Cruz Beckham sleeps next to Glastonbury toilets in £60 tent (2024)

When your mum and dad are Posh and Becks you’d be used to enjoying the finer things in life.

But Cruz Beckham had no airs and graces at Glastonbury — slumming it in a tent next to the toilets.



The youngest of the Beckhams’ three boys was spotted getting his belongings from the 60 quid tent, including his guitar, late on Sunday before heading home.

We spotted the wannabe musician earlier getting turned away from a super exclusive camping area where Cara Delevingne, Noel Gallagher, and Anya Taylor-Joy had been hanging out because he didn’t have the right wristband — which left us wondering where on earth he was staying.

The mystery was solved when our Howell saw Cruz packing up his stuff before leaving. Cruz even lugged his own stuff up the hill with his mates, unlike Princess Beatrice, who had a flunky to carry her bags.

Organiser Emily Eavis would have been miffed though, as he dumped his tent, despite the festival’s plea for punters to “leave no trace.”


Cruz Beckham sleeps next to Glastonbury toilets in £60 tent (3)
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I’m not surprised Cruz took his guitar for a jam around the campfire, as he will, I’m sure, harbour dreams of one day playing the festival.

Refining his sound

I told you earlier this year how Cruz had split from his management team TaP to take his music in a new direction. He has signed with a fresh team to make it in rock, after starting out in pop.

A music insider told me: “Cruz is an obsessive guitarist, always posting stuff on Instagram of him strumming. He has signed up with C3, which manage acts including 30 Seconds to Mars and Modest Mouse.

TaP’s expertise was with more pop acts, so he decided to work with a company more in line with where his music is evolving.

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Cruz Beckham's New Romance

“Cruz is working with producers in the studio and refining his sound.

“Playing live is going to be a big part of the rollout of his music and Cruz and his new team want to make sure it’s perfect before he actually launches.”

If Cruz ever does play Glasto I’m sure he’ll be upgrading his camping pitch.

No one wants to see, or smell, a headliner who was bedded down by the bogs.

Sunday slot fail for SZA




From the moment she was announced as the Sunday night headliner to replace Stevie Wonder, who quietly pulled out in March, I thought SZA may be doomed to fail.

I wasn’t wrong when it came to the crowd, with perhaps just a quarter of the space filled, which, when you compare it to the numbers that Coldplay and Dua Lipa pulled in, is pretty abysmal.

But the blame can’t be put on SZA, who gave the show her absolute all, with killer vocals, incredible outfits and a set that looked like something straight out of a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale.

She was the wrong choice for the Sunday night headliner, and if she had been put on The Other Stage I’m sure SZA’s set would have got a far better reception.

I feel sad for her. Glastonbury is the most iconic music festival in the world and to play to so few after seeing so many watching the other headliners would be incredibly disheartening.

SZA, we thought you smashed it.

Hopefully Emily Eavis will take note and make sure this doesn’t happen again – if only for the artist’s sake.

Moroc ‘n’ roll ‘Babes


Sugababes jetted for a break in Morocco as soon as they escaped Worthy Farm.

Their brilliant set drew thousands on Friday before they jumped on a plane to Marrakesh and unwound in bikinis.

Mind you, if most Glastonbury-goers – myself included – had hopped in a pool after leaving the site yesterday the water would have turned a pretty grim shade.

James Bond-in-waiting Aaron Taylor Johnson put his MI6 credentials to the test by slipping totally under the radar to watch SZA headline.

The bearded actor, inset, blended right in with fans in double denim and was joined by his movie director wife Sam.

It’s fair to say Aaron was feeling the music more than his missus though.

Onlookers told us Aaron was repeatedly trying to get her to join him deeper in the crowd and she finally relented.

It sounds like Aaron has taken a leaf out of my book. If I moan enough with my other half, I get my way in the end . . .

Sophie & Sigrid in collab


Sophie Ellis-Bextor has teamed up with Sigrid for her upcoming album.

I previously told how she had been working with Chic’s Nile Rodgers.

But during a Q&A at the festival – where she also made cameos in sets from Peggy Gou and The Feeling – Sophie, above, let slip about the record.

She said: “I’ve been working on a new album and songwriting with lots of lovely people. I’m hoping to release something in September or October.

“I don’t want to wait too long but I also want to make sure it’s right.

“I’ve been working with some incredible people. I made a wish list.

“I’ve done some stuff with Cathy Dennis, I did a couple of days with Nile Rodgers and the singer Sigrid and I have done something. I love Sigrid. Shura, Hot Chip, I’ve been having a ball.”

On the renaissance of her hit Murder on the Dancefloor, she joked: “I suppose I’m trying to challenge how long I can dine out on one song.

“Sometimes people are like, ‘You’ve only got one song’, and I’m like, ‘That’s totally cool’.”

Grimmy’s dance party


He loved a party in his days as the Radio 1 Breakfast host.

And three years after he stepped down it’s good to see Nick Grimshaw still enjoys a good time.

My insiders at cool club NYC Downlow told me Grimmy was given the VIP treatment after arriving in the early hours yesterday and was taken to meet the performers backstage.

A source explained: “Grimmy was at Downlow with his mates and was having a great time dancing and drinking. They love him there and he got taken backstage to meet some of the dancers.”

I’ve seen how little some of those performers wear and all I can say is, you’re a lucky man, Grimmy.

Afterwards he headed over to a cool crew bar and was hobnobbing with celebs including model Lila Moss and actress Kaya Scodelario.

So good to see Lew


It was so great to see Lewis Capaldi back at Worthy Farm with his pals – and few were fooled by his disguise of a rainbow hat and sunglasses.

But fans keen to try to get a picture were politely told to back off by a hired heavy who spent the weekend keeping the Scottish superstar safe.

It was the first time Lewis had been back at the festival since he broke down on the Pyramid Stage during his headline slot last year.

Lew looked like he was in great spirits as he hung out with his mates to watched acts including Two Door Cinema Club over the weekend.

One onlooker told me: “Lewis had a security guard with him to look after him and to make sure he wasn’t overwhelmed. While Dua Lipa was walking around virtually undisturbed, people were keen to speak to Lewis and have pictures. Lewis was so gracious and was shaking hands and talking to fans.”

Seeing him happy and having so much fun was brilliant after his tough year.

Lewis deserves all the spoils that come with his success and I don’t doubt he will one day be back on the Pyramid Stage where he belongs.


Louis Tomlinson saw out the end of his Glasto adventure by partying until 1:30am yesterday in dance arena Iicon.

The former One Direction singer had reason to celebrate after saving the day for football fans on site by hooking up a big-screen TV so people could watch England’s Euros victory against Slovakia. Glasto didn’t show the footie.

Louis is a Doncaster Rovers nut so I’m not surprised he was so keen to see the game. We were very grateful.

Matt-ch of the day


Matt Smith spent most of the weekend hanging out with High Flying Birds frontman Noel Gallagher – but there was also someone a little more glamorous on his arm.


Cruz Beckham sleeps next to Glastonbury toilets in £60 tent (18)
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Cruz Beckham sleeps next to Glastonbury toilets in £60 tent (19)
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We saw the actor joined by a gorgeous blonde in the VIP area. Matt was linked to Hungarian model and actress Lili Gattyan after a date in London last August.

He counts Lily James, Daisy Lowe and Mayana Moura among his exes. After seeing him up close up, I know why the ladies love him.

Cruz Beckham sleeps next to Glastonbury toilets in £60 tent (2024)
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