2020 Tesla model y electric for sale - Newry, SC - craigslist (2024)

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2020 Tesla model y electric for sale - Newry, SC - craigslist (1)

Katelynn ln near Hwy 130

google map

2020 Tesla model y

condition: like new

fuel: electric

odometer: 37000

paint color: grey

title status: clean

transmission: automatic

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Video link below!!! Like-New 2020 Tesla Model Y Performance!!! Beautiful Midnight Silver Metallic over black Y…sporting that highly sought after Performance package that includes the 21” Uberturbine wheels, bigger brakes, stiffer sport suspension, and of course the dual performance motors that make this car an absolute rocket ship!!! PPF in all the right places…perfect Carfax. Tesla factory warranty, bumper to bumper until9/27/2024 or 50,000 miles. Tesla factory battery warranty until 9/27/2028 or 120,000 miles. Tesla factory drive unit warranty until 9/27/2028 or 120,000 miles.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylkaQUoBEpc

$35,900 is a firm price.

Call/text 8643241049 anytime, day or night. No emails please. WE SHIP ANYWHERE!!!

Please read all below:
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See the rest of my for-sale collection at VetteCity.net or search Vette City on Facebook. We are a small, licensed dealer...but unlike other dealers, you are buying from me, at my house, in my barn (SC requires a dealers license if you sell just one car...thus the reason I'm listed as a "dealer"). Very laid back...no pressure at all. I'm not a "car salesman", I'm just a car guy, and Corvettes, along with a few other unique GM products, are my passion. I don’t operate strictly on by business hours...so give me a buzz, or shoot me a text, anytime! I know these cars...and while I may not have 50, 75, 100 cars in inventory, the cars I have are the best there is. I'm very particular about what I buy. None of my cars come from auction, they are all bought from individuals who cared for them well.

1) I don’t have “normal business hours.” Because the cars are at my house, in my barn,
I show by appointment only. I’m typically available any evening, all day Wednesday
and Friday’s and any time during the weekend...but I’ll try to work around your
schedule the best I can.
2) I don’t have any extra fee’s...unlike the “big guys”, I don’t try to add anything on
to the car purchase...the price we agree on is what the car cost you.
3) Transport is offered at .75/mi open, or $1/mi enclosed (one way, my house to yours).
We have to schedule transport after purchase, and transport can take up to two
4) I have temporary tags...so when you drive off, you’ll be 100% legal.
5) If you fly in, I’ll pick you up at the airport! Nearest airport is GSP.
6) We accept very few trades, just because our inventory is so specialized...but shoot me
what you have via txt, with pictures and miles, and I’ll look. Trade value must be at
KBB rough trade-in value.

I'm located 2 hours from Charlotte, 2hrs from Atlanta and 2hrs from Columbia...and an hour from Greenville SC. Easy to get to via I85. I'd love to have you down to check out the collection...so give me a buzz!

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    2020 Tesla model y electric for sale - Newry, SC - craigslist (2024)
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