6 Best Mid-Century Modern House Plans – Benzinga Living (2024)

This style appeared after the Second World War ended. Since then, it has been constantly growing in popularity. Characterized by flat planes, plenty of windows and multiple open spaces, mid-century houses have a lot to offer to those who are interested in building a new home. As time passed, we entered a new era and the mid-century format adopted the modern elements of hous22e design while still keeping the original concept. As you continue reading, you’ll meet 6 of the best mid-century modern house plans you can currently find on the market.

6 Best Mid-Century Modern House Plans

The best mid-century modern house plan is 81730AB because it offers the size and features most families need. However, we have compiled various great choices.

1. 444409GDN

6 Best Mid-Century Modern House Plans – Benzinga Living (1)


Total Heated Area1,611 sq ft
Rear Porch114 sq ft
Front Porch72 sq ft
Garage2 bays

As you step inside this mid-century house, you’ll reach the 6’8″x7’10” foyer. The first thing you will notice is the spacious living area that holds the dining, great room and kitchen together. Looking up, the 17’10” vaulted ceiling is enough to mesmerize any guest who visits your house.

The master bedroom measures 15’8″x13’4″ and it has three skylights on the ceiling. Two other bedrooms are similar in size and they measure 12’4″x11′ each. Together, they share a bathroom that is equipped with a tub and linen storage. Outside, a 13’8″x8’4″ porch opens up to a spacious patio where you can set up a playground for the kids or a running area for pets.


  • Double-vanity sinks for the master bath
  • Skylights installed in the master suite
  • 17’10” vaulted ceilings in the great room area


  • Front and rear porches are smaller than average
  • The electrical plan is not included

2. 81730AB

6 Best Mid-Century Modern House Plans – Benzinga Living (2)


Total Heated Area2,862 sq ft
Optional Lower Level2,228 sq ft
Bedrooms3, 4 or 5
Baths2 or 3
Half Baths1 or 2
Garage3 bays

Here’s an option suitable for an average family. With 2,826 square feet of living space included, this mid-century modern house has a lot to offer for its price. Whether you want to park three vehicles or set up a small workshop, you’ll find plenty of space to work in the 25’/23’6″x35′ garage. In the kitchen, there is an oversized island where you can serve breakfast to all family members in the morning.

While it is slightly smaller than average, the master bedroom comes with an optional coffee bar, an en-suite bathroom with a make-up desk and a 9’2″x12’4″ walk-in closet with a folding island in the center. For an additional price, you can include a finished basem*nt that offers two more bedrooms, a gym room and a games area with a bar.


  • Spacious 3-car garage with extra storage space
  • A walk-in closet has a folding island
  • Make-up desk in the ensuite bathroom.


  • The oversized island limits the available walking space in the kitchen
  • The fireplace in the great room will be difficult to maintain

3. 623172DJ

6 Best Mid-Century Modern House Plans – Benzinga Living (3)


Total Heated Area2,340 sq ft
Porches648 sq ft
Ceiling Height9’
Garage3 bays

This mid-century modern house plan has four bedrooms and three baths on 2,340 square feet of living space. The ceiling height is 9′, which is the standard in the United States. All sleeping spaces are conveniently placed on one side of the house where you’ll find the 13’4″x15′ master suite and two 11’1″x11’1″ additional bedrooms that are similar in size.

In between them, there is a laundry room with a dryer, washer, tall linen and folding table included. The other side of this mid-century home is separated by an 18’x36′ dog trot where you can set up a table, chairs and even a small garden. We love the 22’8″x35’4″ garage, which is large enough to accommodate three vehicles.


  • Two suites, two kitchens and two family rooms
  • The kitchen has a pantry included
  • Two-way fireplace in the great room


  • Limited possibility for future expansion
  • Some people might not like the dog trot that splits the house

4. 818125JSS

6 Best Mid-Century Modern House Plans – Benzinga Living (4)


Total Heated Area1,395 sq ft
Porch379 sq ft
Garage2 bays

If your budget is limited, take a look at this affordable layout. It offers 1,395 square feet of heated space, two bedrooms and two baths. The 18’x18′ living room has vaulted ceilings and it is combined with the dining and kitchen area in an open floor concept. We love how much comfort this mid-century house has to offer, and it comes at a reduced price. The primary suite measures 12’x14’1″ and it has a 9′ ceiling.

For your storage needs, a family foyer with a pantry and shelves offers plenty of space for all sorts of items. This area opens up to the 24’x24′ garage, where you can park two cars. Keep in mind that the free space might be limited once both bays are occupied.


  • Spacious 27’8″x8′ front covered porch
  • Most affordable option on our list
  • The kitchen has an island with seating


  • The reduced heated space might not be enough for large families
  • The utility room is placed too far away from the bedrooms

5. 68753VR


6 Best Mid-Century Modern House Plans – Benzinga Living (5)
Total Heated Area2,318 sq ft
First Floor870 sq ft
Porch1,602 sq ft
Basem*nt1,452 sq ft
Bedrooms3 or 4
Baths2 or 3
Garage2 bays

Mid-century modern houses can also have two floors. This option has 2,318 square feet of heated space, three bedrooms and two baths. For an additional price, you can add a furnished basem*nt to the layout which gives you an extra bedroom, a 10’x10′ storage area, a study room and a bathroom. Most of the living space is on the main level where the 26’x20′ open area is a cozy place to hang out during the day.

The master suite is located upstairs and it measures 19’x13′. We love that it has a balcony attached, and the 15’x12′ master bath has to be mentioned too. Here you will find a freestanding tub, an oversized shower and a gym room. A wrap-around deck surrounds this mid-century modern home on the outside, ending in a 7’x9′ covered deck.


  • Gym room on the second level
  • Freestanding tub and oversized shower in the en-suite bath
  • A wrap-around porch that ends with a covered deck


  • The basem*nt is not included in the original layout
  • No laundry on the second floor

6. 81797AB

6 Best Mid-Century Modern House Plans – Benzinga Living (6)


Total Heated Area3,919 sq ft
Lower Level1,763 sq ft
First Floor2,159 sq ft
Half Baths1
Garage3 bays

Does your budget have a higher limit? Take a look at our luxury pick – a mid-century modern house that has 3,919 square feet of heated space. Featuring a design conceived almost 100 years ago, this property seamlessly combines luxury with comfort and efficiency. On the main floor, the spacious 16’x10’9″ kitchen has an L-shaped island and direct access to the 8’4″x9’4″ pantry.

The master bedroom has a fireplace, which will keep you warm during the cold winter nights. A wardrobe that opens up to the laundry is also included. Upstairs, you have two more bedrooms, a 14’x10’2″ storage space, a theater room and a gym. If you own three cars or you bring many tools with you to the new home, you’ll love the 22’x41′ triple garage.


  • The wardrobe has direct access to the laundry
  • Fireplaces in the master suite, great room and covered deck
  • A triple garage is included in the layout


  • Most expensive option on our list
  • Small covered entry

Factors To Consider

Knowing the basics of building a house is essential, but some key points are often overlooked. When it comes to mid-century modern home plans, there are several factors to consider. Here are the most important ones you’ll have to remember before making a final decision on your purchase.

Minimalist Aesthetic

This style integrates simplicity and functionality in a home with very sharp aesthetics. It is a specific design which only appeals to some people. If that’s what you’re after, look for clean lines, minimal decoration and efficient use of space. While there are luxury options ready to be customized by interior decorators, most mid-century modern homeowners follow the minimalist lifestyle.

Roof Design

Forget the traditional gable roof. Flat roofs are common in mid-century homes, with most of them extending way beyond the structure. This extension creates a cover for the outdoor spaces, offering shade and protection from rain. A flat roof is also easier to maintain, but you’ll have some challenges if you live in an area with significant snowfall.

Natural Lighting

Large windows, glass walls and sliding doors. Mid-century modern houses have a lot of natural light coming in, making them suitable for warm climates and scenic areas. Bills are also slightly reduced since you won’t use artificial lighting and heating as much as before. And if your lot has a breathtaking view, the best move is to build a mid-century modern house with large windows there.

Why You Should Trust Us

Real estate is a complex subject and house plans are difficult to understand by someone who has never seen one before. As you get started on the project of building your dream home, you’ll soon learn that the first step is the most important – choosing a house plan. Instead of wasting precious time looking through all sorts of designs and layouts, let our team of experts do the hard work for you. This way, you’ll only be presented with the best options available, which is an advantage that will give you a headstart.

How Much Do These Designs Cost?

The average price for a mid-century modern house plan is $1,500. Depending on your preferences, you’ll have to pay more if you want more living space and unique features. The most expensive plan on our list costs $2,100 while the cheapest one sells for only $995. Before you choose a house design, consider the cost of materials, workforce and building permits.

6 Best Mid-Century Modern House Plans – Benzinga Living (2024)
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