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Most often, a 502 Bad Gateway Error means that a website’s server is overloaded or there is some other internal problem. But if you’re consistently getting these messages from a website or you’re getting the message while a website seems to be working just fine for everyone else, there’s a chance the problem is with your computer or network. Here’s everything you need to know about the dreaded 502 error message.

What does 502 Bad Gateway mean?

If you’ve ever tried to visit a website and been served a message reading "502 Bad Gateway," it’s likely you were left feeling a little confused, especially if it’s a website you frequent all the time. So, what does 502 Bad Gateway mean, and how can you fix it?

A 502 Bad Gateway error is caused when the web server you’re connecting to in order to access a particular website is acting as a proxy for delivering information from a different server. If the proxy server gets a bad response from the server you’re trying to access, a 502 error message pops up. The error is called 502 because that’s the status code servers use to describe this type of error. However, individual websites can control how their 502 error page appears, so the language can vary a little3. Here are some common phrases that indicate a 502 error:

  • 502 Bad Gateway Nginx
  • 502 Server Error: The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request
  • 502 Service Temporarily Overloaded
  • HTTP 502
  • HTTP Error 502 Bad Gateway
  • Temporary Error (502)

All of these phrases mean the same thing: that there’s a problem connecting with the server. There are a few main causes for these problems. The first is that there is simply too much traffic to the server and the website will be back up as soon as traffic slows or the server can handle the increase. There could also be a problem with the website's server. Another common cause of 502 bad gateway errors is problems with firewall configuration on the website’s end or problems with coding. These issues must be resolved by the websites themselves and there’s not much users can do.

How can I fix a 502 bad gateway error?

In some cases, a 502 bad gateway error occurs because there is an issue with your computer or network equipment. But here are a few things you can do to make sure the problem isn’t on your end.

Refresh the web page

The easiest thing to do when you encounter a 502 Bad Gateway Error is simply refresh the webpage. If the error is being caused by too much traffic, then refreshing the page is usually the best solution. If you continue to get the error, you can also simply try again later, after traffic has died down or the issue has been resolved. To quickly refresh a webpage, use your keyboard to press Ctrl+R on Windows or Cmd+R on Mac.

Verify that the site is working

Even the biggest websites experience server issues from time to time. And a great way to save some energy trying to fix the problem is to quickly check and see if the website you’re trying to access is down for everyone. There are a few free websites, including Downdetector and ThousandEyes, that allow you to enter the URL in order to see if a website is down for everyone or if there is a specific issue with your equipment. If the website is down for everyone, then there really isn’t anything to be done but wait. However, if no one else seems to be having a problem, there are a few quick ways to check your equipment and network.

Use a different browser

If you’re experiencing a 502 error that no one else seems to be getting, try accessing the website from a different browser. For example, if you’re using Microsoft Edge, try Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Browsers are free to download, and even if you have a preferred browser, it never hurts to have a backup or two to check out problems as they arise.

Clear your cache

If the website loads without the 502 error in a different browser, that could mean it’s time to clear your preferred browser's cache. A cache is a feature that comes standard with most browsers to speed up the loading process for websites. Sometimes, however, your browser also caches outdated or corrupt files and that can result in 502 Bad Gateway Error messages. Clearing your cache could help you gain access to a website without having to keep switching browsers.

Check plug-ins and extensions

Likewise, it’s possible that add-ons to your browser, like plug-ins and extensions, are causing the problem. Some common plug-ins and extensions include ad-blocking software, cookie management tools, and other accessories that help customize your browser. Sometimes, these can create problems loading web pages. Try disabling your plug-ins and extensions. If the website loads after disabling, then you’ll have to manually enable plug-ins and extensions one by one to see which one is causing the issue. Similarly, if you’re connected to a VPN, you can try disconnecting to see if the issue resolves.

Restart your device

After you’ve checked that the 502 Bad Gateway Error is only appearing for you, checked your browser, and made sure the problem isn’t with your cache, plug-ins, and extensions, one remaining possibility is that there may be some temporary issue with your computer, Wi-Fi, modem, routeror, if you have T-Mobile Home Internet, your gateway. First, turn your device off and turn it back on again. If that does not fix the issue, restart it.

Usually, when dealing with a 502 Bad Gateway Error message, your best means of resolving it is patience. But if waiting doesn’t seem to fix the problem, the next best solution is to check all possible options.

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502 Bad Gateway error & how to fix it | T-Mobile 5G Home Internet (2024)
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