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Master the Clash with Easy & Best Attack Strategies for TH9 to 15 Post-September 2023 Balance Changes. Whether you're a TH9 or a max TH15, we've got your back with game-changing armies. Get ready to dominate the battlefield

Okay, Chief!

We get it! Not all of us are top-tier Clash of Clans experts. In fact, some of us might occasionally mix up our Barbarians with our Archers (guilty as charged).

But fear not, after the September '23 Balance Changes, we're here to hook you up with the simplest, no-frills attack strategies for Town Halls 9 to 15. You won't need a Ph.D. in attacking to pull these off, so let's dive in and make winning easy, shall we?

The September 2023 Balance Changes

Following the very first major Clan Capital update in September 2023, Supercell made these Balance Changes for TownHalls 10 through 15. If you're wondering when this Balance Changes happened, it is because you aren't following our Clash of Clans Updates where you can stay up-to-date about the game.

Easy, Simple and Powerful CoC Attack Strategy for THs 9 to 15

Alright, Chief, we see you're not in the mood for the whole "Clash University" experience, and that's absolutely fine! After all, who needs those fancy, skill-demanding strategies anyway? We know you're here for some good ol' easy-peasy raiding that doesn't require a Ph.D. in Clashology.

Update to the Simplest Attack Strategy for TownHalls 9 to 15

Now, here's the kicker: the recent Balance Changes actually made things a bit of a cakewalk. Defenses aren't as tough as they used to be, which is a good thing for you. In this blog, we'll cut to the chase and reveal the one attack strategy that's as simple as a stroll through your village. Get ready to conquer like a pro without the fuss!


▶️ Easy Attack Strategy TH9 to TH15

You've got it right, Chief! It's like a blast from the past. These attack strategies might have been kings back in the day, and they've been given a new lease on life with defenses taking a dip in power. It's time to revisit these classic, straightforward, and formidable attacks. So, buckle up, because you're about to conquer like a pro with the good ol' days of Clash!

BEST Attack Strategy for EVERY TH (Simple & EASY) | After Balance Changes

💙 Today Hooked will show you the best attack strategy for TH9 to TH15. He will show 1 attack at each Town Hall level and in 2 minutes guide you on how to use each attack strategy to the best of your ability!

Easy TownHall 9 Attack Strategy: Mass Witches

In Town Hall 9, the go-to strategy is Mass Witches. This strategy relies on the power of Witches, backed up by a few essential troops and well-placed spells.

How to Use the Strategy:

  1. Composition: You'll need 2 Golems, 14 Witches, a couple of Giants, Wall Breakers, and some spells.

  2. Target Selection: When attacking, choose the side of the base with the strongest defenses. We're diving headfirst into the challenge!

  3. Spellplay: Use jump spells to create a path through the base. You want your troops to move like a breeze from one end to the other.

  4. Deployment: Drop your Golems on opposite sides of the base, followed by your Witches. The remaining troops, including your King and Queen, go in the middle. Wall Breakers come next.

  5. Freeze the Key Targets: Make sure to freeze the Queen and Xbows; they're top-priority targets.

  6. Heal at the Core: Use your heal spell in the core of the base. Keep your troops tanky and alive.

  7. Be Patient with Wall Breakers: Be patient when deploying Wall Breakers. You need them to create that magical path.

  8. Guard Witches with Giants: Giants are like bouncers at a Witches' club, guarding your valuable Witches from enemy attacks.

  9. Jump Spells: Just use them to create an instant, magical highway through the base connecting as many compartments as possible!

  10. Giant Assist: Use your Giants to protect your Witches from threats like Wizard Towers on the outer perimeter.

  11. Finish Strong: Even if you face some hiccups like a jump spell running out, don't worry. This strategy still crushes the base.

Easy TownHall 10 Strategy: Zap Witches

In Town Hall 10, the winning strategy involves lightning spells and earthquakes. These spells work in tandem to take down those pesky Inferno Towers, regardless of their mode (single or multi).

How to Use the Strategy:

  1. Composition: Gather your forces – three Golems, a bunch of Witches, and the necessary Wall Breakers. Don't forget the lightning and earthquake spells.

  2. Inferno Takedown: The goal is to eliminate both Inferno Towers using your lightning and earthquake spells. This makes the rest of the attack a breeze.

  3. Flanking Golems: Place your Golems on the flanks to provide a solid front for your Witches.

  4. Wall Breaker Precision: Break through the walls with your Wall Breakers, ensuring your troops have a clear path to the core.

  5. Core Invasion: Send your Witches, King, and Queen to the heart of the base. This is where the action happens!

  6. Bowler Backups: In the Clan Castle, bring along some Bowlers to add firepower to your attack.

  7. Precise Freezes: Freeze key targets like the Queen and Expos to keep your Witches safe.

  8. Healing at the Core: Use the heal spell in the core to ensure your troops stay strong while causing havoc.

  9. Bat Spell Bonus: While not essential, a Bat Spell can help tank air-targeting defenses or deal with tricky situations.

Town Hall 10 gets its share of the lightning and earthquake fury, and you're ready to take on the toughest bases.

Easy TownHall 11 Strategy: Zap Dragons

At Town Hall 11, the Zap Dragons strategy shines. Using lightning spells and earthquake, you'll pave the way for your Dragons to wreak havoc.

How to Use the Strategy:

  1. Spell Setup: Pack four lightning spells and two earthquakes to zap down two air defenses, clearing the path for your dragons.

  2. Precise Zapping: Aim your lightning and earthquake spells to hit the air defenses and other crucial targets like Archer Towers.

  3. Sui Queen: Send in your Queen to snipe the third air defense. If needed, your King can join the party.

  4. Dragon Onslaught: Deploy your Dragons, followed by Balloons and the Stone Slammer (if available).

  5. Warden's Watch: Use the Grand Warden's ability to keep your aerial troops safe from seeking air mines.

  6. Lava Hound Trick: In your Clan Castle, bring a Lava Hound to tank for the final air defense, ensuring your dragons stay safe.

  7. Healing Touch: Use the heal spells wisely, especially near high HP buildings where your dragons will slow down.

  8. Bat Spell Brilliance: Add a Bat Spell if you like, as it can help deal with air-targeting defenses and secure the victory.

Zap Dragons are your best buddies at Town Hall 11. Prepare for electrifying success!

Easy Town Hall 12 Attack Strategy: Witch Slap with Super Wizards

Unleash mayhem at Town Hall 12 with the Witch Slap strategy empowered by Super Wizards. Secure consistent three-star victories as you obliterate defenses and shape the battlefield with precision.

How to Use the Strategy:

  1. Spell Composition: Equip eight Lightning Spells and one Quake Spell. Target the two multi Inferno Towers, using both spells for destruction. If they are out of Quake range, swap the second Quake for a Freeze Spell.
  2. Super Wizards: These powerhouse troops bring unmatched destruction to your army, adding a new dimension to your attacks.
  3. Flanking Golems and Witches: Place a Golem on each flank and one at the center. Position around five to six Witches behind the flanking Golems and the rest down the middle.
  4. Log Launcher's Role: Ensure it eliminates the final multi Inferno Tower.
  5. Forming the Funnel: Shape a funnel with Super Wizards guiding your Witches and supporting troops.
  6. Queen and King Management: Direct your Heroes, ensuring the Queen enters the base.
  7. Effective Without Freeze: The attack remains potent, even without a Freeze Spell, provided the multi Inferno Towers are eliminated.

The Witch Slap with Super Wizards strategy at Town Hall 12 is designed for relentless dominance. With Super Wizards and a Log Launcher, this strategy promises consistent three-star victories, creating mayhem and destruction in its wake.

Easy TownHall 13 Attack Strategy: Electro Dragons

Electro Drags (E drags) make their Town Hall 13 debut, offering a powerful addition to your attacking arsenal. Here, we present a strategy that combines Electro Drags and Balloons to conquer Town Hall 13 bases.

How to Use the Strategy:

  1. Target the High-Value Areas: Direct E Drags outside the Town Hall, focusing on areas with the highest base value, while avoiding engagement with two Sweepers.

  2. Assess the Need for Wall Breakers: Consider if a Wall Breaker is necessary for Hero access. If not, remove it and allocate your troops for more offensive strength.

  3. Deploy the Slammer: Utilize the Stone Slammer to your advantage, adding a valuable asset to the attack.

  4. Setting a Precise Funnel: Create a funnel with E-Drags on either side of the target area. This ensures controlled troop movement. Follow up with more E Drags and Balloons.

  5. Strategic Spell Usage: Coordinate your attack using Rages, Freezes, and the Warden's ability. Adapt the number of Rage Spells based on your preference, whether four or three.

  6. Heroes Splitting: Leverage the Skeleton Spell, if included, as a tank for your Heroes. Divide your forces, directing Electro Drags on one side and your King and Queen on the other.

  7. Embrace the Royal Champion (RC): Despite initial risks, the RC's skills, coupled with supporting troops, can secure the Town Hall without the need for a Blimp.

  8. Efficient Management: Careful spell utilization and timely Hero abilities ensure the disintegration of the enemy base.

Electro Drags and Balloons at Town Hall 13 introduce a formidable strategy. Whether equipped with four Rage Spells or with an additional Freeze Spell, this approach guarantees consistent triumphs.

Easy TownHall 14 Attack Strategy: Electro-Dragons

Electro Drags (E drags) make their triumphant return at Town Hall 14, a well-expected addition to your arsenal. With the reinforcement of Rocket Balloons, they're stronger than ever. This attack strategy unfolds as an unstoppable force, leveraging the raw power of E drags.

How to Use the Strategy:

  1. Rocket Balloons Reinforcement: The inclusion of Rocket Balloons elevates the strategy's potency, making it a robust choice for Town Hall 14.

  2. Optimized Spell Composition: Employ a more conventional spell combination for E drags at Town Hall 14, sticking to the tried-and-true formula.

  3. Setting the Funnel: Prioritize creating a funnel for your E drags. Begin with a single E drag to set the funnel, followed by the King and Queen for further funnel development.

  4. Ring Base Conquest: When attacking a ring base, the approach remains similar to previous iterations. Set the funnel and unleash your E drags and Balloons down the center.

  5. The Slammer's Role: In ring bases, the Wall Wrecker (Slammer) is often unnecessary for the Town Hall takedown. Rely on the inherent strength of your E drags.

  6. Strategic Spell Deployment: Execute the classic double Rage and Warden ability combination. Witness your troops carve through the core of the base while invincible. Make judicious use of your Freeze Spells to ensure your E drags remain unstoppable.

  7. Heroes' Support: Your Heroes, in conjunction with the Pets introduced at Town Hall 14, play a vital role in sweeping the remnants of the base. Even though your Heroes have more challenging sections to tackle, their contribution is instrumental.

  8. Best Pet Combo: The ideal pet combination for Town Hall 14 enhances the efficiency of any army, regardless of its composition.

Town Hall 14 ushers in the return of E drags, complemented by the might of Rocket Balloons. The strategy, while well-suited to ring bases, continues to be a force to be reckoned with.

Easy TownHall 15 Attack Strategy: Super Dragons

In this attack strategy for Town Hall 15, we employ a surprising twist by using Super Minion Clone alongside Super Dragons. This combination capitalizes on the difficulty of baiting the Super Minion Clone and offers a unique and effective approach to taking down challenging bases.

How to Use the Strategy:

  1. Spell Composition: Depending on the angle of attack and the presence of sweepers, you can choose between two Lightning Spells to deal with sweepers or opt for an extra Rage Spell and Freeze Spells for added control.

  2. Funnel Setup: Initiate the attack by setting up a funnel. Typically, use one Super Dragon to create a funnel on the top side of the base. The King and Queen can be positioned on the same side if they provide additional value.

  3. Town Hall Takedown: The Super Dragons are deployed to engage the enemy's air defenses and take down the Town Hall, which should be a relatively straightforward task given the strength of Super Dragons.

  4. Main Attack: Once the funnel is established and the Town Hall is secured, release the remaining Super Dragons into the core of the base. This is where the main assault begins.

  5. Key Spells: Utilize Rage Spells, the Warden's ability, and any Freeze Spells strategically. The goal is to maximize the impact of your Super Dragons while minimizing potential threats.

  6. Super Minion Clone: The uniqueness of this strategy lies in the use of Super Minion Clone. The Super Minion Clone helps bypass anti-air defenses, making it challenging for opponents to bait your attack. It also offers excellent protection against Seeking Air Mines.

  7. Adjust to Red Bombs: Be aware that some bases may employ Red Bombs as a countermeasure against this strategy. While this can pose a challenge, the versatility of Super Minion Clone can still provide tremendous value even in the presence of Red Bombs.

  8. Cleanup Phase: Once the main assault has cleared a significant portion of the base, use the King and Royal Champion, along with any remaining spells, to clean up the remaining defenses. The extra spells give you flexibility to adapt to different situations.

  9. Victory: The power of Super Minion Clone Super Dragons shines as you witness the destruction of the base, securing a triumphant three-star victory.

This unconventional but highly effective Town Hall 15 attack strategy showcases the potential of Super Minion Clone alongside Super Dragons and should be considered as a formidable option in your arsenal.


You've just unlocked the perfect strategies for casual attackers. No need for "AQ Walks" or "Sui Lalo" masterclasses here. With these straightforward attack strategies for Town Halls 9 to 15 after the September Balance Changes, you're set to raid like a pro without breaking a sweat. Time to roll into battle with that casual confidence and make it look like a walk in the "War Stars" park!


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Easy Attack Strategy THs 9 to 15 (After Balance Changes)
      – Blueprint CoC (2024)
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