom & Pop Shop. ...
  • Bagel/ Doughnut Shop. ...
  • Tobacco Store/ Stand. ...
  • Gas Station. ...
  • Small Grocery Store. ...
  • Miscellaneous Retail Store.
Apr 5, 2024

Which scratch card has the best odds? ›

Top 5 Scratch Cards with the Highest Return to Player
  1. Lucky Numbers – 96.57 %
  2. Whack a Jackpot – 96.30 % ...
  3. Wish Upon a Jackpot – 96.06% ...
  4. Pig Wizard – 95.82% ...
  5. Merlin's Millions – 95.17% Boasting an extremely high RTP for an online scratch game, Merlin's Millions is a popular choice for this type of casino genre. ...
Nov 22, 2022

Which Florida Lottery game has the best odds of winning? ›

The Florida 5/36 Matrix Fantasy 5 Lottery Game is one of the best lottery bets you can make anywhere. The odds of matching all 5 winning numbers in the next Fantasy 5 drawing are 1 in 376,992. The odds of matching 4 of 5 winning numbers are 1 in 2,432 and the odds of matching 3 of 5 winning numbers are 1 in 81.07.

What is the most popular scratch-off lottery ticket? ›

What Is the Most Popular Scratch-Off?
  • Lucky 7s Scratch-Off. ...
  • Monopoly Scratch-Off. ...
  • Crossword Scratch-Off. ...
  • Mega Millions Scratch-Off. ...
  • Set for Life Scratch-Off. ...
  • Powerball Scratch-Off. ...
  • Holiday Scratch-Offs. ...
  • Bingo Scratch-Off.

Who won the 2 million scratch-off game in Florida? ›


- A woman recently claimed a lottery ticket worth $2 million that was purchased at a gas station in Volusia County, officials said. Lavoncis Armstrong, 64, of Riverdale, Georgia, claimed the top prize from the Monopoly Doubler scratch-off game.

Has anyone ever won the set for Life scratcher? ›

Durwin Hickman, who works as a skycap at a Bay Area airport, bought a $30 Set For Life! Scratchers ticket while on his lunch break and uncovered the word "LIFE" to win the top prize of $20 million, the lottery said. "It was the biggest rush I have had in my life," Hickman told the California Lottery.

What state has the highest scratch off tickets? ›

The state with the largest lottery sales in 2023 was New York, generating over 10 billion U.S. dollars. This was followed by Florida and California, with lottery sales amounting to over 9.8 billion and 9.2 billion U.S. dollars, respectively.

What is the best scratchcard to buy? ›

Here are four of the best:
  • Spinlotto Scratch is 50p a card, with a jackpot of £7,500.
  • Elite of Evil is also 50p, with a £1,000 jackpot.
  • Elephant costs just 20p a card to be in with a chance of winning £2,000.
  • New Super Shamrock - cheapest of all is 15p with a jackpot of £1,500.

How much is a book of $5 scratch tickets in Florida? ›

The Big Reveal: A book of $5 scratch-off tickets in Florida will typically cost you $25.

What is the singleton method for scratch cards? ›

Pay close attention to "singletons." These are the "random" numbers that appear only once on the ticket. The digits you're looking for won't be the same--that would mean they would appear more than once. Remember, you're looking for numbers that appear only once.

What is the best Florida scratch-off to buy? ›

Here are the top three tickets to buy with the best odds of winning, according to the Florida Lottery website.
  • Gold Rush Limited has odds of 1-in-2.65 of winning at least $20. ...
  • $5 Million Triple Match has odds of 1 in 2.85 of winning at least $20. ...
  • $5 MM Crossword cash is yet another $20 ticket with a $5 million prize.
Apr 25, 2024

What store sells the most winning lottery tickets in FL? ›

So far in 2024, 27 winning lottery tickets have been sold at Publix locations throughout Florida, according to Florida Lottery data. The majority of these winners played the $1,000,000 A Year for Life Spectacular scratch-off game.

What is the most won lottery in Florida? ›

$1.602 billion, Mega Millions, Aug. 8, 2023: Won in Florida. $1.586 billion, Powerball, Jan. 13, 2016: Three winners in California, Florida, Tennessee.

What county in Florida has the most lottery winners? ›

Top 10 luckiest counties in Florida when it comes to winning the...
  • Pinellas.
  • Glades.
  • St. Johns.
  • Lake.
  • Polk.
  • Pasco.
  • Duval.
  • Didn't see your county? Check out the complete list »
Jan 6, 2018

How much does a store get for selling a winning lottery ticket in Florida? ›

Starts at $20,000 and increases by $5,000 with each rollover, up to a maximum of $100,000. If the jackpot- winning ticket includes Megaplier®, the retailer will receive an additional $20,000. $1,000. If the jackpot- winning ticket includes Combo, the retailer will receive an additional $1,000.

How to cash a $1,000 scratch-off in Florida? ›

How are winning tickets redeemed? Winning tickets of less than $600 may be redeemed at any Lottery retailer. To redeem a prize of $600 or more, the prizewinner must complete a winner claim form. Prizes from $600 up to $1,000,000 can be claimed in-person or by appointment at any Lottery District Office.

Does Florida have a $100 dollar scratch-off? ›

The fourth new game, the $100 Loaded scratch-off game, allows players to win up to $5,000 instantly. The game's overall odds are 1-in-4.98.

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